The God Of High School Chapter 557 Release Date Announced!

Mori is making every effort to protect his people. But it’s unclear how long he will be able to control Mubong. As the supreme god, Mubong intends to obliterate anyone who stands in his way through his power. However, this isn’t Mori’s true motivation. Therefore, in The God Of Highschool Chapter 557, he would now call in strong forces to slay Mubong. Yet can he? Read on to learn more. The conflict between Mori and Mubong will go on. Mori finally possesses the strength to launch Mubong’s counterattack. But can he beat him? Mubong also needs assistance in eliminating Mori and his crew. He will thus call forth a devil.

 The God Of High School Chapter 557 Release Date

South Korean Manhwa, which debuted on April 8, 2011, is The God Of High School.  As soon as the series hit its premiere, it gained such popularity that a new chapter was added. Upon the release of the previous chapter, fans immediately inquired as to the release date of Chapter 557. It is anticipated to be released on September 2, 2022.

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The God Of High School Chapter 556 Recap

In The God Of Highschool Chapter 556, Mubong previously held Mori tightly to the ground to prevent him from unleashing his powers. But Mori managed to get Mubong out of the way. Before he could summon all of his might, Mubong called forth the planet-destroying fairy colony of the sixth letter. Thousands of them started attacking Mori with the light beam. Mori, on the other hand, didn’t give a damn about them and summoned dragons to defend themselves. He gave the monsters and dragons orders to murder all the enemies in his path. They instantly whirled around to face Mubong, who was trapped between the blocks. However, he pounded them into pieces after splitting them in half. Mori’s actions, however, profoundly offended Mubong, and he gave the fairies the order to murder Mori. Mori used centrifugal force to create a shield around him to ward them off as they all came at him at once. Everything went wrong as the dimension started to disintegrate after Mubong startled everyone with his new manoeuvre. But in the end, Mori used all of his strength to create portals that let him go to another dimension and enter his planet.

The God Of High School Chapter 557 Story

The following episode will introduce the other-dimensional Mori, who despises Mubong. Even though they are all strong and skilled in different ways, they are united by their loathing of Mubong and their determination to see him eliminated. This gives Mori a fantastic opportunity to defeat Mubong for good. But first, we have to deal with the fairies. Mori, a monster, will therefore launch an attack and use his power to destroy the fairies. While this is happening, a large number of people will unite to battle Mubong. However, he won’t remain silent and will instead use a deadly punch to eliminate them. But instead of taking his hit, they’ll rush him. People will start to clap passionately if they realize that Mori has a possibility of succeeding. But Mubong won’t be happy, so he will summon more devilish creatures to destroy Mori and his friends. His wings will produce electricity, and that electricity will be used to kill Mori.

The God Of High School Story 

The God Of High School Chapter 557 Release Date

The protagonist of this tale is Mori Jin, a 17-year-old Seoul-based martial artist from Korea. His first task in the book is the God of High School Martial Arts Tournament (or GOH). High school students from all over South Korea compete in regional and national competitions to determine who would represent their nation at the World Tournament, which is supported by a dubious business. The hosting provider rewards the winner by fulfilling their demand, without conditions. Mori finds it fascinating that each opponent he faces throughout the competition has a different fighting technique. Borrowed Power, which is distinct from martial arts, is magical energy supplied by supernatural beings. Daewi Han of Full-Contact Karate and Mira Yoo of epee are two further martial arts experts competing in the first round. After the preliminary rounds, when these two will become friends with Mori as a result of their conflicts with him, the Korean Team will be formed. As the early rounds of the competition come to a close, both those inside the organization and those competing against them are moving forward with their objectives.

Where To Read The God Of High School Chapter 557 Online?

This week on Webtoon you can read The God of High School Chapter 557 English and the entire Manhwa The God of High School Chapter 557 for free and legally. Visit Mangaku, Mangakita, Kiryu, Mangaplus, Crunchyroll, and other such websites to read them as well. There, you can read Manhwa in both English and Indonesian for free or at a cost. The following platforms are used: Telegram, Facebook, Nekonime, Anitoki, Youtube, Mangaku, Komiku, Bacakomik, Komikindo, Komikcast, Mangaplus, Mangaindo, Mangakita, Komikid, and others.

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