Love In The Villa Ending Explained: Do The Strangers Finally Fell In Love?

Be it romantic comedy, thriller, or action, Netflix has always been one of the top priorities of viewers worldwide in terms of watching any show, movie, or series. This September Netflix is all set to release various shows and Love In The Villa is among them. It is a romantic comedy movie which has most of the scenes from Italy. The story is not very complex, rather it’s very easygoing and enjoyable. In addition to this, there are not many characters and the movie includes several soft music.

Love In The Villa will make you fall for someone special in your life and also this film will definitely prove the fact that “Love Finds A Way”. Since the prime location of this film is Italy and especially Verona, Love In The Villa emphasizes Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Here’s the Love In The Villa Ending Explained.

Love In The Villa Ending Explained

This movie is all about a third-grade teacher Julie who has always dreamt of an Italy trip. She wants to explore the cuisine, culture, fashion, lifestyle, and everything in Italy. One fine day when she was in school teaching the children about Romeo and Juliet, Julie tells her colleague about this trip. After much patience, this Verona trip was being finally executed and so she was very excited rather over-excited. After her job, she visits a restaurant with her boyfriend, Brandon. He is the district attorney of Saint Paul City.

Julie was so overwhelmed that she even prepared a list of locations and tourist places where they both will be visiting and she was holding a proper register with the timings mentioned in it. She did not want to miss any spots and to avoid chaos she made pre-bookings in Italy as well. Julie was so happy that she was not even noticing Brandon’s expression. She was elaborating the entire plan so rapidly that Brandon just stopped her and said that he was not ready for it and immediately at that point, he hinted at their break up. Even though their relationship was for 4 years, Brandon thought that he would not be able to make a trip to Italy with Julie and so she was now going alone to Verona.

Did Charlie Move Out Of The House?

After reaching her destination, Julie was not so pleased as her journey was hectic. She was not comfortable with the co-passengers on a flight and also because of a child in the airplane, a drink got spilled over her dress which is why she had to change at the airport store.

She arrived at the room but was surprised to find someone else there. There was a stranger in her villa and she had no idea about it. The stranger was from Britain and worked in the largest wine importer in London. Both of them started discussing the situation and the result came out to be very surprising. Both of them booked the same villa for almost the same duration of days. It was not at all their mistake but this happened because of the mismanagement from the owner’s side. Charlie, the stranger, booked the place from a different website whereas Julie did the same thing from another site. The confusion was cleared when the owner arrived and elaborated on the issue. He can’t ask either of them to move out as both the bookings were valid and true.

Neither Julie nor Charlie were ready to share the place but they had no option. Anyhow Julie wanted Charlie to move out of that house and so, she started applying some tactics. Once when she got to know that he was allergic to cats, what she did was completely extraordinary. She bought many olives and made the cats enter the house so that they can feed upon them. Being allergic to cats, when Charlie woke up he was full of many rashes and itchy patches.

In return for this, Charlie made the man to return back who got Julie’s luggage bag from the airport. When she got to know about it, she was not pleased with all. Now, this cat and rat fight was going to another level. The same day Julie changed the lock of the house and then Charlie was unable to enter. He tried entering the house through a window but Julie called the police for the charge of breaking in. That day, he had to spend his entire night behind the bars. After returning to the villa he warned Julie and so the next morning, he pasted her journal’s pages on the public notice board. Those pages were about Brandon and when she got aware of this incident, she became mad at Charlie.

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After all these childish and silly activities, Charlie and Julie sat together at the dining table to have the most famous dish of Verona. They had wine too. But who can expect them to be sitting so silently and enjoying the food? Both of them started fighting again and this time they were throwing the food items over each other. Their shouts and screams were audible to all the people out there. Again, the police arrived, and this time it was not only Charlie but both of them were given the warning not to create any nuisance in the city.

So Charlie doesn’t move out of the house. Lastly, he apologized to Julie.

Did Charlie And Julie Fall For Each Other?

When they stopped fighting over moving out of the villa, we see a certain calmness in the movie. Now certainly, both of them were okay with the fact that they are sharing the same house. One day to Julie’s surprise, Charlie says that he can now move out and shift to a hotel as one of his company’s employees is checking out from that lobby. She was not very happy to hear this as she already gotten attached to him. And then both of them share their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and much more.

The next day, both of them go on a trip to several tourist places. In one instance, they get romantically involved. After reaching the house, Charlie and Julie are surprised to witness another person at their place. She was Charlie’s girlfriend and so Julie was unhappy to know about her. His girlfriend was not so serious about their relationship but her arrival made everything go opposite. This was the time when we got to know that Verona is going to witness another love story other than Romeo and Juliet as Charlie was already feeling exceptionally special about Julie and the same was true from her side.

There was a difficult situation between them and so to avoid more misunderstandings, Julie told Charlie not to call or text her. He moves out of the house and checks in to the hotel with his girlfriend, Cassie.

On the other hand, Brandon visits Verona and surprises Julie. These two individuals travel around the city and accidentally meet Charlie and Cassie. It was obviously a good situation for the two but Brandon and Cassie were discussing a lot of things between them. Julie was then proposed to by Brandon for marriage but he was refused. At the restaurant itself, Charlie realizes that he loves Julie and so he runs behind her to express his feelings but was shocked to see Brandon proposing to her. He was unaware of the fact that she already refused to marry Brandon and hence, he lost hope.

After a day, Julie was about to leave Verona and fly back to her place but she finds Charlie standing outside her balcony saying romantic lines for her. She comes downstairs and accepts him. Both of them kiss and here, their “Love Finds A Way.”

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