One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date Announced!

The first episode of One Dollar Lawyer will feature our very own incredibly successful hijab pair from MBC! In a hijab, the lead actors Namkoong Min and Kim Ji Eun affirmed their fantastic on-screen chemistry. Therefore, fans eagerly see these two working on another excellent drama! And thanks to SBS, that wish came true. Instead of NIS buyers, this time, Kim Ji Eun and Namkong Min will serve as the prosecutor and attorney, respectively. An approved drama is SBS’s One Dollar Lawyer, commonly known as One Thousand Won Lawyer. Kim Jae Hyun and Shin Jung Hoon are in charge of directing it, and Choi Soo Jin & Choi Chang Hwan wrote the script. Namkoong Min & Kim Ji Eun play the lead roles in the drama. Choi Dae Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, & Park Jin Woo may also be seen. The narrative’s main character is a lawyer who charges $1,000 (or $1) for his services. So the series will show how the attorney battles expensive and dishonest attorneys and their clients!

One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

One Dollar Lawyer Series: Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

On September 23, 2022, at 10 pm KST, One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 will air on the SBS channel. The Veil’s NIS agents are finally making a comeback as a lawyer and a prosecutor! Therefore, remember to catch brand-new episodes every Friday and Saturday! Additionally, be aware that One Dollar Lawyer will replace the ongoing drama Today’s Webtoon in its timestamp. Consequently, due to unforeseen events, the scheduled release date may alter.

Name Of The ShowOne Dollar Lawyer
Season NumberSeason 1
Episode NumberEpisode 1
GenreLegal Drama
One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date23 September 2022

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One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Cast

Chun Ji-hoon, played by Namkoong Min, is a legal saviour with a firm price who can be satisfied with a 1,000 won bill. Baek Mari, the final speaker at the Judicial Research institute, was played by Kim Ji-Eun. Choi Dae-hoon plays Seo Min-hyuk, a royal attorney who pursues his interests in the court system. Baek Hyun-moo, a lawyer who created a sizable law firm, is portrayed by Lee Deok-Hwa. Sa Ma-Jang, a legal firm clerk, is played by Park Jin-woo. Seo Young-joon, a lawyer at Baek Hyun-firm, moo’s is played by Ha Sung-kwang. Jo Eul-rye, who owns the property that Chun Ji-hoon is renting, is played by Kim Ja-young. Kim Cheol-Yoon portrays Chun Ji-client hoon’s Lee Myung-ho, responsible for four felony thefts.

Jo Yeon-hee plays Baek Ma-mother, RI’s Oh Min-ah. Na Ye-jin, a prosecutor with a posh lifestyle, is played by Gong Min-jeung. Lee Chung-ah plays the fair attorney Lee Joo-young. Park Sung-Joon plays Ji-client hoon’s Kim Min-Jae. Great actors Namkoong Min and Kim Ji Eun previously worked as staff members and NIS brokers for an MBC hijab drama. They will, however, compete against one another in Season One of One Dollar Lawyer! The drama centres on Cheon Ji Hoon, a lawyer with unusual attire and hairstyle. One of the most important and capable attorneys is Cheon Ji Hoon, yet he charges 1,000 gained (about $1) each hour as his fee. 

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One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 Story

One Dollar Lawyer Series: Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

The primary actors, Namkoong Min & Kim Ji Eun, previously collaborated and played NIS agents in MBC’s The Veil drama. They will, however, play competitors in Season 1 of One Dollar Lawyer! The story centres on Cheon Ji Hoon, a lawyer with a distinctive aesthetic and perm hair. One of the best attorneys, Cheon Ji Hoon, charges 1,000 Won (approximately $1) for his services. Baek Ma Ri, meantime, is renowned as a royal prosecutor. She serves as a prosecutor’s assistant and is the final presenter at the Judicial Training and Research Institution. Baek Ma Ri is assured and has a high sense of worth. She comes from a distinguished legal family because her grandpa, Baek Hyun Moo, founded the renowned Baek Law Firm. As a result, she later serves as an attorney at her grandfather’s legal office. Baek Ma Ri’s life is trouble-free until she becomes involved with Cheon Ji Hoon. Thus, the first season of One Dollar Lawyer will center on Cheon Ji Hoon’s resistance to the most expensive attorneys and their affluent clients who attempt to get away with breaching the law. 

Where To Watch One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 Online?

At 10 pm KST for local viewers, the SBS network will air the first season of the Korean drama One Dollar Lawyer. Ep 1 will be released on the same day at various times in other countries, including 9 am in the USA, 2 pm in the United Kingdom, 6:30 pm in India, & 11 pm in Australia. One Dollar Lawyer Season 1 might be accessible on Rakuten Viki or ViuTV, while information on more streaming services is not given.

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