Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 9 Release Date!

In the long term, Even so, Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame, also known as Soredemo Ayumu Wa Yosetekuru, has the potential to rank among the best romantic comedy shows on television. Despite only having been broadcast in eight episodes, this anime is receiving a lot of attention from viewers. In actuality, the sitcom developed a sizable fan base among viewers worldwide. Soredemo Ayumu was Yosetekuru who recently delivered a special eighth episode that heightened anticipation for the ninth. The story of Ayumu Tanaka, who was fascinated with Urushi Yaotome, is based on the book Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame. Ayumu joins the illegal Shogi club to become closer to Urushi, the club’s leader. He took things carefully and refrained from expressing to her how he felt. He ultimately chooses to go with the flow. The fight between Ayumu and Urushi in terms of shogi starts later, and it is entertaining to watch.

Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 9 Release Date

Soredemo Ayumu was Yosetekuru’s ninth episode ( Even So, Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 9 Release Date) and is scheduled to air for the majority of an international audience on September 2, 2022. At 09:30 IST, you can stream the episode. We won’t be able to accurately forecast the spoilers at this moment because the most current episode just aired. Even the official episode preview has not yet been released. Once there is a significant change or piece of news about the attack or the anime, we will update this post.

Name Of The ShowEven So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame
Episode NumberEpisode 9
GenreRomantic Comedy, Slice Of Life
Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 1 Release Date8 July 2022
Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 9 Release Date2 September 2022

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Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 8 Recap

We expect Urushi and Ayumu to rejoin the club room on the first day of a made-up word and proceed outside to survey the area like an excellent high school pair. Now that Urushi is in her third year, she is nearing graduation. Therefore Ayumu will feel more pressure than ever to admit to hitting her legally. Ayumu and Urushi must find it challenging to separate into different classrooms in different school years. Urushi is content to be part of the same sports day squad as them in Class 1. It’s good to see Urushi in class, even if her female friends torment her excessively. In any event, Urushi ought to be content that Maki is the only person aware of the person in her life. It’s time to enlist new club members, which is the ideal opportunity to reveal how Ayumu and Urushi finally met. A shogi club registration form was thrown into Ayumu’s face by the wind and cherry blossoms, and Urushi was just behind it. It was love at first sight. He appeared committed to joining the Kendo club but also did not exhibit much passion for anything but his training.

When Urushi spotted someone wanting to play shogi with her, she smiled brightly and joyfully. It didn’t help that Takeru and Ayumu were harsh and had rough appearances. Because of their kendo skills, Rin Kagawa, a polite, graceful, and talented young woman, accompanies Ayumu and Takeru to high school. She comes out as courteous, elegant, and skilled. She is also one of her kouhai. She initially assumed it was a kendo club, but she doesn’t care when she finds out that Urushi stole them from her at the shogi club. Can you picture Urushi doing anything else but shogi? It’s nice and all well to bring on new members, but Urushi understands that removing Ayumu would fundamentally alter the shogi club. She couldn’t stand to be without him after seeing him as she ran into the combat. To save his time alongside his senpai in the shogi club, Ayumu must engage Rin in a Kendo battle. He defeated Rin in kendo despite not having practised for a year, possibly because of love. Due to the difficulty recruiting new members, Rin joins the squad even though no one anticipated she would. She, though, will undoubtedly keep things interesting.

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Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 9 Characters

Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Episode 9 Release Date

As we all know, every popular animation has a dedicated cast that works nonstop to give imaginary characters a personality. This holds for this anime as well. Yaotome Urushi, portrayed by Kanna Nakamura, with Ayumu Tanaka, performed by Azakami Youhei, are the two main protagonists of the series. Gouden Tsubasa provides the voice of Kakuryuu Takeru. Suzuki Eri performs Miku’s voice. Mikawa Haruna provides the voice of Rin Kagawa. Shimizu Risa provides Samantha’s voice. The anime was directed by Minato Mirai, while the series’ theme music was written by Kanna Nakamura while Hanazawa Kana. Last but not least, Yamamoto Souichirou is indeed the series’ original originator.

Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Story

Yaotome is the leader of the shogi club at her school, and she is highly confident that Ayumu, the only other student in the club and an underclassman, has a major crush on her. They play shogi on a daily basis after school, but notwithstanding her best attempts, she is unable to get him to express his emotions. She is unaware that Ayumu has made a deal with himself to keep his feelings for Yaotome a secret until he has defeated Yaotome in shogi for the first time. However, this strategy has a significant flaw—he is a terrible shogi player.

Where To Watch Even So Ayumu Draws Closer To The Endgame Online?

On Hidive, you can stream every episode of Soredemo Ayumu was Yosetekuru that has been released. Hide supports simulcasting, so you may watch all the upcoming seasons on the same platform. The Hidive is a relatively new anime streaming service with a sizable collection of well-known anime. The best feature of Hidive is that after your initial sign-up, you can watch anime for free for seven days.

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