Mare Of Easttown Ending Explained: Climax That We Didn’t Imagine!

HBO has great shows, it is so easy to find nerve-wracking shows that are also Emmy-worthy, and HBO is a master at creating those masterpieces. One such masterpiece is Mare Of Easttown, who can forget that rocking and shocking ending, it took all of us gasping and thinking about what just happened, what can be more perfect than that? Directed by Craig Zobel and created by Brad Ingelsby, Mare Of Easttown deserves all the accolades and appreciation it got, everything was more than perfect, the story, actors, cinematography, sound score basically everything about Mare Of Easttown is more than perfect. Today we will discuss the ending of Mare Of Easttown deeply as that ending deserves its own special article and when we look thoroughly into the ending it seems like just the beginning! 

Mare Of Easttown Ending Explained

Mare Of Easttown Ending Explained

The story starts pretty straightforwardly just like some other murder mystery, some people are introduced and boom our victim is dead, and another detective is on the path to find the culprit. But Mare Of Easttown takes on a rather emotional journey, as throughout the show we see Mare Sheehan played by Kate Winslet struggling to cope with her son’s death by solving cases, and many relationships are introduced so deeply that it just becomes way too relatable.

In the finale episode, we see that Mare is searching for John Ross, and finds both of them near the river, the scene becomes tense as John is pointing the gun toward Billy and Mare is pointing the gun toward them, it gets tenser when John points the gun at himself and both Billy and John jumps into the water and Mare jumps to save them. Finally, John surrenders himself and we see Mare, John, and detective Carter at the police department, and John confesses everything that he is the father of D.J and he had a relationship with Erin when they all met for a family reunion, he gives details such as talking through a burner phone so that his wife Lori would not find about anything. John said that he was going to meet Erin because she demanded some money for her son and also she threatened to tell everyone about their affair when John went to meet Erin, she had a gun they got into a fight and the trigger went off and her hand got injured, and then John snatches the gun away and shots Erin. Billy helps John in clearing the crime scene explaining why he had blood all over his clothes.

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Lori adopts DJ, Mare also gets the custody of his grandson Drew, as his mother accepts that she is not sober, Faye and Frank get engaged and we all think it is a happy ending and feel good but the rest of the story is left. Mare gets a call from Mr. Carrol and when she reaches there, he can’t seem to remember the problem and we all think it is nothing but after some talking about things like the affair between Mare’s mom and Mr. Carrol (P.s that was a hilarious scene), he finally seems to remember about a theft where he could not find his gun but now it is back at its place. Mare thinks of it as Mr. Carrol has forgotten about where he had put the gun as he seems to have issues with remembering stuff until he states that the gun was a cult detective, the same gun that was used to kill Erin which they still hadn’t found and Mr. Carrol reveals that Ryan Ross would work there too. Mare finally looks into the CCTV camera and sees Ryan Ross, the son of Lori and John Ross, getting out of the storeroom and that is when Mare knew who was the real killer.

When she gets to Ryan’s school and the moment he sees Mare, he starts to run and reaches his mother, but Mare finally arrests Ryan and we get to know the real story that is more painful. Ryan knew that his father has a habit of cheating and he also knew about his relationship with Erin and that is why John was asking Ryan to be silent. Ryan thinks of Erin as someone who is going to be the reason for the divorce between her parents and when he sees the texts of Erin telling John to come to the park he decides to text Erin through her father’s phone and goes to the park with the stolen gun of Mr. Carrol. At the park, Erin tries to snatch away the gun and it accidentally shoots her, but Ryan only wanted to scare Erin away from his family. The ending was sad as Ryan goes to juvenile, a kid who knew nothing gets into the mess because of his father’s mistakes.

In the end, Mare decides to continue therapy and finally confronts the grief she was trying to suppress and understands that it was not her mistake. She also fixes the broken relationship with her mother and her daughter, at the end Lori also understands that it is not Mare’s mistake that her husband and son are in jail. 

Was That A Happy Ending for Mare?

Yes, throughout the show Mare was suffering because of his son’s death, and in the end, it gets better for her, the ending is satisfying and the best any of the characters could have got. 

Will There Be Mare Of Easttown Season 2?

No, there will not be a second season, as the case was solved in the last episode, there are no loose threads. The series is described as a miniseries so only seven episodes are justified. The makers may showcase a different case for Mare, but there is no news about that. So not expecting a new season is the best choice. 

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