Blind K-Drama Episode 1 Release Date Is Scheduled For September!

Many people enjoy mysteries, and the manner the drama Blind is displayed piques their interest in what the drama has to offer. When a murder case involving a murder case emerged, the main protagonists were brought together. Because of the thick fog, it was difficult to determine who the actual perpetrator was. 

The fog metaphor is used to show how the murderer manages to evade capture by the authorities despite multiple facts and pieces of evidence. But given incredibly stern Sung Joon is, he will undoubtedly uncover something. But until then, will the truth be told as it is, or will it be changed? To be aware, remember to stream this drama.

Blind K-Drama Episode 1 Release Date 

Blind K-Drama Episode 1 Release Date

The first episode of the Blind K-Drama will air on September 16, 2022. In the drama, Taecyeon portrays Ryu Sung Joon, Ha Seok Jin portrays Ryu Sung Joon, and Jung Eun Ji portrays Jo Eun Ki. These three people look for answers regarding the deaths. Detective Ryu Sung-Joon is a dedicated professional. He is constantly driven to bring the wicked ones to justice. His arrest rate consistently ranks among the highest for investigators, thanks to his tenacity. Ryu Sung-Hoon, his older brother, is an attorney and judge.

Name Of The ShowBlind
Episode NumberEpisode 1
GenreMystery, Thriller, Crime
Blind Episode 1 Release Date16 September 2022

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Blind K-Drama Episode 1 Story

Blind examines the harsh realities or the unsettling dark areas to which we frequently turn a blind eye, perhaps for our gain. As a result, the innocent are occasionally hurt. We are being introduced to Ryu Sung Joon to prevent mistakes of this nature that could endanger the life of a unique, blameless individual. From the beginning, he has always attempted to stand up for innocent people and has since become a detective. Sung Joon will go to any length to find the guilty party and won’t consider stopping until he has the desired result. Being a detective, going undercover is a natural part of his job. Therefore we may get to see a covert operation in the first episode. Sung Joon also appears exceptionally targeted while jogging and giving his all in his released stills.

As a professional judge, his brother Ryu Sung Hoon believes that the most important thing is to pass an accurate and honest judgment. Instead, it seems as though everything will turn out a little upside-down. No less than the recently released poster makes a clue in that direction. The characters’ postures also change in the image, which gives off a little eerie vibe. Why would Sung Hoon seek to choke Sung Joon in such a cold-blooded manner when Sung Joon is his brother and a righteous judge? Despite being the opposite of the truth, it gives the impression that he is conscious of what he is doing. Is he stopping him from saying something that would be difficult for him? That will be revealed in the upcoming episodes, so do regulate Blind drama. 

Blind K-Drama Episode 1 Release Date

That’s no longer the case, as Jo Eun Ki, as portrayed by Jung Eun Ji, is featured on the poster. She works as a social worker with disadvantaged children, and Sung Joon’s face has been touched by her hand. They may have randomly crossed paths while working on a case, and she learned more about Sung Joon due to certain events that transpired. Instead, her goal is still unclear, even though the drama will undoubtedly clarify it. While not entirely clear, a different teaser just released gave the impression that Sung Joon was on the verge of discovering something. It must be related to his situation.

However, why does his hand appear to be in a weird position? Or perhaps there was something sinister about the person he trusted. Given the confusing teasers & posters the drama has provided us, it’s best to remember what’s happening because so much can happen. The sunglasses worn by the characters may eventually be revealed.

Where To Watch Blind K-Drama Episode 1 Online?

Episode 1 of the Blind drama will air on tvN, the show’s original network. The South Korean website TVING will also stream the program. The show will be broadcast at 7:00 pm IST. The drama will be accessible in the United Uk at 2:30 pm, inside the Americas and Canada at 9:30 am, and in Australia at 11:30 night. 

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