One Piece Chapter 1058 Release Date And Time Details Out!

When it comes to one piece, the manga series has just come back from a break, and other than that one of the biggest arcs in the history of who has also come to an end. So, the upcoming chapter has already been one of the biggest things to talk about.

Though firstly let us brief some of the readers out there regarding the one-piece series. if you have been an otaku for quite some time now, you surely have heard the name of one piece, because this manga, as well as the anime series, has been regarded as the biggest and greatest anime and manga series of all time, and one of the greatest writers in the history of manga series, ODA has been the creator of this series. it is actually a pirate-based story, where a young boy dreams of becoming a pirate king, and at the same time we have received an entire one-piece universe that has been very detailed and extremely well illustrated by the creators and for the last couple of episodes and chapter, the series has been doing extremely good.

Now coming to the big question of the article and that is regarding the release date and time of the anime series, though you all don’t need to worry about that, as the schedule that was being followed till now still exists and at the same time, there has been no notable delay news from any sources. Other than that, we have covered some parts of the story that may end up being described in the upcoming chapters of the series.

One Piece Chapter 1058 Release Date And Time

One Piece Chapter 1058 Release Date And Time

The actual manga series of the show has been running since the year 1997 and since then we have already received a total of 103 volumes which is just huge. Other than that the very talked-about anime series made its first release in 1999 and since then it has been just going on giving us weekly episodes. now coming to the main topic of this article, and that is, the release date of chapter 1058. One piece manga series went on a break for nearly a month before chapter 1057 and finally, the 1057th chapter came out on the 21st of August 2022. Following the schedule that has been followed for the past years, the 1058th chapter is scheduled to be making its release on the 28th of August and as there have been no delays, we can expect this date to be the final date. In Japan, the chapter will release at 1 AM, in India at 9:30 PM and in the USA at 10 AM, then in the UK at 4 AM, and in Europe at 5 PM.

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One Piece Chapter 1058 Story

For the upcoming chapter, none of the raw scans or Reddit spoilers have been out here, but we surely have got some news from our trusted sources, the 1058th chapter will mainly focus on the world out ion want and ODA may end up taking a bit back in time and give us a check on every event that has taken place in all this time, this will include the Shichibukai disbandment, the coming together of Crocodile, Mihawk and Buggy. Other than we will also get some information on the world government, the situation that has been going on in the revolutionary army, and the entire situation with Sabo because that has been the main concern for everyone, and we got the last updates on it before the Wano arc began.

One Piece Chapter 1057 Recap

In the previous episode, we see a lot of stuff, starting from Momonosuke raging because, Luffy didn’t bid him a proper farewell and at that time he is accompanied by Kinemon and Yamato, other than that we also get to know that Yamato won’t be joining the Mugiwara right now, as she will walk the appropriate steps of Oden and know Wano first. Then we find that Luffy gave Momo, a Mugiwara Flag and asked him to be his friendly territory, and soon by the end of the chapter, we see Law, Kid, and Luffy taking a random decision of jumping off the waterfall with their ships to leave Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1058 Preview

One Piece Chapter 1058 Release Date And Time

For the upcoming chapters as we haven’t received raw scans yet, we can predict that we will get to see the Mugiwara crew along with, Buggy, Crocodile, Mihawk, and many other old characters from the world government such as Garp, and then we also get to see Sabo and Dragon who may give us an idea about the upcoming arc.

Where Can We Read One Piece Chapter 1058 Online?

Just like the previous chapter, the upcoming chapter will also be available in hard copy and on many other online manga reading platforms.

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