The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Release Date Updates!

Mostly if you are on this article, because of your interest in the show, you are surely a unique personality out there and if you have been out on this article without a single regarding what you are doing here, don’t worry and don’t leave, because this article covers a show which can be concluded as one of the most unique shows in the history of television and one of its own kind which has done so successful in the past couple of year. The Boulet Brothers Dragula, not only is known for the content they show but also for the unique and very much terrifying characteristics the hosts of the show, the Boulet brother possess.

Now we do know that many of the readers out here are completely clueless after seeing the pictures and the other hype regarding this show all over social media and worry not those were our reactions too when we found out about the show for the first time, but when you end up watching and knowing the show, you will also end up finding that this show has been one of the most popular drag shows in the history of reality shows and it has been running for 4 seasons already which is quite evident from the topic of the article, and that is also an indication of the fact that this show has been doing pretty successfully for the past few seasons and at the same time it has also ended up being profitable on the maker’s side and that has been one of the main reasons for continuing.

Now, for all those completely confused fans, let us first tell you what this show is about. The Boulet Brothers Dragula is actually a reality show and has depicted the underground drag culture and the competitiveness the drag artists have in their own respective genres or profession as we may say. Overall, in simple words, this is a show where we see the Boulet brothers hosting and terrifying drag artists from all over the world while they weekly get to compete again other contestants who are drag artists too, and the main of each episode is to cross hurdles show your creativity and end up creating one of the best drag creativity specimens or the most realistic monster creation of each artist.

And all of these monsters are made through different types of makeup and prosthetic skills possessed by these drag artists, we see through judgment when someone with the most creative monster will take the title of being the Dragula which is the title for being the world’s best drag super monster, and along with that the artists also end up taking home a huge sum of money like most other competitive game shows and reality television shows. The only thing that can be concluded as unique regarding this show, is the culture that has been depicted along with the unique way of hosting this show and at the same time, the unique concept of people competing with each other in making the scariest super monster out there in the world.

Now other than that, we must also enlighten you all a bit about the show and the reviews and the ratings it has got. Firstly, let’s come to the ratings of the show, and the show has been rated a huge 7.8 IMDb rating which is huge when it comes to reality shows and some new concept shows and from what we have already mentioned we all know how unique this show has been. Other than that, critics’ comment regarding this show has also been quite unique and positive at the same time. The main appreciation is regarding the bringing up of a new culture than has been there in the society for a long time and giving the drag artists their own space to represent themselves and celebrate their art. Other than that, the show has also been very well known all over the world for the hosts of the show and they are the famous Boulet brothers, who are not only the show’s hosts but are also producers, actors, and famous television personalities who have made their place in the industry to through this show mainly.

Now coming to the main topic of this article and that has been regarding whether we are going to receive a fifth season of the show and even if we do when will it make its release? Firstly, the good news that we have got for almost all fans out here is that, just after the release of the fourth season of the show, it was already concluded that there will be a renewal of the show, and it will return with the fifth season, and from what we have heard from our sources, the makers have already started working on the show. though the release dates and trailers for the new season isn’t out there, we have got our own sources and own prediction related to the release date and the upcoming season story, and to know more about all the stuff that we have mentioned, do continue reading this article till the complete end.

The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Release Date

The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Release Date

Now firstly we have had a lot of confusion regarding the dates that have been related to this show in the long run. But worry not, we will cover, it all not only will we cover season 5 estimated dates but also look into the dates of the older season. The entire idea of the show came to the mind of the makers in the 2014-2015 period when drag artists and drug-related stuff were much in the hype. And soon by the end of 2016, we see an entirely new concept in the form of a reality show making its premiere and changing the entire game and the entire idea people have regarding drag culture. Soon the show became very famous and the fanbase the show spread all over the world, and by the end of 2017 we ended up seeing the release of the second season of the show.

The third season of the show made its release in 2019. However soon we see that instead of receiving the fourth season we received a season which is titled Resurrection and the winners of that season were not given the title prize but were allowed to return in season 4 which happened in 2021 and has been one of the best seasons of this show so far and has been very talked about by the critics of the show. Just after the release of the fourth season, it was announced that this show will be renewed for a fifth season, and following the pattern that has been going on for years, we can expect that the fifth season will make its release in October months of 2022. Though nothing is confirmed, it is expected to follow the same format as the previous seasons and have the same number of episodes just like the previous seasons.

Name Of The ShowThe Boulet Brothers Dragula
Season NumberSeason 5
GenreReality Competiton Series
The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 1 Release Date31 October 2016
The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Release DateNot Announced

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The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Story

For the fifth season of the show, the format will be the same as it has been going on for a long. The only thing that may change will be the winning amount. Till season 3 it was below 25000 dollars but in season 4 it became 100000 dollars which is just huge and we will all need to see whether it will rise, come back to the previous amount or stay the same in the upcoming season. Other than that another thing that we will get to see, is new creepy events and some of the most unique themes which we have ever seen in the history of this show. The show has guaranteed us that they will make the 5th season worth the watch and it’s just a matter of time before we end up seeing who all will be new contestants taking part in the upcoming season.

The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Cast

For the cast of the show, nothing can be declared, as it is a reality television series. The only thing we can say is that the Boulet Brothers are going to be the host of the show as usual and the fourth season winner Dahli may end up returning for the upcoming season and just like in season Resurrection, she may end up competing for the season 5 title.

The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Trailer

Though the show has confirmed regarding the renewal status, they still haven’t given us any trailers for season 5 yet. It can be expected that by September months we will receive the trailer. The previous season’s trailers of the show are currently available online.

Where Can We Watch The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5 Online?

For the 5th season of the show, just like the previous season, it will be available on the Shudder platform along with the Amazon Prime Videos platform for online streaming services.

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