Better Late Than Never Season 3 Release Date Seems Cancelled!

After reality television first appeared (perhaps in 1945 on the US program Queen For A Day), its meaning grew fuzzier and fuzzier over time, eventually reducing to a few core codes. And in contrast to what was initially believed, these fundamental characteristics were significantly distinct in the 20th century and for the first quarter of 2000. Today, reality TV is a hotspot of commercial aesthetics, advertising, and sponsorship – complete with such a multi-camera traditional Hollywood setup. Instead of its unscripted nature, the confessional bits are the most frequent motif in the “Survivor” and “House Hunter” seasons. Naturally, the reality TV industry became a saturated field where concepts ran out of freshness due to the frequent duplication of show structures and cliches. 

NBC’s attempt to change things was “Better Late Than Never,” a production that essentially aims to revive “Last Vegas” by Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman. It might have been successful in doing so, but any attempt to make it seem natural only on the surface quickly falls apart under investigation. Seasons 1 and 2 of the show have been mediocrely successful. The next question is whether Better Late Than Never will return for a third season.

Better Late Than Never Season 3 Release Date

Better Late Than Never Season 3 Release Date

Better Late Than Never Season 3 is therefore cancelled. From the ground up, the show’s ratings and viewership since season 1 appear to be high. However, given that it was an NBC primetime, it was far from what the higher-ups had hoped. However, the show’s creators had confidence in the talented cast. Thus, the program’s second season was approved for airing in 2017. The second season’s critical reception was slightly better than the first, but viewership plummeted by 40%, with an overall grade of.91 among adults 18-49 and about 4 million viewers. By June 2018, Jeff Dye had announced on Twitter that NBC had chosen to give the show a second chance. Better Late Than Never Season 3 is cancelled and won’t be getting a release date. And this is the current state of affairs. There is currently no sign of the show returning, and that probability is slim. This would only be feasible if another network considered airing it, assuming they could look past the program’s apparent shortcomings.

Name Of The ShowBetter Late Than Never
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreReality, Travel Show
Better Late Than Never Season 1 Release Date23 August 2016
Better Late Than Never Season 3 Release DateCancelled

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Better Late Than Never Season 3 Story

This reality series is based on the tried-and-true idea of featuring industry heavyweights with a carrier and navigator, typically the host. The five characters go through several exciting adventures throughout the two episodes to cross things off their respective bucket lists. The cast traveled to a few locations across Asia during season one. Season 1’s areas included Seoul, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kyoto, and Tokyo. The show returned with a second season on December 11, 2017, covering the continent of Europe, after being broadcast for the final time on September 13, 2016. Munich, Lithuania, Sweden, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Morocco, and the Sahara were among the European locations they visited.

Better Late Than Never Season 3 Cast

Better Late Than Never Season 3 Release Date

Given the nature of the show, one would anticipate that the critical charming senescent misfits in Better Late Than Never would be everyday everymen. But in reality, this is not the case. Better Late Than Never, on another side, heavily relies on star power; all of its ageing protagonists are well-known actors, at least in big-budget movies. The host/sidekick character who serves as the show’s catalyst, Jeff Dye, is the only young person in the primary cast. Jeff has primarily worked as a writer, producer, and tech-geek comedian. Still, he has also appeared in real life on several shows, including Court-Ordered & Noches con Platanito.

Nevertheless, Better Late Than Never is Jeff’s first significant part, and he appears competent in it. The senior foursome of flaneurs, made up of Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner, & George Foreman, is the show’s main characters if you will. Given their extensive and fruitful performing careers, they won’t need to be introduced. William Shatner portrays Kirk in the four Star Trek films; Winkler, a former prominent comic, has appeared in several renowned productions, including notable series like Criminal Development, Parks and Rec, and Royal Pains. Consequently, Better Late Than Never’s semi-scripted nature ultimately worked to its advantage. There have already been guest stars in particular episodes; to date, we’ve seen cameos from people like David Hasselhoff and Al Rocker. But the cast has consistently been the same five throughout the two seasons, and if the program hadn’t been cancelled, it’s possible that the model would have stayed the same for the third season as well.

Where To Watch Better Late Than Never Season 3 Online?

The series’ previously published seasons are available on several websites, including Hulu and fuboTV. An NBC production can, however, also be viewed via the NBC mobile streaming app or

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