Is Raksha Bandhan Movie Based On A True Story?

The biggest holiday honouring the bond between a sister and a brother, Raksha Bandhan, falls on August 3rd this year. In many Hindu households all over India, this occasion is eagerly anticipated and celebrated. The little ones celebrate their own holidays by getting messy making handmade cards, tease their little sister by telling her they haven’t gotten her a gift even though that big box of chocolates is clearly visible behind them, and try to ‘help’ with all the decorations and preparations. While we adults eagerly anticipate family reunions and get to work on Rakshi-special meals for our brothers. therefore, in this event “Raksha Bandhan,” which was written and directed by Himanshu Sharma and Kanika Dhillon, has the feel of a social melodrama from the 1990s is released. It nearly holds throughout. This extremely complex, slightly confusing movie, which stars Akshay Kumar, first makes every lady feel like a burden to her family. So let us explore whether that mesmerizing movie is based on a true story or not.

Is Raksha Bandhan’s Movie Based On A True Story?

Is Raksha Bandhan Movie Based On A True Story

No, it is based on a true story. It makes an attempt to elevate the relationship between siblings to a nearly divine level. Lala is prepared to sell his kidney and mortgage his shop in order to raise the needed funds for the dowry. No one actually asks the sisters what they want to accomplish with their lives for a significant portion of the movie. The fact that their brother will spend a sizable sum to get them married off doesn’t appear to bother anyone. It is really strange to see these young women in a film set in the present day who are at ease with their skin tone and body type yet still appear to be indifferent to the dowry system. It has a billboard showing the actor being embraced by four girls in what appears to be a touching exchange between a brother and his sisters.

The feel-good element, however, naturally fades away after we meet Lala (Akshay) and his sisters in the first few minutes of the film. The writers don’t take long to fall into the tired trap of pandering to the audience and inflating the drama. Because it was directed by Aanand L. Rai, the man who gave gulleys and nukkads heroic qualities and showed us what authentic heartland cinema was all about. It is regrettable and deeply troubling that the Aanand Rai of Raksha Bandhan appears to have changed his mind.

Raksha Bandhan by Akshay Kumar is a descendent of his previous movies, such as Toilet Ek Prem Katha or Padman, which served as advertorials promoting social messages. This time, dowry is the main topic of discussion. The vow Lala made to his dying mother to marry off his sisters before saying “I do” to his childhood sweetheart (Bhumi Pednekar) turns out to be more of a regret than a promise. Every potential husband that Lala meets demands a dowry. Lala has no choice but to sell one of his kidneys in order to marry off one of his sisters because the demands are so continuously absurd. The extremely problematic Raksha Bandhan contains many WTF moments in addition to this plot twist. Lala now has the responsibility of looking for potential husbands for the remaining sisters after losing his kidney and marrying off one sister. However, the human body only has two kidneys, therefore he still has three sisters to save! So now the story takes a turn, propelling the movie headlong towards the anticipated climax.

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Raksha Bandhan Cast

Aanand L. Rai directed Raksha Bandhan, which was just released on August 11, 2022. The running time of this Hindi-language film is 1 hour and 50 minutes. The cast of this film includes Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar, Sadia, Sahejmeen Kaur, Smrithi Srikanth, Deepika Khanna, Sahil Mehta, Neeraj Sood, Seema Pahwa, and Abhilash Thapliyal. There will be Raksha Bandhan movies in the comedy, drama, and family genres.

Raksha Bandhan Story

Is Raksha Bandhan Movie Based On A True Story

The oldest and lone brother of 4 sisters, Lala Kedarnath, owns and operates a chaat shop that his father founded. On his fragile mother’s deathbed, Lala makes a pledge that he won’t get married until he has successfully placed his sister’s inappropriate marriages. Lala then works tirelessly to marry off his sisters while honouring his familial principles. Lala is also having problems in his personal life, specifically in his relationship with Sapna, his childhood sweetheart. However, Lala’s devotion to his sisters acts as a major impediment to Sapna’s and his love story progressing. Sapna resolves to wait till his objective is accomplished since he recognizes the significance of Lala’s commitment.

With the exception of the oldest Geeta, the others are mocked relentlessly by Lala and society at large for being overweight, dark, and not feminine enough. Along with finding appropriate boys for his sisters, the man must also collect the dowry money for each of them. It seems like an impossible task for a man who makes his living selling savoury foods. The rest of the story is about how Lala is able to marry his sisters while time is running out on his romance with Sapna. Comedy is the finest approach to social challenges. Raksha Bandhan is the same. In addition to the narrative, which attempts to lighten the tone despite dealing with a subject as serious as dowry, it also stars the comically talented Akshay Kumar. In his portrayal of the harried, obedient older brother, Cake, Kumar is quite theatrical and boisterous throughout the entire performance.

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Is Akshay Kumar’s Most Recent Movie, Raksha Bandhan, A Ripoff Of A Movie From Pakistan? 

Although Kathi Kantha Rao, a nearly 12-year-old Indian movie, acts as a huge turning point for Akshay Kumar’s most recent movie, Raksha Bandhan, this charge is untrue in every manner. Allari Naresh and Kamna Jethmalani played key roles in the film, directed by E. V. V. Satyanarayana. Kathi Kantharao, the shooter’s son, is the film’s protagonist. Besides his two sisters who are married, he also has two sisters who are engaged to be married in the near future. He works as a police officer. His two avaricious in-laws must also be appeased while he searches for spouses for his younger sisters. He carries the weight of the entire family. According to Pakistani Twitter users, there is a good chance that Load Wedding is a remake of the Indian movie Kathi Kantha Rao. This is because the original Indian movie Kathi Kantha Rao debuted in theatres on December 10, 2010, while the Pakistani movie Load Wedding was released in 2018.

What Is The Budget Of Raksha Bandhan?

Is Raksha Bandhan Movie Based On A True Story

The film’s overall budget of Rs 65 crores categorizes it as a mid-budget Bollywood production. This money was used to cover the cost of production, which included paying the cast members’ salaries and marketing expenses. The Raksha Bandhan movie needs to earn about 80 crores to be deemed successful. We will give an update on the movie’s box office earnings after its theatrical debut on August 11, 2022. However, if you’re wondering how it only cost 65 crores when Akshay often demands 100 crores for a film, the answer is that this one had a far smaller budget. This is because he is co-producing this film under the auspices of his own production company, “Cape of Good Films,” which he also owns.

Where To Watch Raksha Bandhan Online?

The picture Raksha Bandhan, a production of Aanand L. Rai and Alka Hiranandani, will debut on Zee5 following its theatrical debut. You can access Zee5 on a computer, a mobile device, or a television. To watch and download your favourite movie and web series, you must sign up for Zee5 and buy a subscription plan. OTT viewers will be able to download Raksha Bandhan via Zee5, once it becomes available.

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