Phantom of The Idol Episode 8 Release Date Is Now Declared!

This is the series by Hijiki Isoflavone and is a Japanese comedy series. Since December 2017, it has been serialized in Ichijinsha’s shojo manga magazine “Monthly Comic Zero Sum” and has five volumes. This manga is licensed in North America by Kodansha USA. It will be made into a TV animation by Studio Gokumi in July 2022. Yuya Niyodo is an idol who debuted because he wanted to make easy money. When he was about to be fired by his manager because of his low motivation, he met Asahi Mogami, a popular idol who passed away about a year ago. Asahi-chan, who is still alive, loves idols. The two agree that Asahi will own Yuya while she is active as an idol. The story of a person who doesn’t want to be an idol and a ghost who wants to become an idol again begins.

Phantom of The Idol Episode 8 Release Date

Phantom of The Idol Episode 8 Release Date

Phantom of the Idol Season 1 Episode 8 is set to release on August 19, 2022. One of the main reasons why Phantom of the Idol Season 1 Episode 8 has become so popular with fans searching for it can be attributed to Phantom of the Idol’s compelling storyline. The Phantom of Idol series is the best popular series and one of his trending series. So, the next episodes of Phantom of the Idol season 1 are coming one after another. What people loved, people will love this series the most.

Name Of The ShowPhantom of The Idol
Episode NumberEpisode 8
Phantom of The Idol Episode 1 Release Date2 July 2022
Phantom of The Idol Episode 8 Release Date19 August 2022

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Phantom of The Idol Episode 8 Characters

Niyodo Yuya whose voice is done by Fumiya Imai Yuya is a member of the idol unit ZINGS. However, she debuted as an idol to earn money easily, so she is not popular with idol appearances and fan service. He allows Asahi to possess his own body during his idol activities so that he can stay in the world Asahi lives in for as long as possible and continue earning money easily. Asahi Mogami whose voice is done by Nao Toyama is a popular idol who died in a traffic accident about a year before she met Yuya. Kazuki Yoshino (Kazuki Yoshino) is the one whose voice is recorded by Shun Horie. An idol and member of ZINGS who desperately unites Yuya who can’t perform alone.

Phantom of The Idol Episode 8 Story

Yuya of ZINGS sings the story as an idol. Yuya believed that once he became famous, he would live a life of leisurely flattering, but being an idol is hard work! His charismatic and popular partner, Kazuki, Gives his 110% at his concerts. However, Yuya began to behave slovenly towards the audience and dance poorly. Yuya’s fans have come to hate him and even his agent wants to let him go. Dejected after a boring concert, Yuya goes backstage to find a vivacious girl who is stylish, energetic, and eager to perform on stage. Yuya decides to help her. The only problem is that it’s been a year since she passed away. Yuya assumes that ghosts are real and capable of psychic possession. If she lends her body to Asahi and lets her sing, she should just shut up and enjoy her benefits. That sounds like a win-win situation…or is it?

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 7 Recap

Phantom of the Idol Episode 7 Additional Fan Festival is being held! Hikaru Setouchi has become an issue in recent episodes, and the festival has gotten even worse for Yuya. For Money Yuuya, an idol is a lazy person who entered the idol industry to make easy money. However, the fanservice, revelations, and other issues weren’t what he expected. His performance was brimming with considerable effort and markedly lacking in fanservice. He is one of many two Zings idols who have managed to gain a few followers despite not being normally well-regarded. His idol was coming to an end when he met Asahi. He was young, pretty, nationally famous, and the closest thing to an ideal idol. He died in a car accident several years before he met Yuya. Her idolization and her strong desire to live up to the expectations of her followers kept her from going out.

Phantom Of The Idol Episode 8 Trailer

Geek Native just shared Netflix’s new Tekken trailer, and Phantom of the Idol feels like the popular opposite. Idols are Japanese, musical, and bright. This anime is based on the Isofavon Hijiki manga series and is available on Amazon, but is up for pre-order with a May release date. Started serialization in 2017 and published the fifth book from Kodansha.

Where To Watch Phantom Of The Idol Online?

People can watch this amazing comedy anime series only on HiDive.

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