Is Anupama Serial A Remake? If Yes, Who Is Real Anupama?

Watching series and shows online is a trend. All the teens and young ones are used to binge-watching shows on their phones or laptops all day. The elder ones also watch shows. But they are better than the ones we watch. They are not usually about a cute guy falling in love with a pretty girl. They mostly show that also have a purpose or teach them a lesson. Watching a show like suits will enhance our knowledge and also help our decision-making. Elders love watching shows online these days. There are several OTT platforms that they can use to binge-watch their favourite shows. But the most favourite means to watch or catch a show every day is to watch it on tv. Serials are also known as soap operas. Our everyday serials go on and go on for seasons and years. These serials are usually watched at the time prime time when everyone has returned from work and are having dinner.

Our grandmothers usually have a routine of at least two serials that they watch every day. These serials are usually entertaining and have a plot that goes on for years. Some parts of a Desi household never change. Always saving up covers, always your remotes in a cover, etc. We’ve always seen our grandmothers watch serials that go on for years and years. Some serials celebrate their 10,000th episode anniversaries as well. No matter what, these serials do not end.

A slot opening up on tv is like finding a diamond. A slot opening up means that a serial is finally coming to an end and another one is starting which is sometimes exciting as there’s finally a director who’s ending a serial. But also the benefits are more. Those who are looking to watch a new serial or soap opera will start watching the serial that has newly begun. Many will start following the show according to their free time on an OTT platform that the makers are streaming it on. Serials are ones that keep us entertained for months and years continuously.

Some beautiful serials do end very soon. For example, Ishq Par Zor Nahin was a dear favourite of all the audience. The show was very captivating and loveable due to Ishqi, AVM and Karthik, but it ended very soon before even it completed one year of runtime. In the same way, there are many serials that go on for years too. Kum Kum Bhagya is one of the oldest serials and still has the attention of the audience. Balika Vadhu and many other serials are still watched by the audience that started watching them from day one. Many serials like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma have also been on screen for years and the audience has loved them and is still loving it. The captivating part of these series is their unique plot line and the characters. When the audience loves the characters so much, it is irresistible to not watch the show that is going on.

Naagin has already gone to the sixth part or season of the serial which has been on the air for years now. Kundali Bhagya has released around 1300 episodes already! When the story is captivating, the audience will not stop watching it till the serial ends.

CID is also one such series that we have l loved. The series has had many episodes and seasons yet, every new episode is being watched by millions. The captivating plot is loved by everyone. Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain is also another serial that’s loved by everyone. Radha Krishna is also another serial that created a huge fan following in its initial episodes. Radha Krishna has had many episodes that have been dubbed into various languages. The show has a fan following from all over the country and the world. Due to the amazing cast and storyline, the audience loves these serials.

In the same way, there is yet another serial that has recently gained a lot of popularity. This is one of the most watched serials as almost every household watches it. The show is about a house and its daughter-in-law who is the most hardworking. She is trying to keep the house happy and also take care of any issues that come ahead. She is the one who fights off all the villains and keeps her house happy and healthy. The serial being talked about is Anupama. Anupamaa is one of the most recent serials that has gained so much popularity that everybody loves it. This serial is not just for entertainment but also connects with the audience on an emotional level as well. The emotions filled in this serial sometimes bring tears to the eyes of the viewers.

The serial is truly a good one and not just one that is being dragged. It has a very good point and plot. The main lead us motivating many other women to be strong like her and also take the responsibility of the family on her shoulder without being shy.

Is Anupama Serial A Remake?

Is Anupama Serial A Remake?

Anupama is one of the most loved serials of today. The serial is watched by everyone. Once you start with the beginning episodes, you will not be able to stop watching them. The story of this serial is very captivating and the lead Anupama is an inspiration to many women. She is soft and caring, but when it comes to her family, she is the one who takes strong decisions to save them.

The story portrays a very strong female lead character which shows she can do anything that she puts her mind to. She herself is in trouble and her marriage is too. But this woman stands strong to save herself and her family from this problem. She is an inspiration to many women and also ideal. This serial is one of the best watches if you have started from the beginning.

Many serials are usually remakes. These are usually adapted from different languages and remade into another language. And hence, Anupamaa is also a remake. This serial is a remake of a Bengali serial. The title of the Bengali serial is Sreemoyee. Despite being a remake the serial has a lot of viewers and the show is going forward as though it is an original. The characters are very good and are very captivating which has kept the audience entertained for these many episodes.

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Remakes Of Anupamaa

Is Anupama Serial A Remake?

The serial Anupama is based on a strong female lead who mainly protects her family from all kinds of evil. The serial has over a hundred episodes and all of them are a huge hit. The show is a remake of the Bengali serial Sreemoyee but it still feels like an original. Its plots and characters are very exciting.

Anupama is itself a remake. But there are many serials that are inspired by Anupama and made into serials. The remakes of Anupama are in many Indian languages. It is recreated as Inti Nimma Asha in Kannada. It has been remade in Marathi too. In Marathi, the title is Aai Kuthe Kay Karte. It is known as Kudumbavilakku in Malayam. The remakes of Anupama have also gained a lot of audiences as they love watching this show in their own language. It is also made in Telugu. It is titled Intinti Gruhalakahmi in Telugu. In Tamil, it is remade and titled Baakiyalakshmi.

The serial has been remade into every South Indian language. The serial has gained a massive audience and so has the remake of this serial.

Where To Watch Anupamaa Online?

The serial can be streamed online on OTT platforms. It keeps releasing trailers and sneak peeks of the episodes on YouTube as well. The serial can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar.

When the audience is not able to watch the show during the telecast timings of television, they watch this serial online on the OTT platforms when they are free. Those who are looking for a long watch can also start watching this serial from episode one online.

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