14 Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer: Who Did We Loose On The Journey?

Demon Slayer is a popular manga and anime series that has made everyone a fan of the anime or manga. This beautiful monstrosity is written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. Both the anime and manga versions of Demon Slayer are pretty popular among anime fans. Demon Slayer is one of the classic anime everyone is in love with. 

No matter the anime or manga series Demon Slayer is a hit, even the movie Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The movie: Mugen Train is the highest-earning anime movie and Japanese movie of all time. The anime series is considered one of the greatest and has gotten many awards and critical acclamation. Demon Slayer is considered to be the best anime of the 2010s, and as of 2020 Demon Slayer franchise garnered a little over $8.75 billion and is the highest-earning media franchise of all time. The manga version of Demon Slayer has sold over 150 million copies. Basically, Demon Slayer is the best and everyone should watch. 

Anime deaths hit hard, and the Demon Slayer deaths even hit harder, that’s why they deserve a special article dedicated to some of them. So let’s just hurt ourselves again while we cover 14 Demon Slayer deaths, obviously can not cover all of them, it’s way too much.


Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer

Tamayo is a sad character. Many fans believed Tamayo’s story to be hard-hitting, and all of them believed she deserves a happy ending. Tamayo is one of the first demons crafted by Muzan. Tamayo was tricked by Muzan into turning her into a demon. She was suffering from a disease as a human and Muzan tricked her, he claimed that turning into a demon would save Tamayo.

Tamayo wanted to live for her family. She was eager to do anything just to see her family grow up. The sad part is that after turning into a demon she ended up killing her family, and in the fear of the crime she committed, she ended up killing more people in anger. Tamayo got her senses back when Yoriichi Tsugikuni defeated the demon lord Muzan, but killing the demon lord was not easy, so Tamayo helped in defeating Muzan and ended up being absorbed by Muzan in the process of defeating him.

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Daki and Gyutaro

Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer

Daki and Gyutaro are brothers and sisters; they both are the main antagonists in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Daki and Gyutaro both shared the same position of Upper-Rank Six which is connected to Twelve Kizuki. Gyutaro and Daki were in the lower class before they were turned into demons by Doma. Upper Moon Six was an arrogant and envious demon, but just like every other demon, they were also victims of some problems. Daki and Gyutaro never had an easy life, when they were humans everyone made fun of them for their appearance, and Daki was almost killed when she got burned. Even though Daki and Gyutaro were demons they definitely deserved a better life. Guytaro was decapitated by Tanjiro and Daki was decapitated by Zenitsu and Inosuke.

Jigoro Kuwajima

Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer

Jigoro Kuwajima was an excellent teacher to Zenitsu and Kaigaku, he was a thunder Hashira. Jigoro Kuwajima did not get that much screen time and even his death happened before the present timeline of Demon Slayer. He got killed because he ended up suiciding after he found out that Kaiguke has been turned into a demon. Jigoro Kuwajima was an old man who did a lot for everyone but in the end, he had no one in his last moments. His death was revealed in the 144-146 chapters of Demon Slayer. According to many fans, he deserved much better and he got nothing in comparison to what he had done for other people.


Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer

Rui had the position of lower rank 5 in Twelve Kizuki. He was a young boy who was polite and calm in nature when he was a human. Rui wished to have a family who loved and appreciated him but he did not have any idea what a family was like. That is why when he went to the forest he made a spider “family” and made his father, mother, sister, etc. He treated the spider family in a brutal and tortured way. Despite his lower rank, he gave so much competition to Tanjiro and all of his opponents. When Rui was finally killed his flashbacks to his life made every viewer sad and long for a better ending and life for Rui.

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Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer

Kokushibo is the upper moon demon, he was always jealous of his brother Yoriichi, before turning into a demon. When Michikatsu Tsugikuni became a demon named Kokushibo he became the strongest demon of Muzan. One of the reasons he became a demon was to be better than his brother and so that he can live past the age of 25. But Kokushibo never got satisfied. He was even jealous of his brother Yoriichi even after turning into a demon. He was jealous because Yoriichi has lived up to 85 now. When he finally gets the realization of his bad desires he finds himself regretting and he ends up getting killed by a Demon Slayer of his own choice. His death was full of past regrets and shows his sad life that was full of tragedy. In the end, he dies with regret and hatred for himself.


Kyogai was one of the primary antagonists in season 1 of Demon Slayer, he was a drum demon. When he was a human he was passionate about writing songs but a musician insulted him and called his art mediocre and boring. Even after turning into a demon, he was passionate about art, thus he started creating blood demon art. Tanjiro was appreciative of his work, and in his last days when Tanjiro appreciates him, Kyogai realizes that he was not a failure, and starts crying he became so happy and sad that someone finally liked his art. In his moment he knew that he wasn’t a failure, many fans were sad because of Kyogai’s arc because it was sad and a lot of people could relate with him.

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima is a strong but blind man, his strength made him one of the best hashiras and the strongest of that century. He was a stone hashira and extremely sensitive and kind towards every single person and thing. Gyomei Himejima can cry over things that other people would find little or not important. The attitude of people was brutal towards him, he cared about the orphans deeply but people blamed him for killing his fellow orphans. He had so much contribution in fighting with Kokushibo and defeating the demon lord. In his last moment, Gyomei Himejima refuses to take any help from his fellow demon slayer because he knows he can not last long. His last scene was really sad as he was crying and smiling to meet the demon slayer who had died. He is happy to meet all of his loved ones when he knows he is going to die. Gyomei Himejima put others first and would save others instead of himself, he definitely deserves much better things.

Shinobu Kocho

Characters Who Died In Demon Slayer

Kanae Kocho is the sister of Shinobu Kocho and she is the insect hashira. Gyomei Himejima saves Kanae Kocho and Shinobu Kocho when their family was killed by a demon since then both Kanae Kocho and Shinobu Kocho vowed to be demon slayers to help the world and everyone around them. Shinobu Kocho was killed by Demon Doma just like her sister  Kanae Kocho, when fans got to know the background story of Shinobu Kocho they could not stop themselves from crying out loud. She hated demons and in the end, she was absorbed by the demons.

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Kyojoru Rengoku

Kyojoru Rengoku had a fatal death, according to many Demon Slayer fans his death was the hardest moment of the whole anime. Kyojoru Rengoku was a flame hashira and he got killed while fighting Akaza, he was trying to protect Tanjiro from Akaza. His back story was relatable and sad to many people, he knew that Akaza is so much stronger in comparison to him but he tried everything to save the other demon slayers. Kyojoru Rengoku had the chance to become a demon but he chose to kill the demons. He was a good person that’s why many people soon became fans of his. In his last moments, even a crow ended up crying because of all the pain of Kyojoru Rengoku dying. He decides to be loyal to other hashiras even in his last moments. Every single hashira like Tanjiro and Inosuke was crying relentlessly when Rengoku Kyojoru was dying but he was smiling even in his last time, he was happy that he could save the other demon slayer while he could. His last moments were enough to make anyone filled with emotions.


Akaza is the killer of Rengoku Kyojoru but his death was just as sad as any other death. Akaza was the upper moon rank three demons and Tanjiro kills him at last, but he didn’t die and decides to kill himself. Akaza is a demon so when Tanjiro decapitates him he rejuvenates himself but in the end, kills himself, he uses his blood demon art to commit suicide. When he was dying he could remember everything about his human days. He could think about his father who wanted him to be a successful person, but Akaza never listened to him, he could also think about his fiance. When he was a human he ended up losing everyone and everything he loved so he was filled with hatred and pain. When he gets his senses back he understands that now he has to meet his loved ones and decides to kill himself. He died with hatred for himself.

Genya Shinazugawa

Genya Shinazugawa was killed by Kokushibo, he cut him in half and eventually killed him. When Genya Shinazugawa was a kid he saw his mother getting killed by Sanemi, and blamed him for her mother’s death. Still, when Genya Shinazugawa gets older he realizes the truth and desperately tries to be close with his brother Sanemi, and always believed that Sanemi hated him. Genya Shinazugawa wanted to be a hashira so that he could prove to his brother his loyalty and skills. When Genya Shinazugawa was dying he tells his brother Sanemi that he loves him and Sanemi is sad to know that he is losing his only brother, he prays to god to save his younger brother but at last Genya Shinazugawa was dead. The love of the two brothers made everyone sad that they could not clear their misunderstandings. The life of Genya Shinazugawa was really tragic and sad too. His death made everyone packed with emotions.

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Igoru Obanai

Igoru Obanai also led a pretty hard life, he was blinded and injured by Muzan, which led him to his death. Igoru Obanai was a serpent hashira, his death was one of the gut-wrenching moments of Demon Slayer. Igoru Obama’s whole family got killed by a demon and they all worshipped a snake demon, when he was just 12 years old he got a cut on his face to resemble a snake, he grew up around thieves and his cousin blamed him for the death of his family, this accusation ate Igoru Obanai his whole life, that he ends up giving himself to Muzan so that he can save Tanjiro. Another sad addition to the death of Igoru Obanai was the death of Mitsuri alongside him, they both loved each other and when they both were dying they ended up confessing to each other, and in the end, they both were dead in each other’s arms. This moment made every single Demon Slayer fan weak, and they all longed to see a better ending for Igoru Obanai and his love story with Mitsuri. 

Kamado Family 

Kamado family was the reason for this series of deaths, they were the first to get killed in the Demon Slayer world, and their death also made Tanjiro dedicated to becoming a Demon Slayer. Every character in Demon Slayer has tons of pain and Tanjiro’s pain starts from here as his whole family is killed now except him and Netsuke. The first episode of Demon Slayer was starting to get depressing because of the death of the Kamado family. Netsuke is also turned into a demon by Muzan. Tanjiro’s reaction to the death of his family made everyone sad, when he was out to sell coal his whole family got killed and when he comes back and sees the mess and all his family he can not bring himself up. After the death of the Kamado family, whenever Tanjiro is fainted or sad, his family gives him the strength to fight the evil demons. The scene of the Kamado family getting killed and every scene after that has made every fan’s eyes soaked with pain and sadness. 

Kotoshu Hashibira 

Inosuke Hashibira was one of the strongest demon slayers and Kotoshu Hashibira was the mother of Inosuke Hashibira. She always lived a hard life when Inosuke was just a small kid, Kotoshu had to run from his husband to save her and Inosuke and lastly, she got involved at the camp that was run by Doma. Initially, Doma did not kill Kotoshu because he started to like her, but when Kotoshu realized that Doma is a demon she decides to run but ends up getting chased by Doma. Kotoshu decides to throw Inosuke in the river so that she can save him, and in the end, she gets eaten by Doma.

Lastly, we just want to conclude that these deaths can not be ranked as every single one of them is the hardest moment in an anime ever. Demon Slayer is popular for killing it’s one of the main characters easily, now as they rest a little, readers can binge-watch the previous seasons.

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