Nano Machine Chapter 118 Release Date Is Finally Here!

Nano Machine has been one of the growing manhwa’s recently and the story has been going twisted and twisted with time. More questions are arising and fewer answers are being delivered and that is what fans have been very much impatient about recently. If you have been following the recent manhwa chapters you do know about how the release dates were delayed for some chapters and fans haven’t taken that very nicely and there have been more theories arriving now and then on the Reddit platform. However, we have also got some information that you may like. Before that let us brief you a bit about Nano Machine manhwa itself. The story that we see in this series is set in a fictional civilization where an orphan who had been suffering in the demonic cult, and now suddenly his future self has returned, and installed a Nano Machine in his body which has developed new skills in him and given him new powers to challenge the elderly people with power and bring in a new ideology to the civilization. There are many more twists and turns and if you like some dirty politics being played in a series, then you are surely going to like this one.

Now if you have already seen, the release schedule of the manhwa, you probably know what’s wrong and why we all are here. Chapter 117 which was supposed to make its release this weak made a delay and now we have all been concerned about chapter 118. There have been many predictions and rumours, but still, there hasn’t been any confirmed news regarding the release dates of the show, and to know more regarding when and what will happen in chapter 118, do continue reading this article till the end.

Nano Machine Chapter 118 Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 118 Release Date

Now coming to the main thing regarding this manhwa series. there have been more than 100 chapters in this manhwa already which is just huge when it comes to the general manhwa genre, and there have been many talks regarding the anime adaption of this show too. However there hasn’t been any confirmed news and we shouldn’t expect anything new in 2022 at all, however, in 2023, there may be a chance. Now as we know the new chapters of this manhwa are dropped every Friday and that has been the release schedule for a very long time for this series. However, there was a certain delay regarding chapter 117 and after a lot of waits, we have confirmed that 117 will make its release on the 11th of August which is one day before the scheduled release date of chapter 118. Now will there be a delay for chapter 118 too, nothing has been confirmed yet, and if the illustrations are done, then maybe yes, we will receive a new chapter on two consecutive days but if the entire schedule is being changed then new chapters will be released every Thursday.

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Nano Machine Chapter 118 Story

From what we have seen chapter 118 will relate to some heavy political chaos being created, as we have already seen, the hands were cut off and Chun Mukeun who was supposedly going to be the new Vice Lord, is now a cripple. The political repercussions are something that will shake all the elderly families out there and new twists and turns are going to be introduced in the plot, which is something that is confirmed by the writers.

Nano Machine Chapter 117 Recap

As chapter 117 has not been released yet, we aren’t able to provide much recap but we can predict the upcoming story though. From what we have seen. The new Vice Lord, has decided to do shock treatment on Mun Yu and that has not been taken very lightly by his grandparent and his sister as well, and the misconceptions which will be formed because of this action will be addressed in the new chapter.

Nano Machine Chapter 118 Characters

Nano Machine Chapter 118 Release Date

In the new upcoming chapter, we are going to see the Vice Lord for sure, and other than that, we will surely see Mun Gyu and Mun Yu along with their grandfather at the same time and there will also be many other elderlies from different families related to the story.

Where Can We Read Nano Machine Chapter 118 Online?

The new chapter, just like the previous chapters will be available for reading on the Webtoon Website.

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