Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date Is Revealed Or Not?

One of the numerous ongoing manga in Shonen Jump Magazine is Sakamoto Days, which most recently received approval for an anime adaptation. Yuto Suzuki is the author and illustrator of the relatively new series Sakamoto Days, which debuted on November 21, 2020. There are presently 8 published volumes totalling 81 chapters. One of the many Shonen Jump manga series receiving a simultaneous English publication on Manga Plus is Sakamoto Days. Each chapter is made available online as soon as the magazine is available in Japan. The best assassin in the world, Sakamoto Taro, is featured in Sakamoto Days. He retired to wed.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 release date is not specified yet. We are still to get an announcement regarding it. Till then, you can enjoy reading the previous chapters. Unless a break is specified, new chapters of Sakamoto Days are released every Sunday. On the sources listed below, you can read for free.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Characters

One of the key protagonists in this fascinating manga series is Taro Sakamoto, a former hitman who gave up a life of luxury and crime to wed Aoi. He has put on a lot of weight and has become much more relaxed back, yet he still possesses the superhuman power and ability from his days as a hitman. In crisis conditions, he loses all of this fat, slims down, and gains twice the strength. Former hitman Shin Asakura, who now works for Sakamoto at his convenience store, is a fan of Sakamoto. Since he has the capacity to read minds, he is referred to as Shin the Clairvoyant. Sakamoto’s running joke is that whenever he irritates him, he imagines killing him. Lu Xiaotang, a Chinese organized crime figure’s daughter. Though airheaded, she has the ability to be analytical and capable when called upon. Even though she doesn’t engage in much combat, she is incredibly skilled because of the fighting method she employs, which combines Drunken Fist and Tai Chi. Aoi Sakamoto, Sakamoto’s wife, Hana Sakamoto, Sakamoto’s daughter, and Heisuke Mashimo are a few of the supporting figures. a hitman with sniping experience.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Story

The following chapter will feature Seba helping Akira get back on her feet. While Shin was receiving treatment from the teacher, Akira made an effort to attack her from behind. She observed the teacher’s deceptive manoeuvre and hit her hard, so she was unable to assault the teacher from behind. Seba, who has hitherto remained invisible in this comic, is now showing up, which has caused unexpected alterations in the plot. Shin will extend his hand and engage him in conversation. She will caution them once more to exercise caution and leave right away. Seba and Shin will be enraged. So he makes the decision to strike her. Seba will attack the teacher with his hands while running in that way. She will be familiar with all of the fighting strategies for Seba and will only exert a tiny percentage of her strength to attack him. Sakamoto will soon witness everything. Despite his best efforts to assist them, his current disguise will prevent him from acting rashly. Seba will try to break free of the fistlock. It will present a fantastic opportunity for Shin and Akira to attack that teacher. She will, however, be able to deal with all three of them at once, much to everyone’s amazement.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 82 Recap

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date

The chapter picks up with Satoda sensei and Shin exactly where they left off. She claims that three people did the same thing years ago. Satoda advises Shin to abandon up because it will only result in their deaths when he claims that he is there to acquire details about Slur and search the database for it. After observing Shin’s determination to obtain database information, Satoda instructs him to assassinate her once during the next 24 hours, at which point she will converse. Akira joins the game in the hopes that the database will aid in her search for Rion. When Shin tells Sakamoto about the arrangement with Satoda sensei, Sakamoto is reminded of past events. Despite their greatest efforts, Shin and Akira are unable to hit her even once. Seba joins in, noting that circumstances have altered.

Where To Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Online?

You can read Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 for free on a number of websites, including Viz Media, Manga Plus, and the official Shonen Jump app. The last three chapters are free, but to access the complete library, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

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