National Treasure 3 Release Date, Cast, And Story Updates!

National Treasure movie franchise has always been the guilty pleasure of our, since our childhood for every 2000s kid for sure. These movies were the epitome of entertainment when they made their theatrical release, and the sales were something that wasn’t at all expected and the makers were just hugely profitable with the two movies from the franchise. Nearly 15 years have passed since when the talks began regarding the third movie from the franchise began, and every year, we do get some update, some interview, or something like a rumour, and lastly, the only thing that happens, is that the fans of the National Treasure franchise would just get disappointed, but is that the case this year too? To know that continue reading.

For those who don’t have much knowledge about the National Treasure franchise series, let us brief you a bit regarding this. The first movie from this franchise came out in the year 2004 and after that, we received the second season in 2007. Both of the series did extremely well during their release and the casting was a massive attraction point for the movie. At that time, this movie can be considered as just the coming together, of some of the biggest names in the industry. Now coming to what this story was all about. The story was basically based on the life of Benjamin Franklin Gates, however, calm down guys, this is not the same Benjamin Franklin you are thinking of. National Treasure’s Benjamin Franklin is basically an amateur historian who has got a huge mystery passed down in his family to solve, and that has been related somehow to the declaration of Independence Of America, throughout the two movies, we see Benjamin, with his fellow mates, going on various adventure’s missions, just with the aim to find the National Treasure and that is how the entire story works.

The first two movies shared the same cast, and even after this many years, from our sources, we have heard that, according to what the plan was, the third movie will also share the same cast. However, there are certain complications. Though moving forward toward the reviews of the movies. The first two movies were blockbuster hits and based on how the profits were, this movie was an unexpected and extraordinary success. This movie has received only a 6.9 and 6.5 IMDb rating respectively, however having such poor ratings, the critic reviews were actually mixed, some praised the idea very much, whereas some openly demeaned the idea. Other than all this, the fan base is something that is very notable in the case of this series. the fanbase is spread all over the world, and the fan base is one that has been loyal over the years because they are still waiting for the third movie and have their hopes high regarding what the coming days will bring.

Now coming to the main talk of this entire article, which has been regarding the release of the third movie. Just after the release of the second movie, it was announced that we are going to receive the third movie from the makers and since then we have all been very excited about it, but the only disappointment we have got is regarding the release dates and the making is always delayed. It has been more than 15 years and we still haven’t received the series. When the makers were asked, regarding what the updates were recently the answer has been that there are actually two things in making, firstly we have a tv series and secondly, we have the long-awaited third series. The actors and the makers have also given this stated regarding the delay, that the story has been something which has required a lot of work from the writers and whatever came out by the end, wasn’t practically liked by all, so more work is being put on, however, the updates haven’t been very positive since then and the third movie, actually looks like a very farfetched idea for now. Though there are still chances and expected dates as well as the story, do continue reading these series until the end.

National Treasure 3 Release Date

National Treasure 3 Release Date

The first movie from the National Treasure franchise made its release in the year 2004 and as we have already told it was a massive success and a blockbuster theatre hit, soon after 2 years break and a lot of work, we finally received the second movie from the franchise in the year 2007 and that too ended up being very hit and got a lot of praises. After the 2007 release, in 2008 it was already confirmed that the National Treasure movie series is being renewed for a third season and this season will be bringing back the old cast only. However, the disappointment regarding this thing has been that the makers haven’t still given us the 3rd season and it has been more than 15 years for the audience to wait. Yes, we admit that is a bit of injustice but we do have to understand the scenario on the maker’s side, finding the perfect story for this excellent franchise has been a tough job lately and that has also been confirmed by the writers as well as the main casting of the show.

However, we have also heard from them that, the third movie isn’t very probable at this point, and maybe we won’t be receiving any as many of the cast members haven’t still been contacted and they surely have aged from what they were in 2007. Even if the makers are able to select a proper story for the movie, the making hasn’t started that’s for sure and thus if it happens, we are not getting it anyhow before the mid of 2023 or the end of 2023. Now another notable thing regarding this series has been that there is also a tv series that is being made and that was said to make its release with the movie, however seeing the condition the movie is in, Disney has decided to bring out the series much before the movie and as the teaser trailer has also been out, we can expect this series to make its release before the end of 2022.

Name Of The ShowNational Treasure
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreFiction, Action, Adventure
National Treasure Release DateNovember 19, 2004
National Treasure 3 Release DateNot Announced

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National Treasure 3 Story

Now from what this series has been based on for more than two movies, the story setting is going to be the same, and as we have confirmed the third movie has plans regarding the same cast. However, the story which has to be depicted is something the writers are even working on for years and they still haven’t been able to perfect it and that’s what has been confirmed by the cast members. Thus, even if the third season happens, we have no idea what the movie will be about. We will have Franklin, of course, and he will obviously be after a new treasure or something new which the writers will perfectly set in the history of America, however, what’s that going to be, is still unknown.

In case of the TV series which we have been promised by the makers and is all set to make its release in 2022, has quite the same story, however, the cast has completely changed and this time we are seeing a new character who has quite a same kind of family and dream as Benjamin, all ready to go on an adventure to discover the National Treasure. A treasure that has been hidden in history for years and that has got many relations with the protagonist’s family, many twists and turns mark this journey just as in the movies.

National Treasure 3 Cast

For the casting part, there hasn’t been any change according to the plans, as we have confirmed already. The makers are still stuck to the plan that the third movie will bring back the original cast and they will be able to play the same kind of roles which they were assigned in the first movie. However, that does seem a bit unlikely, though nothing could be done.

Now coming to the series which is much talked about recently, the series has got an excellent new generation cast who do match the story very well, we see some new rising talents such as Justin Bartha, Lyndon Smith, Tommy Savas, Breeda Wool, and many other significant names who have shown their excellent skill in acting in their previous projects.

National Treasure 3 Trailer

As we have already mentioned, there hasn’t been any update regarding the third movie, and the making process also hasn’t started, thus there is no sign of any trailer this early. However, the trailer for the previous movies is currently available online, and other than that the teaser trailer for the new tv series of the franchise has also been out and from what we have witnessed, it actually looks pretty good.

Where Can We Watch National Treasure 3 Online?

The movie whenever it comes will supposedly make a theatrical release first just like the previous movies and then it may be available on the Disney+ platform for online streaming services.

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