Who Is Stan Marsh Based On? South Park Character Explained!

Stanley Randall William “Stan” Marsh is one of the four main characters in the adult animated sitcom South Park. He is also one of his four main protagonists in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. He lives in the town of South Park, Colorado. It’s his 4th grade at the local elementary school. He is best seen with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Between these, fame is consistently exchanged as part of an ensemble cast. He’s also Wendy Testaburger’s love interest and Butters Stoch’s best friend. Stan most commonly wears a brown jacket with a red collar, a blue hat with a red puffball and brim, and blue jeans. Under the jacket, he wears either a red and blue baseball shirt or a white t-shirt/V-neck. He also wears Terrance’s and Phillip’s blue shirts to bed and a green suit for special occasions, and in some episodes, removing his hat partially or completely causes his hair It is clear that it has turned black. This was first seen in “Crappy Christmas”.

In the shower room scene in “Lil Crime Stopper,” Kenny’s head is only visible from behind, while all the boys take off their hats and show their hair for a long time. Stan also clearly has blue eyes, as Kyle pointed out when he drew her cartoon form. That’s uncertain. While the other main characters in the series have distinctive traits (Kyle is the only Jewish child, Cartman is an overweight sociopath, Kenny is a poverty-stricken, dies a violent death), Stan is portrayed from a point of view prior to Season 15. The characters that do it are “regular, average, American, messed up kids.” Starting in season 15, Stan is often portrayed as cynical and depressed, as part of the show’s overall shift to a more complex characterization due to his dysfunctional family.

Who Is Stan Marsh Based On?

Who Is Stan Marsh Based On?

In the adult animated television series South Park, Stanley Marsh is one of the fictional characters. He is voiced by and loosely based on his series co-creator Trey Parker. Stan is one of his four central characters in the series, along with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Stan attends South Park Elementary School as part of his senior year (formerly his junior year) at Mr. Garrison. Stan’s father, Randy, is a geologist, and his mother, Sharon, is a secretary at Tom’s Rhinoplasty. He had a temporary stepfather at the “clubhouse” named Roy. Tan’s catchphrase, often used in the early seasons, was “Man, this sucks in here.”

In many episodes, Stan summarizes the main points of the episode with a short speech, often beginning with “I learned something today.” However, it’s more common for Kyle to do this, as well as several other characters such as Cartman and the Mayor, often with their hands in their coat pockets. In episodes after, Stan also has a habit of (invisible) pinching the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes tightly, and saying phrases such as “oh no” when frustrated or angry. A good example of this is “Man Bear Pig”, where he does this move while on the phone with Al Gore. Please apologize.” His mother also moves in this scene. He also does it all the time when reporters talk to Randy on “Goobacks.” Kyle also has that kind of attitude, often closing his eyes when he’s nervous. This is not unusual for Stan and Kyle, who are often criticized for having the same personality throughout the series.

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Stan Marsh Role In South Park

Before season 22, Stan lives with his parents Randy and Sharon Marsh at 260 Avenue de Los Mexicanos in South Park. In a plastic surgery clinic, Sharon is a secretary at Tom’s Rhinoplasty. As of season 22, the family lives on a farm on the outskirts of town, where Randy grows marijuana and gets the reluctant family to help him. Stan’s family includes bullying and beating him. He has a 13-year-old sister, Sherry, and his 100-year-old grandfather, Marvin, who calls Stan “Billy.” Stan attends South Park Elementary School as his fourth grader at Mr. Garrison.

During the show’s first 58 episodes (1997 through 2000 season 4 episode “Fourth Grade”), Stan and the other main child characters were in third grade. His birthday is listed on his Facebook page in the Season 14 episode “You Have 0 Friends” as October 19, 2001 (the same date as co-creator Trey Parker for him). Stan is often embarrassed and angered by his father’s antics and frequent public drunkenness. Stan’s relationship with his uncle Jimbo received moderate attention in the first two seasons of the show.

He is known to have exceptional weapon skills for a 4th grader and has demonstrated the use of weapons, offering a wide variety of weapons including handguns, rifles, flare guns, and assault weapons. He also took weekly karate lessons from Cartman and Kyle and learned a lot about discipline and self-defence. His strange abilities include knowing how to ride with Kenny’s help on the pedals and being able to perform abortions.

Cartman later says he taught the lion cubs to the Mountain. He also made daring attempts to get involved in and prevent the Civil War and the Second Canadian War. Perhaps Stan’s greatest talent is his athleticism, for which he is widely admired. He was also on the Cowes Dodgeball Players baseball team, ran the South Park Diggities dance team, coached the famous Park County Pee-wee hockey team, and taught generations of kids never to play hockey again. urged. Stan is musically gifted just like his father, being a member of his two bands, Fingerbang and Moop, but also an excellent guitar player. Sings a hit song that encourages the use of hybrid cars.

Stan Marsh Personality

Who Is Stan Marsh Based On?

Stan is easy-going, laid-back, and sarcastic. He is very cocky and pompous, but he is also very confident. In addition to his easy-going and sarcastic nature, he is also very sarcastic towards others, especially his friends and family. He finds himself in a situation where he is under pressure to be more like a leader. He tends to be sarcastic and sarcastic towards the other characters in the show (especially the rest of the boys), and even the other characters find his constant sarcasm irritating. He is also very lazy. He doesn’t do manual labour like housework or gardening, but he enjoys playing games and watching movies (especially novel horror movies). He also enjoys eating junk food (such as pizza and hamburgers) and watching TV. He tends to get very bored and get distracted by things that aren’t very interesting. Perhaps the most “normal” kid, Stanley Marsh is generally honest, very mature for his age, and well-meaning. Stan is generally the most sensitive and sensitive of the four boys and loves animals. He has a dog named Sparky who he likes very much. He tried to save the calf with the help of Kyle, Cartman, and Butters.

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Is Stan Marsh Transgender?

In the episode, both Cartman and Wendy pretend to be transgender and reach out to each other, but Stan’s case appears to be real. Undecided whether to choose a restroom or not, Stan says, “I don’t know where I belong.” Also, when Stan asked his father, “He looks like this on the outside, but he’s completely different on the inside,” Stan seemed a little nervous. Stan is portrayed from a point of view prior to Season 15. The characters that do it are “regular, average, American, messed up kids.” Starting in season 15, Stan is often portrayed as cynical and depressed, as part of the show’s overall shift to a more complex characterization due to his dysfunctional family. And he seems confused when Randy mentions he’s Lord, implying that Stan wasn’t aware of the relationship between Randy and Lord.

Voice Actor Of Stan Marsh

Who Is Stan Marsh Based On?

Stan Marsh is voiced by Trey Parker. After the episode “The Big Fix” aired on Wednesday (February 9), some die-hard fans noticed a change in Stan Marsh’s voice and thought it started a discussion on social media. Not only did South Park fans take note of Stan’s voice, some believe they’ve noticed a change in Mr. McKay’s speaking style. reports that they believe Mr. Mackie’s voice has slowed down significantly in recent episodes. Computer manipulation or sound Some theories suggest it may be a problem with his mixing, while others say Trey Parker may have had problems with sound production. Screen rant points out that Parker had previously told them they needed to change Eric Cartman’s voice.

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