It Was Always Me Season 2 Release Date & Spoilers!

This mystery, drama, and musical series is enough to make anyone a fan of It was always me. Created by Alejandro Stoessel and Ivan Stoessel, It was always me is a Colombian series in the Spanish language. It was always me have a Spanish name, “Siempre fui yo.” This 10-episode series follows a story full of drama, music, the mystery of a murder, dark secrets, and mistrust. The main character Lupe can’t trust anyone, and she has to find the real reason behind her father’s death. She finds clues that denote that her father’s death was not natural or an accident. It has more layers to it. In the whole series, she is set to find the real people and reason behind everything, Lupe’s father is a music legend, and the reason for his death can answer many questions.

Fans of It Was Always Me loved the show, and they wanted to find all the details behind the second season of It Was Always Me. Let’s look into the details of it.

It Was Always Me Season 2 Release Date

It Was Always Me Season 2 release date

It Was Always Me season 1 was released on 15 June 2022, with 10 episodes of 40 minutes each. The fans loved the show, and to their interest, the second season of It Was Always Me is announced, the show will get renewed, and it will come with a storyline that is just as interesting as the first season of the series. There is not much detail about the second season, but it may come in around 2023, and all the details about the cast, story, etc will get revealed soon.

Name Of The ShowIt Was Always Me
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMystery, Drama, Musical
It Was Always Me Season 1 Release DateJune 15, 2022
It Was Always Me Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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It Was Always Me Season 1 Story

The story of this series starts in Mexico, where Lupe lives. She is a student. She is studying journalism there, her life changes, and she abruptly has to leave Mexico when she learns about his father’s death. Her father is known as “El Faraon” in Columbia. Lupe leaves everything in Mexico and moves to Colombia. Her father is a popular music artist in Colombia. Lupe is in the city of Cartegena in Colombia for her father’s funeral and meets his assistant Noah there. Noah is a mysterious young man. Lupe wants to return to Mexico but decides to stay in Colombia because she starts to suspect her father’s death was not coincidental. She can not trust anyone while she is there. Lupe has to enter a music competition to learn more about her father’s demise and face her worst fear of singing in public. The journey of Lupe is filled with drama, mystery, and music. There is also romance now in the life of Lupe. She can not even trust Noah. That is the guy who helped her. A secret is waiting for her in the Caribbean, and she has to face many challenges before finding the truth about many questions and mysteries.

It Was Always Me Season 2 Cast 

It Was Always Me Season 2 release date

A fun fact about It Was Always Me is that it initially starred Tini Stoessel and Sebastian Yatra, but after they broke up in the middle of the show, the makers had to recast and even modify the story a little bit. 

It then starred Karol Sevilla in the role of Maria Guadalupe “Lupe” Diaz Smith. She is the main character of the show. Karol Sevilla has worked in shows such as Soy Luna, La Rosa De Guadalupe, and Junior Express. Opposite her, there is Pipe Bueno in the role of Noah, who is the young assistant of Lupe’s s father. Pipe Bueno is a popular singer known for songs like Usted No Me Olvida, Cupido Fallo, etc. He is also an actor known for The Story, Primate, etc.  Christian Tappan is in the role of Silvestre “El Faron” Diaz, the father of Lupe Diaz. Christian Tappan is known for his soap opera and series. He worked in Dogwashers, The Great Heist, and Pablo Escobar, The Drug lord.

Jose Jullian Gaviria as Pipe, Simon Savi in the role of Charly, Antonio Sanint as Lucas Martin, Adriana Romero as Wendy, Julian Velasquez in the role of Angie, Duban Prado as Sammy, Alejandro Gutierrez as Kevin, Katherine Escobar in the role of Mercedes, Elliana Raventos as Lucia, Marisol Correa as Cecilia, and lastly Felipe Botero as Ariel.

Where To Watch It Was Always Me Online?

It was always me is available on Disney+. The first season was released on 15 June 2022. 

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