What Is The Status Of Partner Track Season 2 Release Date?

Partner Track is an upcoming Netflix original series, that is based on the 2013 novel Partner Track by Helen Wan. The story revolves around a girl and her life in a male-dominated society. She is Chinese and is set to find herself in the big world, she can’t be tamed it’s not in her personality, she is dedicated towards her works and lives her life with an idealist mindset. Her life becomes strange when she encounters an ex-boyfriend of hers, and a love triangle is formed. The story is interesting and is filled with exciting moments and twists and turns. Let’s learn more about the Partner Track season 1, cast story, etc, and also get more details regarding the second season of Partner Track.

Partner Track Season 2 Release Date

Partner Track Season 2 Release Date

Partner Track season 1 is set to be released on August 26, 2022, on Netflix, the trailer of the series Partner Track was released a few days back on the official Netflix channel. The trailer has already reached around four million views. The comments for the series Partner Track are mostly positive, and a want for a second season has already started.

Partner Track season 2 does not have any official announcement yet, the season 1 is not released yet, but will be soon, so a statement regarding the second season can’t be made right now, Netflix is also a little mischievous when it comes to the second season of many popular series. If the first season of Partner Track will receive much attention and viewership a second season will be available soon enough, it is going to be interesting to see the first season of Partner Track on Netflix, and if Partner Track will get a second season.

Name Of The ShowPartner Track
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFiction, Legal Story
Partner Track Season 1 Release DateAugust 26, 2022
Partner Track Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Partner Track Season 1 Recap

As mentioned, the story is about a young girl named Ingrid Yun and her life, Ingrid Yun is a Chinese-American girl, she is the first lawyer in all of her family, and she is a dedicated woman, who sees the world ideally. Ingrid wants to be a part of a law firm that is Parsons Valentine & Hunt, the law firm is a white and male dominating firm. The life of Ingrid Yun becomes strange when she is trying to set herself at the law firm, and her ex-boyfriend joins the same firm, Ingrid’s new partner works at the same firm with her, and when two of Ingrid’s love interests clash together, a love triangle is formed, both her love interest is in a sort of a fight to win Ingrid. Ingrid’s life is a little relieved with two of her best friends who are always there to help Ingrid with her life problems.

The journey of Ingrid is filled with ups and down as she is trying to achieve something as a person of colour in a white dominating world, both her professional and personal problems get the best of her, and the questions that are in front of Ingrid are difficult, and she is trying to be successful with all the hard work. Her personal life is also filled with confusion when she is in a love triangle. It will be interesting to see how Ingrid gets the answer to the questions, will she be able to prove herself, who will be the ultimate love of Ingrid, and a thousand other questions. All these questions will answer themselves when the first season of Partner Track will release on 26th August 2022 on Netflix.

Partner Track Season 1 Cast

Partner Track Season 2 Release Date

Partner Track seems to have a really cool, and talented cast, all the actors are perfect in their roles, Arden Cho is playing the role of the main character Ingrid Yun, Arden Cho is known for her roles in projects such as Teen Wolf in the character of Kira Yukimura, she was also seen in a short film Agents of Secret Stuff. Dominic Sherwood can be seen in the role of Jeff Murphy, he is known for his role in Shadowhunters, Vampire Academy, etc.

Dominic is playing the role of the love interest of Ingrid Yun. Bradley Gibson as Tyler Robinson, Bradley is known for his role in Power Book II: Ghost, and Mozart In The Jungle. Bradley Gibson is in the role of her friend of Ingrid. Alexandra Turshen is in the role of Rachel Freidman, Alexandra Turshen has previously worked on projects such as Body, Land Of Smiles, Boy Meets Girl, etc. Alexandra Turshen is in the role of another friend of Ingrid and last but not least Rob Heaps in the role of Nick Laren, Rob Heaps has earlier worked in Imposters, Dare Me, and Good Girl, etc. Rob Heaps is in the role of the love interest of Ingrid. 

Where To Watch Partner Track Online?

Partner Track will get released on 26th August on Netflix, so the readers can find Partner Track on Netflix

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