How Many K-pop Groups Are There? Choreographies And Music

Music these days had completely evolved from what it was. Music used to be a fine-tuning of soothing instruments and a soft voice. But today, music has taken a different turn. There are many various genres of music these days. It varies from classical and blues to rock and metal. Music is something that everybody loves. When the soul aches, only music can heal it. Music is a form of entertainment. Every country has its own type of music

When it comes to musicians, there are a lot. Every country has its favourite music artists who know their audience well. There are many musicians in every country but some are loved more than others. Every musician gets his break from one of his best songs which makes him remembered forever. Just like KK, there are many musicians that we can never forget. Loving music composed by another country is a trend now. Indie or Pop culture songs from America are trending all over the world. Beats of Africa or the Jalebi Baby of India are also trending online all over the world.

There is yet another culture that everybody loves. This one involves toned and beautiful idols who compose the best music. Not to mention, their choreographies are one of the best in the world. These idols go through a lot of training, ones we can not even imagine following. After all this, they finally are set to entertain all of us. When we mention idols, everybody already knows it’s about k-pop. K-pop is something that grossing all over the world. Lisa’s steps or Jimin’s moves are raising eyebrows everywhere. Especially in India, the love for BTS is growing by leaps and bounds every day. There are many, many k-pop groups today. From around the 90’s k-pop has evolved into something so unique from the rest of the world.

When it comes to K-pop, it always depends on the talent of the idols. All of them are very cautious about their health and always practice a form of physical activity. These idols believe more in pilates and yoga than the usual hardcore workouts. This has inspired most of their fans, who are also inculcating these old traditional physical activity methods and availing its benefits. K-pop has transformed the world into something different. Their music is just not dancing and lyrics. These songs always have their own sort of meaning and always give out the essential message. They also inspire their fans to have a healthy lifestyle like them. Usually, when it comes to being stars, there’s a thought that you have to be perfect. But, k-pop idols have shown us that flaws are okay. You just have to be healthy and not stick to some ridiculous diet that doesn’t allow you to eat anything. Just by healthy eating and good yoga, you can transform your body into a peaceful place with mindfulness.

K-pop has revolutionized the world of music and dance.

How Many K-pop Groups Are There?

K-pop is a genre of music that has started to trend in recent years. Korean pop music is what this is all about.

K-pop consists of idols from different k-pop groups or bands who compose songs and choreography to entertain their audience. K-pop was originally only loved in Korea, but due to its amazing music and beautiful messages. Not to forget their choreography, K-pop became known all over the world. It soon became one of the most popular genres of music and thousands of people love it.

Their choreographies are usually very hard that a commoner will have to try for months to perfectly learn a song’s moves. The idols promote a healthy lifestyle which has inspired millions of fans. The main reason k-pop stars are known all over is due to their humbleness. Even after being so popular, they are very down-to-earth and fun-loving. Being from Korea, they are very well cultured and are teaching a lot of morals to their fans all over the world.

When it comes to how many K-pop groups are actually there, there are a lot. But extensive research says that there are around 208 K-pop groups. From 1992 to 2020, 208 K-pop groups can be found.

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K-pop And Its Groups

How Many K-pop Groups Are There

K-pop is very different from the rest of the world. The groups are formed over a period of time where the idols go through a period of training. When I say training, it’s not just music or dance. If one has to become a K-pop idol, they have to adhere to a strict routine. They have to start training early in order to be ready to go on stage.

These idols will have to train for about 18 hours a day and stick to strict diets. Idols go through all this as training only so that they can become exceptional performers which will surely help them in the future when they are on stage.

These groups are usually formed based on the talent of the idols. The groups create their own music and try to entertain the audience to their level best. But sometimes, the bands fail. When this happens, it means that they are not winning or gaining much popularity. So instead of sticking around to be mediocre, they disband and take jobs to start working in companies. So in a way, they are giving the message that if one doesn’t work out, try another. Don’t stick around too long and be mediocre.

Best K-Pop Groups

Many K-pop groups are known for their unique musical composition. Their dance steps are unmatchable. Concerts of these k-pop groups are watched online by millions and attended by thousands. They all gain popularity and the best part is, that they know how to maintain it. They don’t usually let down their fans. These K-pop groups are usually under entertainment companies. There are many such popular companies like NCT or JYP. When it comes to K-pop groups, all of them are equally brilliant. Some are very famous while some are underrated. Here’s a list of the top seven K-pop groups along with some information about each of them.

1. BTS

How Many K-pop Groups Are There

Who does not know about BTS? BTS is one of the world’s most popular K-pop groups as they have millions and millions of fans all over the world. BTS is under Hybe Entertainment. They gained popularity through their songs and the wonderful meaning and messages behind them. Their popularity is very well deserved. Their fans go by the name of BTS Army.

When it comes to the members, all of the BTS members are popular.

Kim Namjoon or RM is the leader of BTS. He is one of the most popular Idols. He is not only talented in this but also very intelligent in his studies. He has an IQ of 148. He is said to be in the top one per cent of students in Korea who are this talented and smart. Next is Kim Seokjin. He is the one everyone looks up to as he is the oldest member of the group and also the wisest. The next member is Min Yoongi or Suga. Suga is one of the most popular musicians. He’s one of the top rappers in Korea and also a great producer.

Jung Hoseok or also known as Jhope has millions of followers. He is a great dancer. He is also known for his very kind actions. Next comes the very popular Kim Taehyung or V. He is one of the most talented and pretty guys in the group. Park Jimin has the voice of an angel and he is also very very sweet. The last member is Jeon Jungkook. He’s the youngest of the group and he’s good at everything. Being the allrounder, he’s also known for his sweetness.

2. Blackpink

How Many K-pop Groups Are There

Blackpink is known to everyone. There’s not a single person who doesn’t know Blackpink. All of their choreographies are mind-blowing and attract so many fans towards them. Blackpink comes under YG Entertainment and they are trending internationally. Their fans are called Blinks.

Blackpink is quiet right now but they are roaring internationally. The members of Blackpink are the very gorgeous Lisa, Rose, Kim Jisoo, and Jennie. These girls have created wonders through their work.

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3. TXT

How Many K-pop Groups Are There

TXT is yet another K-pop group that has been high on the list. Its music is widely loved by the audience who are very interested in what the group is doing.

Their fan name goes by MOA-. Moment of alwaysness.

TXT also comes under Hybe Entertainment. This is a group that many are in love with due to their amazing tunes. Any fan of TXT loves Choi Soobin. He is a very very kind man who is also the leader of the group. Choi is loved by everyone in the group and the audience also loves him. The next member of the group is Choi Yeonjun. He is the eldest in the group so everyone looks up to him. Tiktok is one of his favourites as he is a TikTok junkie. Yeonjun loves dancing which also makes his moves spectacular. The next member is Taehyun. He was a very good student during his studies.  But once he got recruited to be an idol, he put all his focus on this career path.

Choi Beomgyu is widely loved by all the fans of TXT. He is the humour pill of the group is Beomgyu is present, there’s always joy and laughter.

The last member is Hueing Kai. He is also well known for his skills and sweetness.

4. Ateez

How Many K-pop Groups Are There

Ateez is yet another popular K-pop group famous for its music. Ateez is under KQ Entertainment. The fandom name of this group is Atiny. Its fans know all about San. San is most known for his body and fitness.

5. Stray Kids

How Many K-pop Groups Are There

Stray Kids is also another K-pop group popular for its music. They come under JYP Entertainment. Their fandom name is Stay.

6. Itzy

Itzy is also another K-pop group that comes under JYP Entertainment. They are best known for their music and choreography. The fandom name of this group is midzy.

Both Itzy and Stray Kids come under JYP Entertainment. Both of these groups are known for their very catchy music. There are many other groups like Astro, Enhyphen, Treasure and WayV. These groups also make amazing and original music that is loved by their fans worldwide.

The next one on the list is WayV

7. WayV

WayV is a group with very catchy music that has made them very popular. Yes, WayV is a Chinese group. But it comes under NCT.

NCT is another Korean Entertainment known as SM. NCT comes under SM Entertainment. NCT is like a mother name under which many of the members of teams come. This k-pop group is said to have around 23 members under which WayV is also included.


There are many many K-pop groups but choosing one is hard. Thus, according to sources, there are about 208 K-pop groups that are producing music and entertaining their audience through their talent and music. K-pop is a very vast genre that all the audience love. Their unique method of creating music and sending out heartfelt messages has captured the heart of viewers

BTS has millions of followers and fans. Many fans have claimed that when they were on the verge of depression, they found BTS. The messages delivered by the group helped them recover. BTS and many groups include messages of self-love which has inspired the people and brought a sense of love to their life. In such ways, k-pop groups have surely saved the lives of many. They have also helped many people get into the right living routine. They have inspired people to get into pilates and yoga. Both healthy activity and healthy food habits are promoted by the groups which in turn are their fans.

These K-pop groups are using their popularity to spread messages of love and care. They have so far inspired many to live and lead a happy life.

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