Who Was Gabenotbabe? How Did He Die?

Gabriel Salazar, often known as GabenotBabe to his admirers, was a popular social media user and TikToker of Mexican descent. His amusing lip sync & dance videos posted on the internet were well-known. Thousands of Gabe’s admirers were devastated when he passed away in a terrible vehicle accident in September of last year. Please keep viewing to learn more about the late TikTok sensation as we go over his life and passing. TikTok celebrity Gabriel Salazar and three other males perished in a car wreck in Zavala County, Texas, after being involved in a police pursuit. The teen has more than three million followers across both TikTok and Instagram under the handle @gabenotbabe. He had just turned 19. 

The Texas Department of Safety stated that Salazar was the driver in the accident on Sunday, September 26, at around 1:25 am. According to the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle failed to halt for a traffic stop.

Gabenotbabe Social Media Videos

Who Was Gabenotbabe?

“Gabenotbabe” almost simultaneously started his TikTok and Instagram accounts in 2020. On Tiktok, he primarily uploads sketches and lip sync performances. He created lip-syncing videos for well-known songs, including Me, As, and Enganchados Nene Malo. The number of people who saw his films exceeded millions, and Gabe’s renown quickly spread. Gabe has also lip-synced to songs by musicians such as rapper Lil Skies and the Shoreline Mafia. On TikTok, he attracted over a million followers, and over 25,000 Instagram users followed him. He frequently posts selfies on Instagram.

Additionally, he posts pictures of himself promoting various clothing brands, such as GRASSY, Love NBD, and Seven Emotions. The creator of the content also ran a Gabenotbabe YouTube account. It’s unsurprising that social media in this day and age offers a realistic employment option and pays well for those who are exposed to it. Similarly, “GabenotBabe” was a well-known online personality with a massive following on both his Instagram and TikTok accounts. He, as a result, used these social media channels to make a solid living for himself. It’s estimated that Gabe had a net worth of around $100,000 at the time of his passing. His earnings from social media posts and the different sponsorship deals he attracted made up most of his net worth.

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How Did Gabenotbabe Die?

Who Was Gabenotbabe?

His fans were shocked when news of the TikTok star’s death began to circulate online on September 27, 2021. Although the allegations appeared to be unreliable at first, other media outlets confirmed the reports’ veracity shortly. The sad car accident in Zavala County claimed the life of the 19-year-old digital media sensation. According to a statement from the Texas State Department of Public Safety, Gabe’s car was being pursued by a police patrol car after he failed to stop during a traffic stop. Along with Gabriel, three other persons lost their lives in the event on September 26 at 1:45 in the morning.

Following the event, Danna Salazer, Gabe’s sister, shared a touching tribute to her late brother on her Instagram accounts. She also included a link to the GoFundMe memorial fundraiser in the post. On numerous social media platforms, videos of the fatal vehicle accident that showed Gabe’s car in ruins started to go viral. After Gabe’s passing, Chris Vazquez and Ricky Flores, two of his closest friends, sent their respects. “I don’t know what’s real but not real anymore,” Chris wrote in his article. “But sadly, Gabe passed away in a vehicle crash on September 26. When we first learned of it, we found it hard to believe. I don’t wish to get into specifics because it’s so difficult for us to discuss his suffering. The Camaro allegedly engaged in the incident appeared in a shot that Salazar shared on Instagram. Salazar loved cars. 

“On Sunday, September 26, 2021, at around 1:20 am, ZCSO deputy heard a Crystal City Police officer start a car stop on US Highway 83 at the intersection of FM3292,” the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office stated in a statement. ZCSO deputy assisted with deploying a tire deflation device but was unsuccessful, according to a CCPD officer who reported that he was engaged in an aggressive pursuit with a white Chevy Camaro heading north on Highway 83 approaching La Pryor. According to a ZCSO deputy, a CCPD officer later reported that the car had rolled over and was engulfed in flames.

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