Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke? How Did He Do It?

The Sasuke Recovery Mission often referred to as the Valley of the End and the Sasuke Uchiha Recovery in the anime is an episode from the first part of the series. The goal of this arc is to prevent Sasuke Uchiha from joining Orochimaru. A Naruto narrative that followed the Chunin Exams was the Sasuke Recovery arc. The trials’ events caused the young Uchiha to lose all faith in Kakashi’s teachings and Konoha as a whole, which Orochimaru would later masterfully use. Naruto and his companions would pursue him as he was about to depart the village in an effort to save their friend before being handed over to the fallen Sannin. As a result, several skirmishes between the heroes and Orochimaru’s lieutenants occurred, leading to an epic conflict between Naruto and Sasuke.

Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke?

Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke

Hokage Tsunade personally asked Shikamaru to save Sasuke, hence he must do it. She assigns Shikamaru, a recently ordained Chunin, the duty of retrieving Sasuke while all the Jonin are out on other missions. He is told to assemble as many Genin as he needs and to depart the village right away by Tsunade. Shikamaru is urged by her to send Naruto on the expedition to save Sasuke. Although it’s possible that the other squad leaders wouldn’t want Naruto to join them, Shikamaru doesn’t have the authority to reject Naruto. They already get along, and Tsunade is aware that Naruto would be disappointed if Sasuke’s rescue mission commander turned him down.

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Mission Of Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke

After a battle with the Konoha Special Mission Platoon, the Sound Four, Sasuke’s guards, are found sleeping by the Recovery Team. They nearly escape several booby traps and set off a security device used to detect intruders as they get close to where the Sound Four are hiding. Shikamaru comes up with a scheme where they purposely make the Sound Four aware of their presence, reducing their guard by seeming inept. Kiba sets off a smoke bomb, letting Shikamaru use his Shadow Imitation Technique to catch the four while the Sound Four is pursuing them. The strategy succeeds, but Shikamaru failed to anticipate Ukon’s presence: Ukon assaults Shikamaru, compelling him to free the others and giving Jirobo the opportunity to confine them.

Jirobo’s prison is breached by the Recovery Team. All of the Sound Four’s attempts to provide chase are thwarted by Jirobo, who remained behind to ensure the other members wouldn’t be pursued. In order for the others to move forward, Choji offers to fight Jirobo. After they have left, he eventually triumphs in killing Jirobo, but he is too worn out from the battle to re-join the squad. When the others finally catch up to the remaining Sound Four, they attempt to approach them by pretending to be Jirobo, but their ploy is exposed, and they are caught in Kidomaru’s web. Neji offers to deal with Kidomaru while the others continue their pursuit because he has a special ability to break Kidomaru’s webs. Neji cautions them before they depart that this division of their team would likely continue to be necessary. Neji eventually kills Kidomaru, just like Choji, but he is unable to rejoin the team due to his injuries.

Tayuya, Sakon, and Ukon are able to be caught up with and stopped in their tracks by the remainder of the Recovery Team. Kiba and Akamaru, as well as Sakon and Ukon, are cut off from their teams while Naruto and Shikamaru manage to secure the casket that Sasuke is being transported in. While Shikamaru attends to Tayuya, Naruto makes an attempt to flee with Sasuke, but Sasuke is kidnapped from him by Kimimaro, another of Orochimaru’s lieutenants. Naruto pursues him, but shortly after, Sasuke appears from the coffin and starts walking toward Orochimaru by himself. Rock Lee has to come to the rescue first, keeping Kimimaro preoccupied so that Naruto can follow. The Three Sand Siblings, whose support the Hokage asked for, arrive just in time to save Kiba, Shikamaru, and Lee from certain death amidst their brief victories over their adversaries. Temari kills Tayuya, Kankur kills Sakon and Ukon, and Gaara holds off Kimimaro until he passes away from a pre-existing condition.

To the Valley of the End, the place where the Lands of Fire and Sound meet, Naruto travels with Sasuke. They start fighting after he fails to persuade Sasuke to go back to Konoha. Ultimately, Naruto is unable to kill Sasuke and passes out. Despite making many efforts to murder Naruto throughout the duel, Sasuke spares him and moves on to Orochimaru. He moves slowly because of battle fatigue, but he ultimately arrives at his target, making the Recovery Team’s mission ineffective.

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Shikamaru’s Journey to Chunin: How Did He Do It?

Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke?

Despite losing his match and the exam being cancelled altogether due to the Invasion of Konoha, Shikamaru was promoted to the rank of chunin. The problem-solving, composure and mercy Shikamaru displayed in his Chunin Exams duel versus Temari surprised the exam’s organizers. In his generation, he was the only ninja to achieve chunin status during that exam time. Shikamaru would have received a promotion even if the tests hadn’t been fully completed. His promotion was deemed to be in the village’s best interests by the exam coordinators. All hands on deck were needed for the invasion of Konoha. Shikamaru’s promotion to chunin status gave the resistance an additional skilled ninja to command it.

Shikamaru won over the judges during his bout with Temari by holding him off until dusk. Battlefields are more beneficial in the shadows. In order to increase the range of his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu, he tied a kunai to a piece of fabric. Backing Temari into a corner, he manipulated the shadow underground using openings left by Naruto. He caught Temari by the back. Competitors in the Chunin Exam are judged more on the content of each match than its outcome. Theoretically, all of the ninjas may lose their matches and still be chosen to be chunin. After capturing Temari in his Paralysis Jutsu while keeping this knowledge in mind, Shikamaru decided to forfeit the bout.

He believed that he had adequately demonstrated himself to the judges and did not need to go on. His performance exhibited the cool, analytical qualities required to be an effective leader, according to chapter 309, which makes this clear. Shikamaru was pictured by the exam coordinators as a calm, level-headed platoon leader.

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At What Point Did Orochimaru Adopt A Temporary Body To Avoid Death?

Since the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi locked away his limbs and therefore prevented him from doing ninjutsu, the evil Orochimaru had been suffering immensely. Sasuke was desperately needed by Orochimaru, who desperately wanted to possess the youngster so he could take over his body and get his Sharingan eyes. But since time was running short, Orochimaru grudgingly followed Kabuto’s suggestion and inhabited the body of another ninja. Sasuke was temporarily saved from the same destiny by this deed. In actuality, Sasuke was given time to strengthen and eventually kill Orochimaru in Naruto Shippuden, making it a major stroke of luck. If not, he would have been in serious danger when he showed up at Orochimaru’s door.

Sasuke’s Recognition Of Naruto’s Superiority

Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke?

Sasuke was still healing from his unfortunate collision with Itachi when Naruto arrived back in the Hidden Leaf Village, and their once-friendly rivalry soured. The two boys engaged in combat on the hospital roof after Sasuke challenged Naruto to about to demonstrate his mettle. Kakashi Hatake appeared and threw the two genin away from one another, sending both of them crashing into water storage tanks, preventing any significant harm from occurring. Sasuke’s self-doubt about his own power increased when Naruto’s Rasengan delivered more damage to his tank than Sasuke’s Chidori did to his. He was restrained by Kakashi, who also sought to negotiate a solution. Sasuke stood to gain greatly, and the Sound Four were already present.

When Sasuke defeated Naruto in their final battle?

Sasuke and Naruto’s epic battle, which took place right there at the Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju statues, was the culmination of the Sasuke Retrieval arc of Naruto. The two adversaries had the opportunity to demonstrate all of their abilities during this conflict, from Naruto’s Biju cloak to the second stage of the curse mark. Naruto almost lost that intense and terrible duel in the end. Sasuke spared his former friend’s life out of respect and continued on his journey to Orochimaru’s hideout. However, Naruto saw this as an opportunity to strengthen his determination and renew his friendship with Sasuke. Naruto was bolstered by this setback to grow stronger and more devoted to his teammates than ever before, and it also served as a prelude to the events of Naruto Shippuden. Pre-Shippuden Naruto was able to come to a memorable, bittersweet conclusion because the sorrow of Sasuke’s betrayal was matched by his unwavering confidence in the future of their friendship.

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