Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Part 4 Release Date Updates!

The Pokemon series, more popularly known as Pocket Monsters, has 3 parts to date. The first part premiered on 10th September 2021, the second one premiered on 21st January 2022, and the third one premiered on 26th May 2022. As with the rest of the popular pokemon series, we see Ash travelling alongside his best mate, Pikachu, while they travel through cities, defeating different masters and earning badges and new pokemon friends.

Ash has always wanted to be a capable and popular Pokemon trainer and with the end of every arc, he is getting closer to his dream. In Pokemon Master Journey, we proudly see Ash becoming a great Pokemon trainer. Fans have seen the character for a long time and the franchise is nowhere near to its end. Ash has grown a lot and the character development is fantastic. The Pokemon franchise is one of the greatest ever, with multiple major promotional activities; video games, AR mobile games, trading card games, movies, TV shows etc. Pokemon Master Journey is also a popular addition to the franchise and many are curious about the 4th part of the series. In this article, we will be providing you with all the information we have on the 4th part along with the review and the streaming methods for the series.

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Part 4 Release Date

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Part 4 Release Date

The 3rd Part was the last part and the arc was completed after the 3rd arc. The series was previously planned and created as a 3-part series and hence this news is no surprise. To people who are disappointed by the news, worry not! The arc has ended and left an opening for a new arc. Pokemon Ultimate Journey is the most recent addition to the franchise after its release. The series premiered in Japan and the United States on 17th December 2021. It is yet to make its official release on streaming sites and will be available for streaming soon before the year ends. It picks up from where Pokemon Master Journey left off. Professor Cerise hires the trainer duo in his new lab. We see the group battling strong trainers and travelling around the land in search of new pokemon. We will see more adventures and missions of the duo in future works. Throughout its release, Pokemon Master Journeys has a total of 42 episodes. 

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Pokémon Master Journeys Part 3 Recap

In Pokemon Master Journey, we see Ash and his friend Goh, battling and capturing Pokemon while they pass through the World Coronation Phase. As mentioned earlier, the show is never ending and has many possibilities and scope for new arcs and stories. The animation and creation of Pokemon Master Journey were top notch and many have loved the series, bringing it to the top ranks of the streaming sites it is available on. We come across our favourite side characters who have once been beside our lead and everyone loves the interaction, the nostalgia of the time when they were together. As we all know, Ash has always enjoyed the company of new friends who join him on his mission. There are many characters we are yet to be introduced to.

Where to Watch Pokémon Master Journeys Online?

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Part 4 Release Date

Pokémon Master Journeys is available to watch on Netflix, Hotstar, Voot and Jio Cinema. The series is well-known and popular, hence it is also available on many smaller sites based on your location and you can freely search for the series on your favourite anime streaming sites. The series made its Netflix premiere in the United States on 10th September 2021 and has been constantly updating more episodes and updates ever since. Ultimate Journey will also be released on Netflix and MX player along with some other sites. As of now, there has been limited information on the streaming sites the series would be available on.

We cannot watch the 4th Part of the series, but we can definitely wait for Ultimate Journey, as the Pokemon creators have never disappointed us with the quality of the content. In case you are at a location where streaming the series is a hassle, we suggest you use VPN. With this, we end our updates on Pokemon Master Journey: Part 4. We hope all your questions were answered and we assure you that we will be back with more updates for Ultimate Journey in the future. 

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