Why Does Boruto Not Follow The Manga?

Now for years, there have been two types of anime fans, one who start watching the anime and stick to the anime until they get the next season, whereas there is another group of anime watcher, who will start watching an anime series comes to a stop, the person won’t stop they will directly move on to the manga and continue reading it. However, the second type of fans doesn’t exist for the Boruto series. The Boruto series has got three different types of fans at this moment. Those who watch the anime series, which are completely new Boruto fans and not Naruto fans. One is the group who read the manga only and they include the original Naruto fans and then we have the mixed group who stay updated with both the manga and the anime, though both of them are showing completely different things. And the difference in the story is what we are here to talk about. Boruto doesn’t actually follow the kanga which is currently being written by the legendary Masashi Kishimoto. Now that has been stated as the reason by many fans that, Boruto anime is not reaching the same mark as the Naruto anime series but there are many reasons, why the manga story cannot be adopted via the studios for animating purposes.

Before going into the main topic let us brief you a bit about the Boruto franchise. Now, most of the readers out here, do surely know about the Naruto series, and Boruto is just the continuation of the Naruto series, it is set in the same universe, but just a different generation and mostly all characters from the Naruto universe do exist in this universe too. This time the anime series is revolving around the early life of Boruto who is Naruto’s son and the Otsutsukis who were supposedly dealt with in the Naruto series only have returned and there is a bigger calamity that awaits the shinobi world. The Boruto series is sharing the same writer as the Naruto series but that is being done only for the manga and isn’t that quite shocking to imagine, that the Naruto universe, the entire shinobi world which was once imagined and beautifully illustrated by Kishimoto has been taken over by some other people. the entire anime series follows a different story which is currently being written by Ukyo Kodachi, Makoto Uezu, and Masaya Honda.

Coming to the reviews and the ratings of the Boruto show, if you have been a fan of the legendary Naruto anime, then from what we have heard in the reviews and other sources, you can be a little bit disappointed in the new series Boruto but that mainly because you will have an almighty image of Naruto and Sasuke already existing in your mind, and that won’t be able to cope with the new characters of these two characters. However, the ratings of the show are pretty moderate and the critic reviews have been positive just that some have considered the filler episodes of the anime series to be extremely boring. Though that is quite common in most anime, like watching the Naruto series also most of the fans, do end up skipping the filler episodes. The animation quality of the Boruto series is quite admirable and the new story is pretty fun too, we see much technological advancement in the story from what we have seen earlier. Now if we are talking of the manga series, it is still being written by Masashi Kishimoto and mostly every Naruto fan is reading each and every chapter to stay updated on which way the story is going. The reviews of the manga have been pretty well and the illustrations of Kishimoto can never be criticized by any critic. They are truly amazing.

Does Boruto Not Follow The Manga?

Why Does Boruto Not Follow The Manga?

The answer to the above-asked question is a big yes, the Boruto series completely doesn’t follow the manga, there may be many arcs that are similar, and much of the story, mainly the first part is directly animated into the anime, but soon the manga series started to make its release once a month and though the chapter of the manga series used to be very long and have a lot of content, it as being very difficult to use that much content to animate the weekly episodes. If the same pattern would have been followed, there would have been many irregularities and that is rarely done by any anime, as that will be very problematic for the studios as well as the fans. Thus, it was decided that the manga series will be written by the legendary Masashi Kishimoto and the anime series will have other writers adding filler episodes and some changes to the story while most of the arcs and the main stories will still be adapted, though there may be many changes during this adapting process, but that is the best solution the manga and the anime could find.

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Boruto Release Date

The Naruto manga series which is written by Masashi Kishimoto came to an end in 2014 after running for a very long time since 1999. The Naruto Shippuden series which was running from2007 came to an end in 2017. Now after the manga series for Naruto got complete, we see the release of the Boruto series which made its first release on the 9th of May 2016 and is still running. After the anime series Naruto Shippuden, the franchise went on a bit of break and soon the studios came back with the Boruto: The Next Generation anime series on the 5th of April 2017 and which is still running. We receive weekly episodes for Boruto and they have got quite a fanbase as we have mentioned. However, the manga series don’t come weekly they make monthly releases and as we have mentioned earlier this time gap in the release schedule has been one of the main reasons that both the anime and the manga series have different stories being followed.

Boruto Story

For all those Naruto fans who are a bit confused regarding the Boruto series and are planning to start watching it, or just want to know about it, let us brief you a bit on what exists in this generation. The Otsutsukis or mainly it was assumed that Kaguya has been dealt with and the Otsutsukis bear no more risk to the shinobi world. But now we see that the Otsutsukis have returned and they are planning to take over the divine tree and have the divine fruit which will give them the power of six paths, however for the devil tree to give the fruit, we will require sacrifices to be made and those sacrifices need to be Otsutsukis themselves.

Now the interesting fact is that Boruto, Naruto’s son has turned out to be born with Otsutsuki blood which means he is a hybrid and he also has the karma mark on his hand which means he can be used as a vessel by the Otsutsukis. There is also another character called Kawaki who has been introduced as another karma vessel and supposedly the sacrifice for the divine tree to bear the divine fruit, however, the effects of the divine fruit being born again will be huge and lots of people will die and so it is up to Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and kawaka mainly to save the shinobi world and themselves and bring an end to these Otsutsukis. The anime which we see released every week is actually filled with a lot of fillers and if you are planning to watch the series, we will advise skipping some of the filler arcs, and we may also tell you not to keep very high hopes and compare it to Naruto because it is not really going to be the same standard.

Boruto Characters

Why Does Boruto Not Follow The Manga

Though it is a very long anime series, we can introduce you to some of the main new characters. The previous characters from the Naruto series remain the same in this series, however, some of the aged characters have passed away, other than almost every Konoha 11 member has got their own children training and aspiring to be shinobis. We have Metal Lee, Inojin, Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada Uchiha, Shikadai Nara, and Cho-Cho Akimichi. These are mainly the new generation of Konoha and around them, only most episodes revolve. We have also got some new characters who have played quite an important role such as Mitsuki and Denki. Mitsuki is actually Orochimaru’s son and one of the best characters in this series currently. Other than that, we also get to see a lot of the organization named Kara, which mainly comprises the Otsutsukis, such as Momoshiki, Ishikki, and many others. Konohamaru has surely grown up in this new series and at the same time has got a great glow up which fans have just loved a lot.

Where Can We Watch Boruto Online?

The anime series is currently available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, and many other online anime streaming websites for streaming services.

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