Paula Dietz Rader Obituary: What’s His Deal?

Paula Dietz Rader is the wife of serial killer Dennis Rader. The BTK serial killer is known as one of the top serial killers of all time in America. He is known for committing more than 10 cruel murders in his entire life. He was arrested in 2005 after police captured him in CCTV footage and found some pieces of evidence about him. After her husband’s arrest, Paula became a topic of interest for the media and other people. However, she started living a private life just after her husband got arrested, here is what we know about Paula Dietz Rader and her current life.

Paula Dietz Rader Birthday

Paula Dietz Rader was born on May 5, 1948. She spent her childhood in Park City, Kansas, United States. She turned 74 years old on May 5 this year. According to her birth date, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Paula Dietz Rader Net Worth

There is no information about Paula Dietz’s exact net worth or salary as she never liked to display her financial status. She was straightforward and never wanted to disclose anything about her earnings or net worth. However, her estimated net worth is known to be $700k before she resigned from her job. Since she quit her job no one knows what she is currently doing to make a living so her current earnings and net worth remain unknown.

Paula Dietz Rader Marriage

Paula Dietz Rader Obituary

Paula Dietz Rader got married to Dennis on 22nd May 1971. The couple met when Paula Dietz moved to Kansas and Dennis came back from completing his Air Force duty of four years, he used to work at a meet department store when they first met. Both of them dated for a short while and then decided to get married at a very young age. During the time of their marriage Paula Dietz was 23 years old and her husband Dennis Rader was 26 years old. The couple also had two children together named Kerri Rawson and Brian Rader.
Who Was Dennis Rader?

Paula Rader’s husband is also known as BTK Dennis Rader. Dennis was born on 9th March 1945, his father’s name is William Alvin Rader, and his mother’s name is Dorothea Mae Cook Rader. He has three brothers, but he has openly confirmed that even after having three brothers he was a very lonely child while growing up. He never got the attention he needed as a child from his parents and siblings which lead to loneliness. Dennis was arrested in February 2005 and charged with homicide. Dennis was a serial killer who killed more than 10 people between 1974 to 1991 in Kansas. BTK in his name stands for blind, torture, and kill. These three words represent how he used to kill his victims by first blinding them and then torturing them before he finally kills them. It is known that he was rather a very smart killer who killed more than 10 people without letting his family know about it. The serial killer was later diagnosed with narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders. He also had a disorder related to obesity after a few years.

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Paula Dietz Rader Early Life And Childhood

Paula Dietz was born in a religious family in the USA, her father was an automotive engineer and her mother was a librarian. She is an American and her religion is known to be Christian. Paula completed her High School graduation in 1966 after which she went to the National American University of Wichita. She pursued a graduate degree in accounting and completed her degree in 1970. After completing her graduation she used to work as a bookkeeper and volunteered at the Lutheran church. She worked as a bookkeeper her entire life. Paula Dietz is an animal lover and loves to own pets. She is also a travel lover and her dream destination is Greece. Pink and Black are her favourite colours and Brett Gray is her favourite actor.

Where does Paula Dietz Rader live?

Nobody knows where Paula Dietz Rader is now. After her husband was arrested and sentenced in February 2005 for being a serial killer she left Kansas leaving behind her son and daughter and moved out to another city. No one knows where she is right now. It is said that she was not able to handle her husband’s arrest after which she decided to move out somewhere no one knows her and start a completely private life.

Is Paula Dietz Rader Alive?

No one really knows where Paula Dietz is right now. Since she moved out from Kansas no one has been able to contact her not even the media could reach her. So it is still unclear if she is alive or not. After finding out that her husband was a serial killer she started living a private life avoiding any friends, family, and media. What Paula Dietz Rader is doing now, where she is living, and whether she is alive or not is completely a question mark and a mystery that even the media cannot solve.

Paula Dietz Rader Children

Paula Dietz Rader Obituary

Brian Rader is the firstborn son of Paula Dietz Rader and her husband Dennis Rader. Brian Rader is currently 49 years old. He lives a very low-profile life and is never seen in public. The only thing that is known about him is that he used to serve in in USA Navy Seals from 2004-2009.

The second born of Paula Dietz and Dennis Rader is their daughter Kerri Rawson who is born in 1978. As of 2022, she is 44 years old. Before her father was convicted as a serial killer she used to be an elementary school teacher. She also wrote a book named A Serial Killer’s Daughter: My Story Of Faith, Love, And Overcoming. This book is about experiences related to her father’s criminal record and how she overcame this truth that came out to be a shock to her and the family. Kerri Rawson is the only member of the Rader family who talks about her father’s crime and doesn’t live a low-profile life. She has also given several interviews regarding the same. In one of the interviews, she revealed that her father is dead to her. She got married to Darian in 2003 and the couple now shares two children together. She is currently working as an advocate who serves traumatized and abused people. None out of the three family members have visited Dennis Rader after he got prisoned for 175 years of jail and they don’t share any contact with the convicted serial killer.

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Did Paula Dietz Rader Knew About Her Husband’s Crime?

According to the investigation conducted none of Dennis Rader’s family members knew about the crimes that are committed behind their back. His arrest was a complete shock to each one of them. It is said that after Dennis Rader’s arrest his wife and both the children cut all their ties with him and never spoke to him. Dennis Rader used to work in the army before he became a serial killer which helped him to commit his crimes in a way that no one would know about them, not even his own wife or kids. Dennis Rader used to sneak out of his house at night and committed crimes at midnight so that no one knows about them. He seemed like a completely normal working guy to his friends, family, colleagues, and everyone who knew him.

Is Paula Dietz Rader Still Married To Dennis Rader?

Paula Dietz Rader filed an emergency divorce just after she came to know that her husband is arrested for committing more than ten murders. The judge accepted her emergency divorce request the same day and the couple got divorced just after Dennis Rader was arrested. After Dennis Rader’s arrest took place, Paula Dietz is known as the BTK Killer Wife.

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