Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan?

So, we guess it has been a long time since Naruto fans, or as we may say Boruto fans haven’t got anything very notable. Thus, let’s go back to discussing topics that have been very shocking to us in the past. Now for all those Naruto fans who had started watching with very high hopes, we all know that you are heartbroken with the current condition of Naruto as well as Sasuke. Could you ever imagine, Kurama not being there for Naruto or Sasuke losing his almighty Rinnegan? The Rinnegan, which was his greatest access to time to space-time Jutsu. One thing that none of us can argue is that Naruto and Sasuke haven’t been the same since the start of Boruto and neither has the Kage positions been worth what they were. We all do miss the same Gara, or the super powerful Raikage, the Tsuchikage, and the Mizkuage obviously. Now we guess, that Naruto fans have still got fresh wounds, imagine having your two most favourite characters losing two of their biggest powers in the same episode, and maybe Sasuke losing his Rinnegan was just to balance the loss of Kurama from Naruto’s side, but come on, none of us was ready for such a great shock.

Now for all those Boruto fans, who have started watching the Naruto franchise series from Boruto, you all probably don’t know how Sasuke got the Rinnegan, or you may also not know about who Hageromo was and how chakra was brought into this world. So, worry not we have got you covered and we will bring to you everything we could about the history of the shinobi world.

Let us first brief you about the basic setting of these anime first, Naruto is actually a manga series that soon started being adapted into an anime and used to be written by Masashi Kishimoto. One of the biggest names in the anime world and Naruto is considered one of his best creations so far. After the completion of the Naruto and the Naruto Shippuden series, we slowly move on to the next generation of Naruto, the Boruto series, which is based on the life of Boruto who is Naruto’s son, now many of you comment that Boruto has more of Naruto than it has Boruto, but you must remember the only glow up as well as the mighty level of power, that has been shown till now is of Borutos’ and no one else.

Now for the basic understanding, Naruto and Sasuke both come from two of the most well-known clans in the history of the shinobi world. However, both of their clans don’t exist anymore and they are the last few carriers of their name. both have to prove their worth to each other before anyone else and there starts the search for power. Naruto and Sasuke though being like brothers, had their own differences and we can say that Sasuke went on the wrong path and Naruto chased him to get him on the right track. There are much bigger stories and some huge wars, but while moving to Boruto, we see that Naruto and Sasuke have truly proven their worth and this is the time for Boruto, Naruto’s son to get involved and save the shinobi world from the upcoming calamity.

Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan?

Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan

Now for all those Naruto fans who don’t have any idea about Sasuke losing his Sharingan, don’t panic we have got you covered, and let us tell you the present scenario that exists in Boruto. The Otsutsukis have returned and they are here to have the fruit of the divine tree after making a sacrifice of another Otsutski. Now the interesting thing is Boruto is a karma user, and he is completely natural which means he has Otsutsuki blood and then we also have kawaka who is a kid on which karma has been installed to make him an Otsutsuki vessel. Now Naruto is determined to save both of them but one thing that we must keep in mind is that karma users are actually Otsutsuki vessels and they can be anytime be used by any Otsutsuki.

Thus, in chapter 53 of the Boruto manga series we see a long fight going between Ishikki Otsutsuki and Naruto with Sasuke, Kawaki, and Boruto on his side and he is determined to finish Momoshiki at any cost so that he save the future of the village as well as both kawaka and Boruto. He uses the Bayorn mode for the first time, on the usage of which, he can defeat Ishikki but ends up losing Kurama. Now at the same time, when we see Naruto losing Kurama, Sasuke’s greatest power that is the Rinnegan gets taken away by Boruto. No need to get shocked, it ain’t actually but Momoshiki has actually taken over his body and he attacked Sasuke because his space-time jutsu was something that none of the Otsutsuki could handle and he needed to get rid of it anyway. Thus, we see the end of both our heroes and main powers.

Now the thing is if both the powers have gone away permanently. Kurama and Rinnegan, going away together means that there is also a chance that they come back together, or else one of the characters will get very overpowered. However, we see very less chance regarding that because Kyuubi once they are transformed from their vessel to natural power, they don’t get reincarnated that easily, and Sasuke was entrusted with his Rinnegan by Hageromo, so him getting the Rinnegan again means a new story and new characters to be introduced. if the sage of 6 paths appears again, we don’t know yet. And also based on the fact that Boruto will concentrate on Boruto more than Naruto and that wouldn’t have happened, if they couldn’t reduce the power level of both Naruto and Sasuke makes it completely fit for the story, so we can expect Boruto to have many great powers but not Naruto and Sasuke. The new generation will take on the responsibilities soon.

However, all the Naruto fans don’t get much upset, you should always remember how good Sasuke is even without the Rinnegan. The Mangekyo Sharingan still remains, then we have his susano and many other great Justus and his skills are already enough to take on almost every strong character and protect the village, and the same is for Naruto’s case also, our boy Naruto still has got sage mode, which is absolutely super powerful. The chakra he shares with the other Kyuubi remains and other than that we also may end up seeing him using all the different Rasengan.

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How Sasuke Gets Rinnegan?

Now, this is for all those Boruto fans who haven’t watched Naruto at all, you have known Naruto and Sasuke to be two of the strongest character to exist, but you surely don’t know how they became strong. And based on reviews you should probably watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden right now because there is a lot of glow-up you wouldn’t like to miss. Now as we have told you Naruto and Sasuke were just like brothers just that Sasuke went on the search for more power and ended up going on the wrong path, while all this one going on, Madara Uchiha one of the oldest ancestors in the Uchiha line was planning to bring an infinite Tsukiyomi on the world using the divine tree and by using the power of the sage of 6 paths and all Kyuubi’s and that led to the fourth great ninja war.

While this war was going on it was revealed that the Otsutsukis was the one who brought the concept of chakra into this world and it was Kagyu Otsutsuki and his two sons who went around teaching people about its uses. Soon Hageromo through his divine powers became the sage of the six paths and he entrusted the will to change the world to his two sons Indra and Ashura. Now after all this time, Sasuke is actually the reincarnation of his son Indra whereas Naruto is of Ashura and thus Hageromo entrusts him with the Rinnegan and sends him to save the world from the attacks of Madara or the infinite Tsukiyomi which is a world of dream where actually resides despair and nothing more.

Boruto Release Dates

Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan

After the completion of the Naruto manga series, Kishimoto took a long break, and after that, the Boruto manga series started being serialized on the 9th of May 2016 and is still being released. We get a new chapter every month, which is unique as mostly all manga get a new chapter every week. The manga chapters have much more content than other mangas too. Now the anime series Boruto made its release on the 5th of April 2017 and that is being released every week, and the unique thing about this franchise is the manga is currently not being adapted into the anime due to the huge time gap.

Where Can We Watch Boruto Online?

The Boruto anime series along with the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series is currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos as well as the Hulu platform for online streaming.

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