When To Expect School Tales: The Series Season 2 Release Date?

Eight horrific ghost stories with a school setting make up the new Thai horror anthology School Tales the Series, which was created by six Thai directors trained in the business of frightening viewers. With the introduction of the curiously titled School Tales The Series, a new anthology series comprising ghost stories helmed by seasoned Thai horror directors, Netflix is getting into the Halloween spirit early.

An eight-part television series based on eight horrifying books has been created that would frighten everyone off the school grounds at night: There seems to be a girl who jumps to her death, a haunted library, human flesh-based food in the cafeteria, a headless ghost in the school warehouse, a chamber full of demons, a spiteful demon in an abandoned structure, and a classroom where only the dead attend lessons. Get ready to confront a new type of terror. The kids own the school throughout the day. It’s completely a different story at night.

School Tales: The Series Season 2 Release Date

School Tales: The Series Season 2 Release Date

There is no news on the release of season 2 but season 1 is arriving on August 10th, 2022. This horror series is anchored by a group of up-and-coming young actors, including Kay Lertsittichai, Jennis Oprasert, and Siwat Jumlongkul. In this collection of ghost stories helmed by seasoned Thai horror directors, unspeakable evils stalk the hallways of high school.

The complete eighth season of School Tales: The Series will be released on the platform on August 10. The themes and the comic books they are based on are the only elements that tie the episodes together because it is an anthology series. However, new people and plotlines will be introduced in each episode and judging by the teaser, there will be some genuinely and really horrifying ones.

Name Of The ShowSchool Tales: The Series
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreHorror, Anthology
School Tales: The Series Season 1 Release DateAugust 10, 2022
School Tales: The Series Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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School Tales: The Series Season 1 Review

The plot of the film was very formulaic; a band of musicians spent overnight at the school for their last rehearsal and then began to tell ghost stories that had been passed down through the centuries about the place. Before they foolishly chose to go to the haunted areas of the school to look for these spirits, three stories were exchanged.

Like in most horror movies, immature teenagers got their desire. There were many eye candies, however, a couple of them had rigid facial expressions and acting. Fortunately, the allegedly boring start featured a novel surprise that made up for their lackluster performance.

The narration of the school’s horror stories in stop-motion animation was added, and it was strangely scarier than the majority of the live-action scares. Our guard was reduced by the animated storytelling, allowing us to take our time to comprehend the legends surrounding the ghosts. However, that isn’t the finest aspect.

The aspect of this horror movie that people liked the most was how it avoided just scaring people. Various situations are used in the film to illustrate the prevalent issue of bullying in schools. The filmmaker showed how these actions affect both the victims and the talebearer by giving a spectrum of examples, ranging from mild teasing and fooling, jealousy, and treachery, to severe bullying and ostracising incidents.

School Tales: The Series Story

School Tales: The Series Season 2 Release Date

One plot involves a pupil cursing another. In a different plotline, a teacher who was physically violent returns to the school as a live ghost. In addition, there is adolescent romance entwined with terror, which adds to its relatability and entertainment value. With names like Vengeful Spell, The Book of Corpses, and The Headless Teacher, it looks like nothing will be off bounds for School Tales. Other episode titles also give us a hint as to what to expect.

The marching band members are practising for their last performance. They must spend the night at the school, where a group of naughty students gathers to share terrifying ghost tales that have been passed down through the decades about their institutions.

The first is The Giant, a tormented student who was outsized and misshapen and died after falling on a stairwell in an old building. The second tale is titled The Library Spirit, and it tells the tale of a ghost that would show up in the school library whenever a student made a disturbance. If you hear someone yelling at you to stop talking but don’t, the ghost will come to you.

The third tale is called Pawadee, and it describes how a student who was slain in the music room would return if someone plays a series of notes on the flute in front of a mirror there.

These tales are being told by kids, and they don’t end here. Six students leave the rehearsal room in search of ghosts to see whether the stories are accurate. Three of them only come back. OHM, the band’s leader and a student in 12th grade, sets out to look for them. In the meantime, PUN, a strange junior who frequently hangs around in the science lab, offers her assistance in locating the missing pupils.

School Tales: The Series Season 1 Recap

School Tales: The Series Season 2 Release Date

Every school has its own ghost stories and enigmas. The marching band members decide to test whether some of their school’s eerie lore is true when they are staying at the school for the annual camp.

An obese, dim-witted student was regularly teased by his peers, who referred to him as Giant. Giant was lured inside an abandoned school building one day. He fled in a fit of fear and perished tragically. Students avoided the building after the event, and anyone who walked by would have heard someone calling out, Where are you?

The library has a ghost. It is said that anyone seeking a ghost encounter should enter the library at an empty hour and cause a disturbance. Pawadee was killed while playing her flute skills in the band’s practice space. If one plays a note backwards, her ghost will be called from the practice space.

Where to Watch School Tales: The Series Online?

On August 10, it will be available on Netflix.

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