Who Is Molly McCann Girlfriend?

An English mixed martial artist name Molly Maria McCann. She previously won the flyweight title at Cage Warriors and currently fights in the UFC’s flyweight division (UFC). On May 4, 1990, McCann was born in Liverpool. Because of her mother’s drug usage issues and her father’s absence, she was partly raised by her aunt. She has two sisters and grew up in Norris Green, Liverpool. Before beginning boxing at 12, she first practiced karate, kickboxing, and Thai boxing. She then engaged in five years of football before beginning her MMA career in 2013. She earned a sports growth and physical education degree from Liverpool John Moores University. We’ll talk about Molly McCann’s girlfriend here. What do we know about the MMA fighter’s romantic interest?

Who Is Molly McCann’s Girlfriend?

Molly McCann Girlfriend

Molly McCann’s girlfriend seems to be nobody when it comes to her romantic partner. To put it another way, we may say that the mixed martial artist might be single. She doesn’t say much, as was already noted. Therefore it is tough to tell if she is currently dating anyone. On the other hand, based on her social media posts, Molly McCann looks close to Sharon Baker Pearson.

There have been numerous rumors that Sharon is Molly McCann’s girlfriend. Not only that, but the majority of the fans are adamant that the two of them are dating. Surprisingly, though, that’s not the case. Molly’s mother is reportedly Sharon Baker Pearson. This is particularly so due to how frequently the martial artist has referred to her as “mom.” Understanding that there is no romantic connection between Molly McCann & Sharon Baker Pearson may leave many of you feeling let down. But the unpleasant reality is that. Additionally, she appears to be career-focused and working harder to meet more of her goals. Regards for the same!

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Molly McCann Personal Life

As a lesbian, McCann, Paddy Pimblett, a professional mixed martial artist from Liverpool, is a personal friend of McCann and an Everton FC fan. She identifies as “Labour” and a socialist. She opposes the Conservative Party because she believes they have a terrible impact on Liverpool and the working class. On July 23, 2022, she led the O2 Arena audience in chanting, “fuck the tories.”

Molly McCann Career

Molly McCann Girlfriend

The current record for Molly McCann’s career is 13-4-0. She lost by points against Lara Procopio in 2021, Talia Santos in 2020, and Vanessa Melo in 2015. Gillian Robertson stopped her in 2018. The fighter, born in Liverpool, has won three fights in a row, including her past two by knockout. McCann defeated Luana Carolina in March 2022 with an elbow finish worthy of a showreel. The result will be a candidate for the year’s best UFC knockout.

According to McCann, who delivered the vicious elbow hit, “you saw me set it up then extend the arm, gave her a second, and I whirled like my livelihood depends on it and delivered the blow.” The Liverpudlian took the chance to challenge Antonia Shevchenko after asserting some other significant results at home. “I turned like my livelihood depends on it, and I will never neglect the loud noise from that crowd… it’s an occasion that will remain with me forever,” she said. “Won’t ever top that surface, but my battles can top that battle, and that’s what I want to bring the fans.” Shevchenko is presently ranked 24th in the bantamweight class after a convincing victory over Courtney Casey. Sister of the 37-year-old and reigning flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko. McCann stated in the interview she gave following the fight: “I never call somebody out; that’s not for me to do. “This isn’t meant as a diss, but I honestly believe this is a fantastic matchup, and I know that if they hold a one-fight camp for me, they’ll be prepared should I ever face Shevchenko. But because I’ll be aware of how to defeat her sister, I’ll also have the blueprint. I have included her name out of the utmost respect since I believe she is the best. 

Her sister is a terrific opportunity for her to gain more experience if her ultimate objective is to face Valentina in the ring. Although she won’t be taking on the “Bullet” anytime soon, this would be the ideal training match for the British superstar.

Molly McCann Net Worth

According to sources, Molly McCann’s net wealth as of 2020 is thought to be over $1 million (£830,000). The 32-year-old received a $50,000 prize for defeating Hannah Goldy on Sat by knockout.

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