Everything Everywhere All At Once 2 Release Date Is Not Here Yet!

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a science fiction, fantasy and action film which premiered on 11th March, 2022 at SXSW. It then had its theatrical release on 25th March in the United States before its wide release via A24 on 8th April. If you are a fan of science fiction and Asian-American movies, this movie won’t be new to you and you must’ve heard about it at least once. The movie was critically acclaimed and received a lot of praise for its direction, unique and fresh storyline and the acting of its star cast. One of the fun facts about the movie is that it was originally created having Jakie Chan in mind for the lead character, but the character was later remade for the Police Story actress Michelle Yeoh. In this article, we will be discussing the possible future sequel to the movie and also provide you with extra information about the movie which would interest you, along with the movie’s streaming methods. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once 2 Release Date

Everything Everywhere All At Once 2 Release Date

The creators and major producers, Daniel Kwan and  Daniel Scheinert, also known as Daniels, have said that they are ‘actively exploring’ ideas for a sequel and have not released any news ever since their comment. The movie’s ending was quite interesting and opens a lot of scope and various possibilities for a future continuation. The series is no doubt loved by many and has already succeeded at the box office by making $107.1 million after investing $25 million in the production. The movie is expected to raise more money in the future and hence, if a future sequel were to exist, it won’t fail in its gross production and will definitely be a huge success. There have been many fan predictions about the movie, and many have linked a lot of events as hints for the next movie. As the sequel’s information is still a prediction, fans are being as creative as they can. Many predicted that the series would return with its original cast, but this time, the story would focus more on the other characters, apart from the mother-daughter duo. The original producers and crew are expected to return along with many new faces. 

Name Of The ShowEverything Everywhere All At Once
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreSci-Fi, Fantasy, Action
Everything Everywhere All At Once Release DateMarch 11, 2022
Everything Everywhere All At Once 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Everything Everywhere All At Once Story

The story has various unique and weird concepts, which have attracted fans and critics from all over the world. It focuses on the story of a Chinese-American woman, who is struggling while operating a laundromat with her husband. Each member of the woman’s family has their own problems. The woman is about to get divorced and their laundromat is being audited. During the IRS meeting, her husband’s personality changes and he explains to her that he belongs from another universe named Alphaverse. He also explains that all of their actions give rise to a new universe. The Alphaverse created a technology which allows one to jump from universe to universe, while accessing the skills, memories and bodies of their different universe versions. The woman is somehow involved in a mission of saving the universe, which only she is capable of achieving. 

Where To Watch Everything Everywhere All At Once Online?

Everything Everywhere All At Once 2 Release Date

Everything Everywhere All At Once is available for streaming on Apple TV, Rakuten Viki, and many other small sites based on your location. The movie is also available to rent, buy or stream on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. The movie is also available as DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon, Target and Walmart. If a sequel were to be released, it would premiere in theatres and then release on other streaming platforms. Since the first movie has already made it big and is available on many platforms, we expect the second movie to be available on similar platforms, unless a streaming site decides to buy the exclusive rights of the movie. If you are at a location where you are unable to stream the movie, we suggest you use VPN. With this, we end our article on the updates of Everything Everywhere All At Once 2. We hope all your questions were answered. In case we receive further official news regarding the movie, we will make sure to update the article. 

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