Is Rhea Seehorn Dating Bob Odenkirk? What Actually Happened?

Rhea Seehorn was born in Virginia on May 12, 1972. Rhea Seehorn is her real name, but her friends call her Rhea. She is 50 years old, and 287 days from now, she will turn 51. Rhea is a member of Generation X, and beavers are her spirit and zodiac animals. Best known for playing Kim Wexler just on AMC show Better Call Saul, the television actress. She is also well known for playing Roxanne in the NBC comedy Whitney. She resided in several different states and countries during her childhood, but she spent much of it in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her grandmother and grandfather, who were also visual painters, served as her primary sources of inspiration for pursuing the arts. Everything that you need to learn about Rhea Seehorn and just a look at her relationships:

Is Rhea Seehorn Dating Bob Odenkirk?

Is Rhea Seehorn Dating Bob Odenkirk?

No, Rhea Seehorn is not dating Bob Odenkirk. Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul claims he’s “pleased” that co-stars Rhea Seehorn & Patrick Fabian were around when he experienced a heart attack on set and attributed them with “saving my life.” On Sunday, March 6, the Jimmy McGill actor attended the 2022 Cinema Independent Spirit Awards. Variety praised the actor for being honest about his health issue, which caused him to take a six-week sabbatical from work. Odenkirk replied that without the assistance he received that day, he “wouldn’t be here.”

He pointed at Seehorn and said, “She saved my life. She was there, ready to scream and pick my face off the ground. Patrick Fabian and I, who play Odenkirk’s on-screen wife Kim Wexler, were with him, says Seehorn. “He wouldn’t be in this place if he had gone to his trailer—a lot of good fortune. In addition to the numerous skilled medical personnel on site, Patrick and I have been present.” On July 27, 2021, Odenkirk was taken to a hospital in New Mexico after collapsing during the concluding season of the Broken Bad spin-off. Later, he disclosed that he had experienced a “small heart attack” and promised his supporters that he would return soon. On September 8, work started up again. The 59-year-old continued in the recent interview, “I’m feeling fantastic. I have two valves in my heart, which has improved blood flow, and I also take my medication and work out. I’m physically fit. I’m still not a vegetarian. Even if I don’t eat meat with every meal, I still consume a lot of food. He is pretty healthy, ice cream notwithstanding. He drinks a great deal of ice cream; Seehorn chuckled. Odenkirk acknowledged, “I eat chocolate daily, at most once… and chocolate. If you haven’t recently taken a CPR lesson, I recommend you go because they have changed the process slightly. CPR is what saved my life.

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Rhea Seehorn Early Life

On May 12, 1972, Deborah Rhea Seehorn was birthed in Norfolk, Virginia. Her father had been an agent in the Naval Investigation Service, while her mother worked as an executive assistant for the U.S. Navy. During her childhood, her family frequently relocated, residing in Japan, Arizona, then Washington, D.C. She began her studies in painting, drawing, & architecture at a young age, following the traditions of her father and grandmother. She persisted in pursuing the creative arts, but her love for acting grew as she discovered contemporary theatre in college. According to our data, the 50-year-old American actress is currently dating Graham Larson. Rhea Seehorn tries to avoid the spotlight and maintains a low profile when discussing details of her personal life. In 2018, Seehorn wed real estate agent and film producer Graham Larson, becoming the stepmother to his two kids from a previous union. she has been known by her middle initial, Rhea, because she feels a “disassociation” from the name Debbie.

Rhea Seehorn And Graham Larson’s Relationship

Since January 2013, Rhea has been linked to Graham J. Larson, a realtor. In an appearance with Filler, she announced her engagement and talked about her fiance and his two kids. She has a loving companion in her soon-to-be husband and proudly raised her fiance’s two stepkids. She enjoys being a mother and makes time for her children during family vacations or just simple breakfasts. 

Her social media pages also show her contented parenthood; they are replete with images of her joyful life with her fiance and children. Rhea’s family travelled to Mexico for a family vacation over the 2018 spring break. In April 2018, Graham quickly posted a photo of their family vacation on Instagram, where she appeared to be close with the two boys. The Breaking Bad star and her fiance both have the same birthday month. Graham didn’t even hold back when it came to stunning his future wife with an incredible cake and a heartfelt message on her birthday. The surprised actress thanked her future husband on Instagram and referred to her cake as the “most magnificent” one. In the same post, she alluded to her upcoming marriage to her fiancé. Rhea shares her love and admiration equally through her social media pages. She posted a beautiful picture on Instagram of herself and her fiance on March 26, 2019, in honour of his birthday. Her caption suggested that their relationship goes beyond just a romantic one.

Interestingly, their cat Milo and her soon-to-be husband have the same birthday. Rhea sent a single birthday wish to both of them. She scrawled “My two birthday guys” on the caption. She suggested the conclusion that that might result in their wedding happening shortly. If you don’t mind, the WHOLE WORLD has a proposal for your wish when you blow out the candles, she wrote. The world only has one recommendation. Rhea didn’t forget to express her gratitude for the importance of her stepchildren in her life on Valentine’s Day in 2020. Rhea tweeted a sweet photo of her and her boyfriend Graham a few hours ago on the same day. She said, “My one and only.” in the photo’s caption. EVERYONE, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 

Similar to how she celebrated Valentine’s Day, Rhea used her Instagram post to celebrate her relationship with her long-term partner, who is now her fiancé. Rhea uploaded a monochrome picture of the two kissings and captioned it, “My eternal Valentine.” We still don’t know when they will celebrate Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, but they will mark it in 2021 as an engaged pair.

As the year progressed, the couple appeared to remember their courtship. When Graham and her fiancé celebrated their fourth anniversary in January 2017, she posted a photo from their second date—which doubles as their first selfie—on Instagram

Likewise to Graham, Rhea wished her fiancé a happy fifth anniversary and posted photographs from one of their first dates on Instagram. 

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Rhea Seehorn Career

Is Rhea Seehorn Dating Bob Odenkirk?

Because of the encouragement of her acting professor, Seehorn was motivated to pursue a career in theatre throughout her time in college. To be noticed, she worked various side jobs in the D.C. theatre community. She soon received numerous noteworthy roles in local theatrical productions but still had to take on odd occupations to make ends meet. She took on parts in numerous commercial short educational films. She soon started getting more roles in television shows, typically playing roles she considered “very sarcastic, cynical, knowing females,” somewhat like her idol Bea Arthur. But most of these parts were for brief-lived series terminated after one or two seasons. Seehorn was given a role in the Better Call Saul prequel spin-off series from 2015 to the present in May 2014.

Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman’s future love interest, Kim Wexler, is portrayed by Seehorn as a lawyer. The show’s debut date was February 8, 2015. She got high praise from critics for the part, been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for Supporting Actress in Series, won numerous Spacecraft Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film, and one Saturn Award for Best Best Supporting actor on T.v. Out of two nominations. Two nominations for the Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Drama and two for the Critics’ Choice TV Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. With the 4th episode of the last season of Better Call Saul in 2022, Seehorn made her directorial debut on tv (“Hit and Run”). 

In addition to the independent films The Pitch, The Gentlemen, and the Case Against Karen, Seehorn had parts in the independent movies Riders and Floating. She co-starred with Amanda Seyfried in the slasher thriller Things Heard & Seen in 2021. Her theatre roles include The World Over, Stop Kiss, All My Sons, How I Learned to Drive, Freedomland, and Marat/Sade, and the Broadway version of 45 Sec from Broadway.

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