Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Now many of the otakus have already heard of this show, and many have also watched this show already, and one thing that we all can say is that Netflix actually did quite well with its own anime original series. There were many doubts regarding this show from the start of the first season however it has got a huge fan base and the audience has been quite astonished regarding how simple the story and how well it has been depicted, along with that, the animation quality of the show has also been quite great and the critics have praised the show regarding it, though other comments regarding the how weren’t that goo from the critics. The IMDB rating of the show hasn’t also been great but if you are looking for a simple anime to finish in a day, this can be given a try. Other than that, for those of you who are wondering what this anime is all about, this anime follows the story of a man who lost everything in his life to a dragon and now he has set on his journey to seek revenge from the dragon and be a savior of humanity. However, things take a grave turn towards the end of the series.

Now coming to the main topic which is regarding the second season of the show. One thing that we can make sure of is that Netflix hasn’t canceled the series and as this series has been actually adapted from a video game, and doesn’t have a manga series, the delay in season 2 is quite possible, and we can be quite optimistic regarding the season 2 of the show also because the story was left at such a point in season 1, where we have many questions that need to be answered.

Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Release Date

Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Release Date

The video game that was the main source of this show came out in the year 2012 and it also shared the same name as this series. From the popularity the game had reached, the Netflix studios decided to adapt the main story, into an anime, and soon after a lot of work, we received the first season of the show on the 17th of September 2020 and since then we all have been waiting for any update on the second season of the show. However, we have just been disappointed till now from the makers, and the wait goes on. There hasn’t been any update yet, and the only thing we know is that it hasn’t been included in the plans for 2022 anyhow, and now hopes remain high for the 2023 project list but that too is a probability and nothing has been confirmed yet. season 2 whenever it happens, is expected to have approximately 7-8 episodes just like the first season of the show, and from what our sources have confirmed, it was decided to be only a two-season show.

Name Of The ShowDragon’s Dogma
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure, Dark Fantasy
Dragon’s Dogma Season 1 Release DateSepetember 17, 2020
Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Story

Now from what we have seen in the last season, Ethan has been cursed with transforming into a dragon slowly as he had slain it with the motive of revenge and thus he knows once he loses his humanity he would also go on a rampage just like the previous season and thus he must also go on finding another guy who could take up his role of slaying the dragon again and Hannah is bestowed with the main responsibility regarding this and is also asked to make sure that he knows about the curse well, because they need to stop the cycle of the curse, thus the new protagonist will be the what the show will be revolving around.

Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Characters

Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Release Date

For the second season of the show, we will probably see Ethan being the new dragon and Hannah going in the search of the new dragon slayer. There will also be an introduction to a new character who will slay the dragon. Other than that, nothing has been decided regarding who will be part of the new season from the previous, and mostly there will be many other new characters.

Where Can We Watch Dragon’s Dogma Season 2 Online?

Just like the previous season of the show, this will also be released on the Netflix platform only.

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