Where Is Chandrakant Jha Now? Know Here!

With the recent release of the documentary series titled “Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi,” there has been a sudden hype and a lot of talk about Chandrakant Jha. A case that was closed in 2007 has been brought to the eyes of the people in the form of documentary series by the very able director, and one of the most renowned ones in the industry, Ayesha Sood. The case had caught her eyes after seeing what kind of content the viewers have been wanting for quite some time, she was the one who took the initiative to study this case very well, know all the facts and bring to light the mindset, the perspective and how serial killers are born. For all those who still don’t understand what this article is all about. let us brief you about the series and the person first. Recently via the Vice Production Studios and under the distributorship of Netflix, Ayesha Sood decided to bring a documentary series where the audience will be able to understand how the mindset of a serial killer works and how he turned into a serial killer. There have been previously various series that have covered such topics, but very few exist that have been made on Indian local serial killers who have left an imminent impact on the social standing and have been forgotten at the same time.

Now Chandrakant Jha isn’t a man whom the Delhi police have forgotten anyhow. With just 3-4 murders, he shook the entire police force and it wasn’t even like a normal murder, he used to mock the police force at every step and ask them to try to get him if they could. Surely a daring man and a man to be feared. However, his background isn’t of such great significance, nor was he connected to a big gang or something. He was a simple man whose motive for murdering was simply disliking a certain factor of the victims and his killing techniques were to create a great bond with his victims, gain their trust and slowly trap them. Then he used to click a picture of them, which is quite weird and the main reason of his, behind this act, is still unknown. After everything he used to kill the person and just like a butcher, he used to chop up the body into different parts and leave them in different parts of the city. Some victims who were able to run away and save themselves, are even scared to date even when they hear his name and although the man is in jail, nothing is enough to relieve the victims from his fear.

Where Is Chandrakant Jha Now?

Where Is Chandrakant Jha Now

Chandrakant Jha, as we know is an Indian serial killer, and those of you who know him from a recent documentary series titled “Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi”, we must first tell you that the man is real and it wasn’t any fictional story of any kind. Ayesha Sood the director of the series took more than two and a half years, to properly research the case, and check all the facts, and then she brought this masterpiece to us via the Netflix platform. Now Chandrakant Jha when he was young, used to stay in the Ghosai village, which is in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, he belonged to a big family, and his father was an irrigation worker and his mother was a teacher. Though having many siblings, he often felt not taken care and that created the urge to migrate and make his own life in Delhi which became the main spot for his operation.

He first used to work as a rickshaw puller and a vegetable vendor and in 1988, he committed his first murder over a conflict with the vendor union head, and for that, he was sent to jail till 2002. This was just the starting and since then he started targeting innocent people, whose character wasn’t liked by him and he used to target and murder them. After murdering he butchered the body and delivered the different parts of the body wrapped and put in a fruit basket outside various temples, courts, and even the banks of the Yamuna River.

But the thing that directly challenged the police was then when he delivered the butchered body of one of his victims outside the Tihar jail and left a mocking note challenging the police to catch him. Soon the police forces, though troubled used their great skill and arrested this serial killer, who can be claimed of being a psychopath, and currently, he is serving a lifetime in prison in the Tihar jail only. His family which includes his second wife and five daughters are leading their life very lowkey in some locations which used to be Haiderpur and that also used to be the main spot where Chandrakant murdered his victims.

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Who is Chandrakant Jha?

Chandrakant Jha was just a normal man, who is often termed now as a psychopath, because of his sudden turn in life and changing his identity into an anonymous serial killer. Chandrakant Jha comes from a big family of many siblings and hard-working parents, his father used to work in the irrigation department and two of his siblings work in the police department themselves. However, after completing his basic education, he felt that he should migrate to Delhi and try new things and that was the point when everything changed. The migration effect had hugely affected him and he felt lost in the crowd of big cities searching for his own identity. He couldn’t handle the struggle very well and that is what the doctor he used to see told to media.

In such stressful situations, he committed his first murder which was of his vendor union leader, and as he was thrown into prison till 2002, things just got worse for him. Not only he but his wife was also thrown into prison, and according to some reports a police force staff named Balbir, used to torture him, give him less food, beat him, and stripped him naked in front of all other prisons in the jail. When he came out, he was just a different man, he wanted something else from life and that was vengeance. He soon started targeting people he knew from his village and people who used to have some displeasing character, he used to gain their trust at first and soon turn them into victims by murdering them and butchering their bodies and packing them in fruit baskets, and dropping them at various public locations.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Story

The story for this documentary series is entirely what we have mentioned above. It’s just a documentary series that covers the acts of Chandrakant Jha, how he acted, what were the main motives behind his killing, and how he committed the crimes. We also get a vivid description of the police force perspective and the officers who were in charge of the case. The main changing point, in this case, was when the officer in charge of his first case which was in 1988 was able to identify the murder pattern, and soon the police tried to reach him. One of the best things about this show is how detailed it is but at the same time, it has been criticized by some critics stating the fact that the directors have provided only the facts that are available everywhere and didn’t cover any other perspective of the story other than the one that the government has provided the public with. One of the interesting facts about this series is that it has also got some interviews with the victims, who have somehow been able to save themselves from the gripping traps of Chandrakant.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Release Date

Where Is Chandrakant Jha Now

The act of Chandrakant mainly started in 1988, and after nonproper proof he was left out freely of jail in 2002, which is also suggested as the turning point in his life and since then he has gone murdering a series of victims who have just displeased him somehow. The work on this documentary series has been going on for a long time and the writer took more than 2 years just to find out all the facts and make this series. This series made its release on the Netflix platform on the 20th of July 2022.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Trailer

The series released its trailer on YouTube and the Netflix platform on the 28th of July 2022 and since then only there has been quite a talk about the series, and when it came out the existing hype regarding the series was mainly because of the excellent trailer provided to us by the makers of the show.

Where Can We Watch Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Online?

This show is completely a Netflix original and thus the streaming rights of this show are only available with the Netflix platform.

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