Laura Clery Net Worth: Is She Very Rich?

To those who are unaware, Laura Clery is a very popular YouTuber and a well-known comedian. With an approximate combined social media fan following of over 25 million, the personality has quite the reputation and popularity that makes her more than deserving to have an article completely dedicated to her and her life. In this article we will inform you about the celeb’s net worth, her life, biography and some other necessary information you would like to know. If you are a fan, this is good study material to find out about your idol, and if you’re not, we assure you that you will be intrigued by learning more about her. 

Laura Clery Net Worth

Laura Clery Net Worth

Laura Clery is reported to have a net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million, which she earns through her various professions. Many claim her net worth is 3M, and that can also be considered a potential answer to the question. With a good number of followers and subscribers, Laura is often seen on YouTube and her Instagram, while she entertains her fans with her content. With over 3M fans on her Instagram account, the comedian often promotes her podcast and her cosplay content. She also takes over social media, displaying her love for her family and has a good image amongst the fans.

Laura earns a decent amount of money from her profession as an actress. She has been a part of many popular works and this has made a big contribution to her popularity and net worth. Laura has over 873 K subscribers and over 621 videos, which gives us ample content to go through. Not only are her contents entertaining, they inform us a lot about her life and her views.

Her popularity brings her lots of advertisements and endorsement offers. Her estimated income acquired from social media is about $200,000. Apart from this, Laura still earns money from her comedy and acting career. Since her popularity keeps increasing day by day, we expect her to take on big projects which will have a huge impact on her net worth, which will definitely increase by next year if everything goes well. Laura also does partnerships and brand collaborations, which bring her a lot of money. Being an author, she also earns a handsome amount of money from her contributions and books. Her work in ‘Confessions Of A Young Idiot’ has received many compliments and reviews from readers who are amazed by her writing skills and comedic approach.

Laura is a great storyteller and narrator. She is known by many for successfully selling many pieces of books and increasing their popularity. Laura bought a home for $2.4 million in Woodland Hills in 2021. She is also involved in community work and helps to raise money for private college tuition. She often shares tips on how to lose weight quickly and promotes many weight-loss products in her videos. She is a growing fitness influencer and there is no doubt that she’ll go viral again for her brilliant ideas and ways. 

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Laura Clery Biography

Laura Clery Net Worth

Laura Clery was born on 22nd July, 1986, in Downers Grove, Illinois in the United States. She is currently 36 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Laura married Stephen Hilton and gave birth to two children, Alfie and Penelope. Her husband is a well-known and influential personality. Hilton is a composer, record producer and digital influencer, who often joins her in her content and is seen to support her sweetly as a good husband. She has an attractive appearance and has great body proportions even though she’s a loving mother of 2. She has dark brown eyes and natural long blonde hair.

She is 165 cm tall and weighs around 55kg. She is popularly known for her characters like Ivy, Pamela, Pumpkin and Helen Horbath. Her most loved work is in Help Helen Smash, where she plays the role of Laura who keeps flirting with her crush. She is of American nationality and is a Christian. Her family information and sibling status are limited but we assure you that we will answer the unanswered questions as soon as we receive new news. We hope you found the article informative and would appreciate it if you expressed your views in the comment section. 

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