Is Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Based On A True Story?

Before coming to the main topic of this article, let us talk about what show we are talking about, whom we are talking about and everything that will help us have a basic idea of this article. The first thing that we know is “Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi” is actually a documentary series, which has been released just a few days back and has covered a very thrilling story and has left a significant mark on the audience. The series just after dropping its trailer nearly 1 month back has been in the talks by many audiences as well as critics and from how the trailer did it was believed that this show is going to be something else.

However, there have been some mixed reactions to this show which wasn’t at all expected. The director of the show is Ayesha Sood and many of the audience who have been interested in the Bollywood industry must have also known her for her works in various other well know series and movies. Now coming to the main topic for those who don’t know what this series is about, then get ready to be a part of the journey in which you get to spectate the life of a serial killer very closely and know how the mind of a serial killer works, the motives behind his actions and how he turned into a serial killer, every step he took towards his next victim and other than that we also get a vivid perspective into the various measures that have been taken by the police force to investigate the case. The series is titled very uniquely and has been released only on the Netflix platform now and is produced by Vice Media productions.

Now coming to the main question is whether this series which is just 3 episodes is based on a true story, now we won’t make you wait a long time and answer here to show that this series is completely based on a real story. The story of a murderer, a serial killer, and a person who is often referred to by many people as a psychopath, Chandrakant Jha. Does this name remind any of the readers about any news they have heard in the past? then yes, you are recollecting the exact memories about which this series has been about. Chandrakant Jha is no fictional character but a real-life character who didn’t come from a huge background or had relations with any huge gang or anything like that, but he was basically a small worker, who had migrated from his small village in Bihar like millions of others people in India, in search for a better opportunity and a better life in a big metropolitan city but ended up getting lost in the big crowds like many other migrants do. However, his story takes a grave turn when he loses his mental stability and ends up taking a route that gives him the title of a serial killer, from what we have seen the system has to take some blame for what he had become as well as he was one of the biggest persons to be blamed for his deeds.

Now coming to another very important thing regarding this show, is if this show is worth watching because if you will end up going to the official IMDb website, you will get to see that this show has received only a 6.1 IMDb rating which is very shocking after the hype this show has received in the last few days, however, the ratings have been based on the reviews of many critics’ and as we have said there has been a very mixed comment on this series. Some have loved how the series has represented the story. Whereas some have openly expressed their dislike and criticized the series for entirely being based on the facts that have been already provided by the police forces and not trying to know any other side of the series. The series may at some point seem like a scripted story. Although the gruesome description of the murders, evokes some reality to the story, other than that it may be just the recreation of facts that have already been available all over the internet. Thus, for all those people who have already covered the entire story from reading the articles regarding the case, it isn’t very worth watching the show, but if you are one who knows almost nothing and is interested in knowing how the life of a serial killer is, you can surely give this series a try.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Real Story

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Based On A True Story

Now coming to the main story that has been covered in this series, this is a 3-episode documentary series and that’s why the makers haven’t got the chance to cover a lot about the entire actual case on which this series is based. The centre of the series is just one and that is Chandrakant Jha, a psychopath and a serial killer who chose his victims just on the basis of a minor disliking of any characteristics of the other person. The motive of the killing seems very illogical to someone, however, if you look at a big scale there have been two major factors that have pushed him on the road, he has walked alone among millions of other people just like him. Firstly, we need to understand that the migration effect is a real thing and the sense of being lost and the existential crisis a migrant goes through when he tries to migrate from a small village with no scope to a big metropolitan city with huge expectations and finding out in reality that there are millions of migrant workers just like him ends up just shattering all dreams and the morale of a human being. And based on the facts a local doctor has provided whom Chandrakant Jha used to see before he turned into a serial killer, he stated his condition to be exactly this.

 Now coming to another bigger factor that has left a huge influence on his social standing was a murder case which was his first one and happened in the year 1988 for which he was thrown into jail too, for four years and these four years just turned his life upside down. Not only he, but also his wife was thrown into jail, and according to some of his statements, a police officer named Balbir who was in charge of the duty in his block in the jail, used to beat him up in an inhuman manner, along with that also reduced the amount of food that was supposed to be provided to him and lastly, he was often stripped naked and embarrassed in front of all other prisoners by the alleged police officer.

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Now other than this let us discuss his journey which has been shown in the series as a serial killer, Chandrakant was surely cruel and as the title of the series suggests he was a butcher, a human butcher. Firstly, after getting out of jail in 2002, his actual killing spree started in 2003 and continued till 2007. The process of killing was simple, he used to firstly make very good terms with the victims and slowly kidnap them, after gaining their trust, these were mainly people who belonged to his old village and had some features which he disliked in their characters and after kidnapping them, he murdered them after taking a picture of each victim. Then he used to butcher the body into various parts and dumped them at various places such as temples, courts, and, three times in front of the Tihar jail in fruit baskets. Other than this in this series we get a thorough perspective of the police forces how they worked and how things were on their terms, we also get various interviews from victims’ families as well as the officers in charge of the case.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Release Date

The main acts of Chandrakant Jha started taking place in the year 1998 and soon after his 4 years of imprisonment till 2004, we see the actual start of his killing spree from 2003 to 2007. Currently, Chandrakant Jha is alive and in prison (Tihar jail). Now the director Ayesha Sood has been working with this idea for quite some time now, and the entire fact-checking and research part took more than 2 years. The movie came out on the Netflix platform on the 20th of July and has got only three episodes.

Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Trailer

The trailer of the show was released nearly 1 month back from the actual release date of the movie and currently is available on both Netflix as well as YouTube platforms.

Where Can We Watch Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Online?

The mini-documentary series is a Netflix original, and thus the streaming rights.

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