Is Chandrakanth Jha In Jail? The Indian Predator Mystery Solved!

Chandrakanth Jha (born 1967) is a serial killer who killed and dismantled eight victims in West Delhi between 1998 and 2007 and is probably a psychopath. His first murder occurred in 1998, which led to his arrest and imprisonment until 2002. Due to a lack of evidence, he was released. After his release, he began a series of murders. First Shekar and Umesh in 2003, Guddu in 2005, Amit in 2006, Upender and Dalip in 2007. He became friends with migrant workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and helped them get small jobs. Later, a trivial quarrel over stealing, lying, being a non-vegetarian, etc. would kill her by strangling him.

Chandrakanth was delighted to curse the police, leaving behind his dismembered body parts around the town and outside the Tihar Prison Complex, leaving notes asking the police to catch him. He was convicted of three murders and was sentenced to two deaths and life imprisonment in February 2013. His death sentence was changed to life imprisonment without parole in January 2016. Chandrakanth worked as a street vendor at the weekly bazaar in Delhi. He got married twice and gave up his first one within a year. He has a second wife and five daughters. He lived primarily away from his family. In July 2022, Netflix released the Indian Predator: Butcher Shop in Delhi, a series about the life and murders of Chandrakanth Jha.

Is Chandrakanth Jha In Jail?

Is Chandrakanth Jha In Jail

Jha’s belief in 2013 became a hot topic. When he went to the hitman, there was a man there who mocked the policeman. He had a victim photo album that he clicked just before killing the victim in his room-all had the obvious calm of someone who knew what he was doing. Jha was sentenced to death and later commuted to life imprisonment. He is currently in prison, where he disposes of the victim’s body in front of him. Most of Jha’s victims were friends and acquaintances in his village. He called her to Delhi and killed her a few days later, gaining her trust. Sood got some of the lucky guys who were able to escape to talk on the camera for the first time. Take, for example, 67-year-old Bhidu Yadav from Gosai. He says Jha took him to Delhi in 2003 to help move things from one room to another.

“The moment he opened the door, I saw two other people I knew sitting there with his mouth gagged and their limbs tied,” Yadav recalls. “I was shocked. He took me to the room and clicked on my photo with the other victims, asking me to eat something before he killed me. I told him, that when he left, we ran for our life

When Yadav reveals Jha’s misconduct with a camera, Yadav’s mouth is squeezed and his hands tremble. “Now that I’ve revealed everything, I don’t know what will happen. What if he comes here and shoots me?” He asked, looking at the camera. “I’m always afraid of my life until he dies in jail. Indian Predator checks all these boxes. However, it can also seem that the inmates are in the limelight too much, as if they were too important. The characteristics of Jha, villagers, investigators, etc. are subtle, but they do not delve into Jha’s thoughts or the troubled past. It’s an experience that motivated him to do what he did. We’ll discuss these aspects, but don’t go deeper. Overall, a gripping series. After Chandrakanth’s final arrest on May 20, 2007, he not only confessed in detail about the above seven murders but also revealed why he abused the police. After all, he has dismantled the last three victims and then dumped various parts into prison gates, district courts, temples, and even in front of the Yamuna River, virtually across Delhi. rice field.

He actually had a grudge against his previous arrest, so he included a handwritten letter in which the bodies of Anil and Dalip abused/challenged the authorities in a bag outside the prison. Subsequent proceedings revealed that Chandrakanht’s victim was a young immigrant who took under his wings when faced with personal or professional problems. He treats them like his friends, gains their trust, and keeps some of them with him for what he believes to be their unjust “sin”.

It was decided to “punish” them. These were like drinking, smoking, femininity, lies, and non-vegetarianism, but he still tied her up before proceeding to his extensive killing and crippling process. Chandrakanth was convicted of three murders in 2013 in connection with the cases of Upender, Anil, and Dalip, and was sentenced to two death sentences and one life imprisonment, respectively. In other cases, the serial killer was only convicted of three murders, as he was acquitted again due to lack of evidence. It should be mentioned that Chandrakanth is currently working at Tihar Prison Complex in Delhi, as the High Court has converted the death sentence of corrupt intelligence into life imprisonment on appeal.

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Why Did Chandrakanth Jha Become A Killer?

Is Chandrakanth Jha In Jail

The immigration crisis is directly related to the situation in Chandrakanth Jha. When people move to big cities, there are many changes in their lives and their surroundings. First, leave the village with a high degree of freedom and gather in one room with 5 to 6 people. The room becomes claustrophobic, the cost dries you, you work 12-14 hours miserable hours to earn the daily bread, and most importantly, there is a complete loss of identity. In addition, the authorities make your life even more difficult. There are unions that you must belong to even if you don’t want to, and you pay weekly or monthly. Even the poorest day laborers have to bribe police and local governments to run their businesses without unnecessary trouble. Doctor when Chandrakanth came to Delhi. SL Vaya got lost in the crowd and had no social status at all. Millions of people like him came to the city and were in dire straits due to a system failure.

In a trivial matter, Chandrakanth Jha undertook a local jerk, causing a fierce clash between the two. The idiot stabbed him and Chandrakanth lay in intolerable pain. He covered his wound with a piece of cloth and somehow managed to go to the hospital alone. This is the way he was accepted in Delhi. Incidents like this can stir things up for everyone. It sowed the seeds of revenge, and perhaps Chandrakanth realized that there were two types of people in the world, the weak and the strong. All he did after this incident was attempt to maintain control and feel the power he was exercising against others.

But Chandrakanth’s nightmare didn’t stop there. He had a discussion with a leader of a local street vendor named Mangal alias Pandit. According to Chandrakanth, he accidentally grabbed Pandit’s hand with his knife, causing a slight laceration. Pandit had his contact information, and he arranged for Chandrakanth to be falsely accused and imprisoned. What hurt him, even more, was that his unrelated wife was also put in jail. In prison, he was exposed to police atrocities. According to him, he was tortured by a police officer named Balbir. He reduced his diet and often became naked in front of other prisoners. Chandrakanth had a deep-seated resentment and revenge, which was evident from his testimony. Dr. Vaya says this element of violence may have been inherited from his parents and the environment in which he grew up. The situation in Delhi just caused it and caused the worst in his own subconscious. Most interesting is that Chandrakanth didn’t feel regret.

The answer to why he didn’t feel that way lies in his experience. He had been exposed to atrocities in the past, but now he owes his victims it. He knew the fear, the pain, the traumatic aftermath, and because of that, he did not sympathize with his victims. In the past, it was common to eat in the same room where the victim’s body was lying. He wasn’t indignant when he saw the pool of blood, and it spoke volume about his state of mind. Nothing is more addictive than force. Once Chandrakanth tasted it, he had a hard time giving it up. Bidu Jadab, a resident of the village of Gosai, talks about the horrifying experience of a butcher in Delhi.

If a 67-year-old man is still crying from horror and trauma as he talks about the incident, he knows the kind of horror that Chandrakanth could have unleashed on others. He clicked on the photo as a souvenir for all the victims. In one of the pictures, seeing three men sitting in their room handcuffed, I can’t help wondering why it’s possible for them to overwhelm the three men. Aside from learning martial arts, Chandrakanth instilled fear in people’s minds after the fight against idiots, which made them feel paralyzed. Chandrakanth did not go looking for his target before but instead screened everyone who came to him.

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