Best Seasons Of Survivor: Season 16 Better Or Season 1?

The Swedish tv series Expedition Robinson, which Charlie Parsons devised and debuted in 1997, served as the basis for the international reality competition television phenomenon known as Survivor. Survivor is its American equivalent. The American television show debuted on CBS on May 31, 2000. In addition, to be an executive producer with Mark Burnett and the show’s original creator, Parsons, Jeff Probst serves as the show’s host. 

In the television show, a bunch of strangers is dumped in a remote area and left to fend for themselves regarding food, fire, and shelter. For prizes and immunity from elimination, contestants participate in activities that test their physical prowess, such as running and swimming, or their mental prowess, such as puzzles and endurance trials. With Survivor 42 being the 42nd Season of the 22-year series, it’s still a struggle to keep viewers glued to the screen while incorporating new gameplay aspects to mix things up and maintain long-standing Survivor traditions. The competition television series, at its core, adheres to its long-standing formula of grouping contestants into Tribes and chronicling their struggles with all aspects of life — including maintaining their camps, winning tasks, and escaping the dreaded Tribal Council — in each episode. However, it makes sense for novices to the Survivor brand to find it challenging to pick only which Survivor season to commence with, given the program’s 42 seasons and staggering 617 episodes.

1. Season 16: Micronesia

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The 16 seasons of the American CBS reality competition television series Survivor is titled Survivor: Micronesia. After the all-returning participant pool from Survivor: All-Stars, coupled with Survivor: Guatemala, wherein two contestants from Survivor: Palau reappeared for a second chance, this is the third Season of the game to feature contestants from previous seasons. It was the second time that Survivor has filmed in Palau for this Season (the first being 2005).

With Airai residing in the previous Koror camp and Malakal residing in the last Ulong camp, the filming settings for this Season were identical to the ones utilized for Survivor: Palau. Micronesia – Fans Vs. Favorites of Survivor is perhaps the best and most exciting. And besides, this was the opportunity for viewers to evaluate whether those who assert that they “can perform challenges better” are deserving of their claims. Season 16 had 10 “super-fans” of the series and ten returning fans, which is precisely what the title implies. Undoubtedly, the series included a lot of interesting side stories as well. These featured the two humorous castaways’ never-ending arguments, the all-female alliance, and the ongoing infighting among the various factions.

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2. Season 1: Borneo

Best Seasons Of Survivor

Survivor: Borneo is the inaugural Season of the American CBS reality television series Survivor, formerly known as Survivor. The program debuted on May 31, 2000, after being shot from March 13 until April 20, 2000. Sixteen contestants were tasked with surviving in a wilderness area in Borneo, Malaysia, with only a few tools and supplies at the beginning of the Season. It lasted 39 days and was hosted by Jeff Probst. A simple majority eliminated consecutive contestants. The series took place on the isolated Malaysian island of Pulau Tiga in the Sabah, some six miles (10 km) off the northern coast of Borneo.

It was situated in the South China Sea. There may not be many Survivor seasons that can compare to the popularity of the first one in the series. Season 1: Borneo, out of all the seasons in the series, was the one that gave it traction. And unlike the strange gimmicks of the recent episodes, Borneo consistently demonstrates that Survivor can stay fascinating despite its basic structure. The game was fast to develop trends that the remainder of the seasons will follow, aside from the customary Immunity Challenges & Tribal Councils. Some of these include merged Tribes, a Gathering where Tribe Ambassadors might select a campsite, and even a Final Tribal Council with a jury system.

3. Season 20: Heroes Vs. Villains

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The 20 seasons of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is titled “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” After Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Guatemala, & Survivor: Micronesia, it debuted on February 11, 2010, marking the show’s fourth Season to include contestants from previous seasons. It was also the second season to have a cast of returning players after All-Stars. In the Samoan city of Upolu, the Season was filmed. Due to the budget crisis on by the global Great Recession, this Season and the one before it was shot back-to-back with only a little break in between. People frequently show their true colors at times of adversity. Survivor people on the island have demonstrated that some people will go above and beyond to play the roles of heroes and villains during these challenging times. And on Survivor, these contestants occasionally leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Fans are delighted to see yet another apparition of their favorite honorable castaways labeled as “Heroes” and deceitful “Villains” thanks to Season 20: Heroes Vs. Villains. The cast also didn’t let us down! Heroes Vs. Villains are renowned for their many unexpected events, particularly at Tribe Authorities, where alliances can be formed or destroyed in a single move. Among the memorable events were some delivering idols to tribe members who opposed them and Castaways abusing their immunity again in the same Session and being tricked into casting their votes.

4. Season 28: Cagayan – Brawn Vs. Brains Vs. Beauty

Season 28: Cagayan - Brawn Vs. Brains Vs. Beauty

The twenty-eighth Season of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is called Cagayan — Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty. The Season’s two-hour debut episode featured 18 new participants (nine men and nine women), separated into three tribes of six depending on their main attributes: “Brawn,” “Brains,” and “Beauty.” Filming for the Season took place in Cagayan from July 11 to August 18, 2013. The finale and reunion aired on Wed, May 21, 2014, at the show’s regular time slot, marking the first time after Survivor: Thailand that they did not air on a Sunday. By an 8-1 margin, Tony Vlachos defeated Yung “Woo” Hwang to win the title of Sole Survivor that evening.

Three tribes were segregated according to the stereotypes of intelligence, strength, and beauty when Survivor: Cagayan first debuted. It swiftly moved beyond its original premise and concluded with one of the best victories in the franchise’s history. Even though a theme is first thought to be absurd, it can result in a fantastic cast but an even better winner, as the 28th Season of Survivor demonstrated. The prospect of Tony Vlachos making it to the final village council, let alone conquering the whole thing, is an absurd long shot because of the erratic (and amusing) ways he played the game. At first, it did.

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5. Season 31: Cambodia – Second Chance

Season 31: Cambodia - Second Chance

The 31st Season of the American CBS competing reality television series Survivor is titled Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance. This Season had 20 returning candidates selected by online public voting, unlike prior seasons where producers chose the whole cast. On May 6, 2015, the day voting opened, the ballot—which included the 32 finalists who were taken into account for this Season—was made public. On May 20, during the cast reunion from the previous season, the whole cast was unveiled. The chosen cast and crew left right away for Koh Rong, Cambodia, where the Season was filmed, after the unveiling. For season 31, viewers could vote on who they desired to see participate on Survivor for the first—and so far, only—time. Second Chance was the subject, and it invited back prior castaways who had only participated once and had lost. Survivor legends like Kelly Wiglesworth from the first Season and far more recent favorites like Joe Anglim, Spencer Bledsoe, and Ciera Eastin made up the all-star roster. The cast made the Season fantastic, but it also had a gratifying conclusion, with Jeremy Collins receiving the $1 million prize after a unanimous vote.

6. Season 27: Blood Vs. Water

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The American CBS competitive reality tv series Survivor is now airing its 27th Season, titled Survivor: Blood vs. Water. The Season, which was recorded in May and June 2013, had to return castaways battling against one another, and it debuted on September 18, 2013, on Wednesday. It was the 3rd season in a row and the ninth overall that veteran contestants were present. This Season, like the first two, was shot in the Philippines; it’s the third to do so, and this time it was on Palaui Island in Cagayan. The Blood vs. Water twist was used in season 27 of Survivor to shake things up. This implied that ten former castaways would’ve been playing a game for $1 million against their loved ones. 

As a result of this twist, some of the most iconic events in the show’s history occurred, like Candice and John Cody berating former NFL player Brad Culpepper and Ciera Eastin voting out her mother. Other memorable moments included Rupert Boneham leaving the game to support his wife. Tyson Apostol won this Season, demonstrating that he wasn’t simply light entertainment but also a fantastic Survivor competitor.

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7. Season 37: David Vs. Goliath

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The thirty-seventh Season of the American CBS competitive reality tv series Survivor is titled “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.” The Season’s 20 new competitors are split into two tribes that are represented by two biblical figures: “David,” which is made up of ten underdogs who frequently face challenges, and “Goliath,” which is made up of ten overachievers who have taken advantage of their opportunities in life to succeed in their fields. The Season began on September 26, 2018, with a special 90-minute show, and finished on December 19, 2018, with a live season finale in which Nick Wilson defeated Mike White and Angelina Keeley by a vote of 7-3-0. Survivor returned with a bang by producing one of the best seasons in the show’s history after a stretch of forgettable seasons.

One of the best casts the show had ever had, David vs. Goliath, produced numerous contestants who became fan favorites, including Angelina Keeley, Christian Hubicki, & Gabby Pascuzzi. The idol nullifier, one of the new additions to the reality tv series, was featured in David vs. Goliath. In the last Tribal Council, Nick Wilson defeated two Goliaths thanks to this unexpected turn of events for the Davids. Overall, season 37 was enjoyable and offered a variety of characters to cheer for.

8. Season 13: Cook Islands

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The 13 seasons of the American competitive reality tv series Survivor is titled “Survivor: Cook Islands.” The Season debuted on September 14 of that year after being taped from June 26 to August 3, 2006. It was shot in the Cook Islands and aired on CBS. Twenty candidates made up the Season and were initially split into four ethnic “tribes”: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Caucasians. Manihiki, Puka Puka, Aitutaki, & Rarotonga are a few of the Cook Islands, after which the tribes took their names. The Cook Islands placing so highly on Ranker’s ranking of the top Survivor seasons may surprise some people. With a divisive topic that almost stopped the whole reality program, the 13th Season was nearly the final nail in the coffin. The Cook Islands’ cast was separated into four initial tribes based on race. The tribes eventually swapped and merged only a few episodes after this controversial move. However, the Season improved and felt less awkward once the concept was dropped. Numerous Survivor luminaries, including Parvati Shallow, Ozzy Lusth, Yul Kwon, & Jonathan Penner, made their first appearances on the show.

9. Season 33: Millennials Vs. Gen X

Best Seasons Of Survivor

This season of the American CBS competitive reality tv series Survivor is titled “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” Gen X, born between 1963 and 1982, while Millennials, born between 1984 and 1997, comprised the first two tribes of the ten new castaways. Unlike Survivor: Panama and Survivor: Nicaragua, it is the third season in which the castaways are divided into tribes based on their age. It is also the second season to be shot in Fiji, following Survivor: Fiji, which was recorded in a different country. One of the tightest casts in Survivor history was on Millennials vs. Gen X. The castaways kept in touch with each other outside of the show and didn’t let any resentments prevent them from casting their votes in the Final Tribal Council. The Season was entertaining because of the friendly group and the brilliant blindsides Jay, Adam, and David planned. Adam’s narrative came full circle by the final episode when he was named the sole Survivor after vulnerably admitting that he and his mother had dreamed of taking part in the game together but were forced to do so alone owing to her disease.

10. Season 25: Philippines

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is now airing its twenty-fifth Season, titled Survivor: Philippines. The Season’s special 90-minute episode debuted on September 19, 2012, after being shot from March 18 to April 25, 2012. It is the seventh season, featuring returning castaways and the first one since Survivor: All-Stars to start with three tribes. On October 4, 2011, applications for participants were due, and about 800 were selected for interviews throughout several states. Fifteen further competitors were chosen from there. Three castaways who had to be medically evacuated from the island were given a second shot on Survivor: Philippines by having them return as tribe leaders for the 25th Season. The Season did not disappoint, even though the first order of the team leaders appeared a little haphazard. Russell Swan was removed again before the merge because his Matsing tribe, which was infamously cursed, lost the first four immunity tests. Additionally, the Season’s success was attributed to the renowned partnership between victor Denise Stapley & Malcolm Freberg.

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11. Season 15: China

Best Seasons Of Survivor

The American CBS competitor reality tv series Survivor is currently airing its fifteenth Season, titled Survivor: China. On September 20, 2007, the premiere aired. According to host Jeff Probst, the program was the first complete American TV series to be shot entirely in China. The precise position is in Jiujiang’s Mountain Lu West Sea. Additionally, it is the farthest north of any Survivor season to have been held. The deadline for applications was January 30, 2007. CBS chose about 800 candidates for an interview in March 2007. Forty-eight semi-finalists were selected from those 800 to travel to Los Angeles in April and May 2007. One of the most vital final three contestants in the game’s history is China on Survivor. With their closeness and alliance, the three finalists controlled the game. As a result, viewers considered their appearance as a trio at the Last Tribal Council incredibly fulfilling.

Survivor: China’s level of play changed the game, for better or worse. With not single but two idols in his possession, James Clement was ousted from office, while Jean-Robert was caught off guard and defeated by Courtney, a vengeful rival. Todd’s victory was also well praised, and his supporters continue to wish for him to play another game.

12. Season 7: Pearl Islands

Season 7: Pearl Islands

The 7th Season of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is titled Survivor: Pearl Islands. The premiere was held on September 18, 2003, and was shot from June 23 to July 31, 2003. The Season had a piracy culture theme and was recorded on the Pearl Islands, which are off the coast of Panama. It included 16 participants and the typical 39 days of gameplay, which Jeff Probst hosted. The whole Season of Pearl Islands embraces the pirate motif, mainly because it is incorporated into all the challenges, which no longer happens. (Perhaps that is the fault of Pirate Master?) There was undoubtedly a fantastic cast with strong personalities. Rupert took shoes. Getting wasted at the tribal council is fair play. Osten puts down his flame first, leading the way. Savage wants his tribe to succeed. Little annoying everyone Sandra is also shoving people. Everything was delicious. However, it loses points for the terrible Outcasts twist, even though it gave us Skinny Ryan’s genius “Die, Jerks” bandana.

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13. Season 40: Winners at War

Season 40: Winners at War

The fourth Season of the American competing reality tv series Survivor is titled Winners at War. The eighth season in a row to be shot in Fiji is this one, which was shot in May and June of 2019. The Season included twenty repeating winners from previous Survivor seasons vying for a US$2 million prize as part of the celebration of the show’s twentieth-anniversary milestone. By receiving a 12-4-0 vote, Tony Vlachos defeated Natalie Anderson & Michele Fitzgerald to claim victory, becoming the second Survivor contestant to win twice. A season of unbridled happiness and joyous spirit pervaded the entire Season, beginning with a group of outstanding athletes and characters. Ben and Michele were among those who felt they had anything to prove. Some people, like Yul and Kim, were well-respected and wanted to demonstrate that their initial dominance wasn’t an anomaly. There were the legendary players like Parvati, Boston Rob, and Sandra, who were effectively on a victory lap fueled by nostalgia, having cemented their place in the Survivor hall of fame. Ethan Zohn, the ultimate Survivor who used his Survivor: Africa earnings to fight AIDS on the continent, also made a triumphant return. Zohn had to battle not one but two existing cases of a rare blood malignancy.

14. Season 4: Marquesas

Season 4: Marquesas

The 4th Season of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is set in the Marquesas. The Season’s filming took place between November 12 and December 20, 2001, and debuted on February 28, 2002. It included 16 participants and the typical 39 days of gameplay, which Jeff Probst hosted. French Polynesia’s the Marquesas Islands were initially chosen as Survivor’s fallback location. Because of the September 11 attacks and the Middle East political climate, the original site, Jordan, was disregarded. During this underappreciated Season, the first totem pole shake-up occurred when those at the bottom banded together to depose those at the top. That’s not all, either. The most entertaining contestant in Survivor history—Sean Rector—played just once this season, along with Kathy urinating on John’s hand, the emergence of the infamous Purple Rock, and Kathy peeing on John’s hand. Seriously, he was brilliant in every episode. GET HIM BACK NOW! Additionally, this is the Season for you if you find unending amusement in corny, outrageous commercial placement, right down to the enormous Reebok logo on the buffs. Oh, and an interesting fact: Boston Rob donned a Patriots cap, not a Red Sox one, because of Reebok’s NFL sponsorship at the time.

15. Season 6: The Amazon

Season 6: The Amazon

The 6th Season of the American CBS reality competition tv show Survivor is titled Survivor: The Amazon. The Season had its February 13, 2003 premiere after being filmed on the Amazon from November 11, 2002, to December 15, 2002. It included 16 participants and the typical 39 days of gameplay, which Jeff Probst hosted. The tribes were split up by gender for the first time in this Survivor Season. The deaf Christy Smith was the first reality television contestant with an impairment during this Season. By a jury vote of 6-1, Jenna Morasca, a bikini model, prevailed against Matthew von Ertfelda to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

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16. Season 26: Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorite

Season 26: Caramoan - Fans Vs. Favorite

The twenty-sixth Season of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is titled “Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites.” The Season’s inaugural episode, a special 90-minute one, debuted on February 13, 2013, after being shot from May 21 to June 28, 2012. At the beginning of this season, a tribe of 10 returning competitors from previous seasons faced off against a tribe of 10 new players, just like in Survivor: Micronesia, the first Season to carry the “Fans vs. Favorites” moniker. It was the 6th time in total that returning players were present. This was a story of two seasons, and I immediately heard people complaining that I was rating it too highly. But before you ruffle any feathers, Russell, listen to me out. Due to the focus on huge personalities rather than great gameplay, this would be way down the list if I were only evaluating pre-merge episodes. It wasn’t enjoyable. However, everything after the merger was terrific. At least I can recall, there have never been so many moves & countermoves this late in the season. A strong season has to gain momentum, just as it is more crucial for a sporting team to play well during the match’s second half than the first.

17. Season 19: Samoa

Season 19: Samoa

The 19th season of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor is titled “Survivor: Samoa.” On September 17, 2009, a Thursday, the Season began. The deadline for participant applications was January 14, 2009. Eight hundred people were invited to interviews across many states. Following this, 48 semi-finalists received invitations to travel to Los Angeles in April 2009 for the producers’ final interviews. Following that, 20 finalists were chosen to compete in the program, which was slated to take place in Samoa between mid-June and mid-July 2009. The minimum age for this Season was 18, as it was for Survivor: Tocantins.

18. Season 12: Panama – Exile Island

Season 12: Panama - Exile Island

The 12th Season of the American CBS reality tv series Survivor is titled Survivor: Panama — Exile Island, sometimes referred to as Survivor: Exile Island & Survivor: Panama. The Season’s premiere occurred on February 2, 2006, and it was shot in the Pearl Islands, off the coast of Panama, from Oct 31, 2005, to December 8, 2005. It was the first season since Survivor: Pearl Islands five seasons earlier to have 16 participants, and Jeff Probst hosted it. The typical 39 days of gameplay were involved. The mention of Panama makes me daydream of Survivor Sally and her sexy knee socks. I speak as someone who spent the night there when I say that Exile Island had an interesting twist when it was initially introduced. Aras and Terry competed fiercely in each challenge, and even though they didn’t get along in person, their respect for one another was always apparent. Terry eventually dropped out of the competition in a final test that may or may not has been fairly judged. Shane Powers deserved to have appeared in Heroes vs. Villains again.

Additionally, the Second Chance season. …or ANY season! Wow, what the hell is going on? Bring that person back on TV.

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19. Season 34: Game Changers

Season 34: Game Changers

The thirty-forth Season of the American CBS competing reality tv series Survivor has 20 returning castaways and is titled “Survivor: Game Changers – Mamanuca Islands.” The 500th episode of the show served as the season debut on March 8, 2017, and it concluded on May 24 with Sarah Lacina defeating Brad Culpepper & “Troyzan” Robertson in a 7-3-0 vote. The game format saw significant changes this Season. This Season, the method for deciding a tied vote was revised, eliminating the second vote where only non-tied castaways could choose between the two castaways and moving straight to the process for determining a deadlocked tie: an open discussion among voters who are not tied. The rest of the procedure was unchanged. The revote was reintroduced in the following seasons, replacing this format twist.

20. Season 23: South Pacific

Season 23: South Pacific

The 23rd Season of the American CBS competing reality television program Survivor is titled Survivor: South Pacific. The Season’s premiere occurred on September 14, 2011, and was filmed from May 30 through July 7, 2011. A total of 800 candidates visited different states after the application deadline of January 11, 2011, and 16 contenders were selected to participate. Since the show has already filmed two seasons there (Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains), Samoa was not initially chosen as the setting for this Season.

Another that it’s enjoyable more than most, which is odd given how much it shares with the Season that aired just before it: the same intrigue of two players returning, Salvation Island, the expected vote-offs, the lack of any real water challenges, etc. However, there is one aspect of this season that I enjoyed, and that is the cast. I cared about the players and their outcomes because I wanted both good and bad things to happen to them. Additionally, three memorable moments from this Season include Ozzy offering to go to Redemption, Cochran flipping, & Brandon throwing away his immunity.

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