When To Expect Youth Of May Season 2 Release Date?

Since 2021, whenever we talk about Korean drama series “Youth Of May” has been one none could miss mentioning, and truly, those who have already watched the first season of the show, already know how amazing this series is and how much of an impact it can have on a person. When it comes IMDb ratings to ratings of the show, mostly all websites have rated this series very highly and IMDb has given it an 8.4 IMDb rating which is just beyond words.

The series has done extremely good in its genre which is romance and drama, and other than that the critic reviews of this show have also been very positive and have praised the directors of the series very much for the excellent story they have written and the detailed depiction of the political scenario in which the entire story has been set. Overall a great series and if you still haven’t given it a try, you are missing something really good. Now for those who don’t have any idea about this series, it has a setting of a rebellious period of independence in South Korea and follows a great historical event known as the Gwangju Uprising, and depicts the story of two lovers who have ended up being very closely related to this mighty historical event which has left their world shaken at the end.

Now coming to the main topic of this article, we have received a lot of questions regarding the second season of the show, and from what we have heard from our sources, it is very probable that there will not be any continuation of the show and it will conclude with only a single season because that’s how the story ended in season 1, which may not be enough for the most audience, but as we know somethings are good unfinished. However there are still some options that the makers can try adding to the story and bringing a season 2, but to date, there haven’t been any updates of that sort.

Youth Of May Season 2 Release Date

Youth Of May Season 2 Release Date

The making process and the idea of the show had already been in the minds of the makers from mid-2020 and after finalizing all the cast members and everything, the filming process began in late 2020. It was a long and hectic schedule for the cast members because recreating a past age was quite tough for them however they did their job splendidly and finally we received this series on the 3rd of May 2021 and it had a total of 12 episodes which had a weekly broadcasting schedule. Now as we are moving forward to the talks of the second season, according to most sources, the second season of the show is a very uncertain possibility and there still haven’t been any hints from the makers and the casts, so we should keep our hopes much high. However, as we have also told, the makers can end up doing something new and adding a bit of a twist to continue for another season and if that is done, it will not happen before 2023 anyhow.

Name Of The ShowYouth Of May
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomance, Drama
Youth Of May Season 1 Release DateMay 3, 2021
Youth Of May Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Youth Of May Season 2 Story

As we have told, there are very less chances for season 2, however, if it still happens, we will continue from the point where we may see some drastic change in the character of Hwang Hee-Tae, after the death of his lover Kim Myung-Hee and he may take an important role in the political struggle that was going on during that period. Other than that, we also may end up seeing the addition of new characters which will compel the story to be pulled for a longer time.

Youth Of May Season 2 Cast

Youth Of May Season 2 Release Date

If season 2 happens many of the cast members from the previous season will come back, mostly those who have survived by the end of the last season. We also expect that Lee Do-Hyun in the character of Hwang Hee-tae will come back and act as the only lead character. Other than that we can also expect the addition of some new characters which is the only option for creating season 2 of the show.

Where Can We Watch Youth Of May Season 2 Online?

Just like season 1, season 2 will also be most probably telecasted at first and then it may be available on Rakuten Viki for online streaming.

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