The Northman Part 2 Release Date Is Yet To Be Announced!

The Northman is an April 22, 2022, American Fantasy, History, and Thriller film. The film was co-written by Sjón and directed by Robert Eggers, who is well known in the industry for directing films such as The Lighthouse and The Witch. For Sjón, he wrote the 2022 horror mystery film Lamb, which won 9 awards and received 31 nominations the year it was released. The Northman is a Viking film about a young boy who witnesses his father’s death at the hands of his uncle, the king of the island of Hrafnsey and vows to avenge his father, save his mother, and kill his uncle. The film is fantastic, just like Eggers’ earlier works. The film, like Eggers’ earlier works, is fantastic. The Northman is an epic narrative with amazing performers and stunning cinematography. 147K people have rated the film 7.2 on IMDB. Even though it was a fantastic picture, it tanked at the box office. Critics hailed the film for Eggers’ outstanding execution, but audiences did not care for this Viking drama. People appear to be losing interest in Viking films as time passes, and it is possible that this is due to the film’s plodding pace.

The Northman Part 2 Release Date

The Northman was released on April 22, 2022, but despite Eggers’ efforts, the picture bombed at the box office. So we don’t expect Eggers to return with a sequel, and the ending was quite unambiguous, so there’s no prospect of a sequel. Even if the tale had the potential for a sequel, it will not happen for obvious reasons. Making a film with such a large budget and demanding project has already disappointed the creators. Eggers’ last release, The Witch and The Lighthouse, which did exceptionally well at the box office, still does not have a sequel, therefore we can hardly expect him to produce a sequel to The Northman, which tanked at the box office.

Name Of The ShowThe Northman
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy, Horror, Thriller
The Northman Part 1 Release DateApril 22, 2022
The Northman Part 2 Release DateNot Announced

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The Northman Part 1 Recap

When a Viking King called Aurvandill returns to his land after winning a war in AD 895, he is warmly greeted by his people. He then sees his wife and their young son, Amleth, but because he is not as powerful as his father, he takes a necklace from the riches they have returned with and gives it to his son. The king also had a brother named Fjölnir, who was a very powerful and vicious man who always backed his brother and even fought most of the brutal conflicts on his brother’s side, therefore the majority of the victories were also due to his efforts. He tells the Queen that he is severely injured as a result of the conflict and that he has chosen to declare his son as the next King. The Queen advises him not to do so since Amleth is extremely young and not yet strong enough to be the next King.

The Queen informs him that if he insists on doing it, he must murder his brother since he has done so much for the Kingdom and must believe that if he makes Amleth, Fjölnir would most likely kill him. The next day, he takes his son to their ancestor temple, where they perform certain rituals. As they return through the jungles, Fjölnir attacks the two of them and kills King. Amleth manages to run away but when he returns to the kingdom, he discovers that his uncle has taken over the kingdom and has also captured his mother.

The Northman Part 2 Cast

The Northman Part 2 Release Date

The cast of The Northman are as follows Alexander Skarsgård as Amleth, Nicole Kidman as Queen Gudrún, Claes Bang as Fjölnir the Brotherless, Anya Taylor-Joy as Olga of the Birch Forest, Ethan Hawke as King Aurvandill War-Raven, Gustav Lindh as Thorir the Proud, Elliott Rose as Gunnar, Willem Dafoe as Heimir the Fool, Björk as the Seeress, Eldar Skar as Finnr the Nose, Olwen Fouéré as Ashildur Hofgythja and Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson as He-witch. Ian Whyte as the Mound Dweller, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as Thorfinnr Tooth-Gnasher, Kate Dickie as Halldora the Pict, Tadhg Murphy as Eirikr Blaze-Eye, Ralph Ineson as Captain Volodymyr, Murray McArthur as Hákon Ironbeard and Ineta Sliuzaite as the Valkyrja, Oscar Novak as young Amleth.

Where To Watch The Northman Part 2 Online?

The History, Fantasy film is streaming on Virgin Tv Go (UK) and Peacock (US). The second instalment has yet to be revealed.

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