Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Ain’t something like an exorcism, quite scary and intriguing at the same time? However, the makers of this show, have taken a different approach towards the project and tried to convey the whole idea of exorcism in a much more funny approach, though some scenes may end up giving you goosebumps, something that we can ensure you is that after watching “Sell Your Haunted House”, you are surely not getting any nightmares.

This series has also been very well known for the excellent cast that has been selected by the makers and along with that, the makers have also been praised for the excellent depiction and the detailed effort that they have put into the work. The show came out nearly a year back and has got a huge fan base all over the world, the fan base for this is just huge when it comes to k drama series and this show has also received a 7.6 IMDb rating which is just amazing based on the genre, it belongs too. Other than that, the critic’s comments have also been mostly positive and this is one of those shows which is perfect for binge-watching in your free time.

Now another question that we have received a lot regarding the show is regarding the second season of the show. Most are regarding whether we are going to receive a second season and if yes, then when it is. However, the makers of the show haven’t confirmed anything yet, but from the success, this show has achieved we assume, that it isn’t much more probable to waste a show with such great potential. Along with that, the cast members of the show have also expressed their feeling and enthusiasm regarding the second season. Though there is a great, we will have to wait a little longer to get any more updates from the maker’s side.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date

The makers had the idea of the show way before 2020 only and finally, they offered to make the show in the year 2020 since then the entire production process and filming took a long period, and then we finally received the first season of the show, that was telecasted on the 14th of April, 2021 and it has also received ion total 16 episodes. now the major question is whether we are going to receive a second season for this successful show. We have already heard from Jung Na Ra, that she loved working on the first season of the show, and is looking forward to working on the second, however, nothing is in her hand. So, we know that the cast members are ready for it, just that the makers have to make a decision now, and based on the success this show has achieved it is very probable that we are going to receive a second season. Though we are surely not going to get it in 2022, there is a great chance that by mid-2023, we end up getting the second season of the show.

Name Of The ShowSell Your Haunted House
Season NumberSeason
GenreFantasy, Comedy, Supernatural
Sell Your Haunted House Season 1 Release DateApril 14, 2021
Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Story

The second season of the show will not have a quite new story according to us, though nothing has been hinted at yet. In the previous episode, we have mostly seen new cases in every episode along with new hurdles in the process of exorcism. However, another thing that we have also seen is the bond getting stronger day by day, between our two main characters, Hong Ji-ah and Oh In-beom. So, we can predict that the second season will also follow new stories in each episode, and maybe the makers can also add some personal life problems of the two characters into the story for some more drama.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Characters

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date

If the second season of the show happens, we don’t expect much change in the cast. The two lead characters of Hong Ji-ah and Oh In-beom, are surely going to be played by Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-Hwa, and there may also be some other artists’ return for the side and the recurring roles in the series.

Where Can We Watch Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Online?

Just like the previous season of the show, we can expect season 2 to be telecasted at first, and then it might be available on Netflix, just like the first season.

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