How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Release Date Details!

Have you ever been curious about psychedelic therapy and how it works? Then we surely have brought a series for you which you all will be interested in. now according to many, drugs like LSD and many other harmful banned substances bear a threat to human conscience, but if we tell you some of these drugs also have the capacity to recover people suffering from extreme alcoholism, PTSD and many other mental health diseases, because of which people have been losing their stable mindset. Their family and who knows what more. Now to clear the ideas and many other stereotypes which most people have regarding psychedelic drugs, Michael Pollan a renowned journalist and an author did quite a lot of study and brought to us first his book, which shared the same name as this series and that was an absolute game changer and it widened the vision of many people regarding the usage of this drugs and soon Netflix asked Michael to help them make a mini-documentary series which will be much more accessible to people and help them understand the concept more easily. This series has been already very praised by critics and along with that it has also received an 8.2 IMDb rating which is quite great when we are talking about documentary series.

Now there has also been a big question from the reader’s side, and that is whether we are getting the second season for the show any soon. Now the answer hasn’t been announced by the makers yet but based on how the show has done, it will be quite logical to bring out a second season with much more information that will educate the audience more, but we must also keep in mind that this show was rated as a mini-series and thus further seasons are very rarely received for mini-series kind of shows.

How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Release Date

How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Release Date

The book which gave the main idea of this series actually came out in the year 2018 and as we have said it was a game changer. However, our host Michael Pollan has been studying this topic for years, just to welfare humanity, and finds the real secrets that are hiding in these psychedelic drugs. Now the idea of this series came to Netflix most probably by the end of 2021 and seeing the rising growth of the book and the interest of the people in this topic, Netflix thought of approaching Michael Pollan with the idea of the series and soon, we received the trailer of this 4-episode small show on the 6th of June 2022, and shockingly just after six days, Netflix also release all the 4 episodes of the show, on their platform and that is on the 12th of June 2022. Now the main topic that is the second season of the show hasn’t been confirmed yet and thus based on the success of the show, we can imagine the makers working again to enlighten us more on this topic and if that happens, we can predict the dates to be in 2023.

Name Of The ShowHow To Change Your Mind
Season NumberSeason 2
How To Change Your Mind Season 1 Release DateJune 12, 2022
How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Story

This series is mainly a documentary series and it has only 4 episodes, so there isn’t much of a story behind it. In each episode we see the host presenting his study along with other knowledgeable people on some of the main types of psychedelic drugs and tell us how we can benefit from them if they are properly used under proper medical prescriptions however, they also tell us ion what extra usage will lead to and how generally they are misused. Overall, it’s a great series and we also see the journey of many people who have benefited from these usages.

How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Cast

For the second season, we can hope that the host of the show Michael Pollan will be the same, but whoever else will be there cannot be predicted and it completely depends on the researchers and the demo patients.

How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Trailer

How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Release Date

No trailer has been released for the second season of the show yet, however, the trailer for the first season is available online.

Where Can We Watch How To Change Your Mind Season 2 Online?

This is a Netflix original series and thus if season 2 happens, it will be available on the Netflix platform only.

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