Best Seasons Of Family Guy: Season 4 Is The Epic One!

Family Guy has grown to be one of Fox’s longest-running television programs. Even though it was cancelled in 2002, it returned in 2004 and has since continued to provide tons of humour. Peter, his wife Lois, and their three children Chris, Meg, and Stewie are Quahog’s favourite family. They have experienced some of the most outrageously entertaining adventures for a longer period of time than any of our children. Similar to The Simpsons, the show has a respectable number of Emmy Awards and doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon on Fox. However, it is challenging to compile a list of the finest seasons of the show from a show with 20 seasons.

Best Seasons Of Family Guy

Season 4

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

Peak In Season 4, “Family Guy” debuts. After Season 3, the program was once more cancelled, but after astronomically high DVD sales, Fox was compelled to reconsider and give “Family Guy” the fourth season. The show’s creators came back strong and gave fans some of the best comedic material the animated series has ever delivered. When Quagmire is discovered having sex with Cleveland’s then-wife Loretta, life in Cleveland’s household is upended. Of course, Cleveland and Loretta divorce. Cleveland gets back into the romantic image in a later episode, and Peter, Quagmire, and Joe watch as he goes on “The Bachelorette” tryouts. In yet another outrageous episode, Peter takes on the FCC by founding PTV, his own TV station where he can be as obscene as he pleases. Naturally, the FCC intervenes. The season also has “Petergeist,” a clear spoof of “Poltergeist,” one of the best non-“Star Wars” parody episodes in the entire run. In order to construct a home theatre that will compete with Joe’s next door, Peter excavates a Native American burial ground. Soon after, Stewie starts conversing with the ghosts on the TV. Anyone who has seen “Poltergeist” will be familiar with the rest of the plot.

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Season 8

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

The season 8 opening, “Road to the Multiverse,” is considered to be the best episode in Family Guy history. Stewie and Brian employ a new device that allows them to traverse other parallel realities. Brian doesn’t want to return home after they find themselves in a society where dogs are in charge. The limitations of earlier seasons were pushed by this episode. The two traveled through various universes, which resulted in distinct animation styles. Based on how the new world seemed, the pop culture references were dead on. Even better, the episode took home the Outstanding Achievement in Animation Emmy.

Season 6

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

Only 12 episodes of “Family Guy” were produced for the sixth season as a result of the Writers Guild of America strike in 2007 and 2008. The episodes of Season 6 are among the best of the entire series, despite their condensed duration. The exciting first “Star Wars” parody, “Blue Harvest,” which enjoyably parodies “A New Hope” six different ways, kicks off the season. The confrontation between Stewie and Lois that we have all been waiting for also takes place this season. Stewie has often vowed to kill his mother, and now is the perfect opportunity to carry out his evil schemes. In a two-part story, Stewie appears to kill Lois. She makes a comeback in the second episode as Stewie fights for global supremacy. Lois finally kills Stewie after arming herself like Rambo. Naturally, all of this was only a simulation Stewie was running to see how things would turn out if he carried out his intentions.

Season 10

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

In the episode “Back to the Pilot” from season 10, Stewie and Brian make another use of their time machine. This time, they employ the device to go back in time to “Death Has a Shadow,” the very first Family Guy episode. Stewie and Brian return to find the world has fundamentally changed and a second Civil War has broken out. This is because Brian told his earlier self about the 9-11 attacks in an effort to save lives. Everything becomes much more perplexing when they decide to travel back in time in order to prevent themselves from doing so.

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Season 5

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

Season 5 is a perfect example of what makes “Family Guy” from the past fantastic. Many of the episodes are just plain silly and packed with wacky schemes pulled off by Peter and his oddball crew of friends. In one of these episodes, after 42’s car breaks down in front of their house, he becomes great friends with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Together, Peter and President Bill seek to rob farmers of their pigs while smoking marijuana. Stewie consumes communion wine as a punch in another location. The congregation thinks Stewie is under the influence of Satan after he throws up the holy sacrament, which leads the Griffins to leave Quahog and temporarily settle in Texas. In the epilogue, Peter upends everything by granting Death’s wish to go back in time and kiss Molly Ringwald in 1984. He is wed to Molly in the present, while Lois is wed to Quagmire. Now that Quagmire has children, Chris, Meg, and Stewie all share his recognizable chin. Many innovative and original ideas are featured in Season 5, which keeps the humor interesting and draws people back for more.

Season 9

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

A double-length episode focused on a murder mystery opens Season 9. A clever whodunnit detective story that featured numerous important individuals getting killed off was a terrific technique to draw viewers in. The remaining episodes are really good, despite not being of the same grade. Surprisingly, Season 9 avoids the superfluous cutaway gags that had become a stale crutch in favor of humor that is directly related to the plot. Many of the tales, such as Meg’s thirst for Joe, the Griffins’ reversal of roles within the family, and Stewie’s journey back in time to rescue his evil twin from murdering Leonardo da Vinci, are unique. You know, that old cliché. The final installment of the Blue Harvest trilogy, which closes the season, is funnier than it ought to be given that, as the episode’s opening crawl claims, “Fox forced us to do it.”

Season 3

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

Following the Fox Network’s cancellation and reversal of Season 2 after its airing, Season 3 debuted in 2001 and ushered fans back into the crazy world of Quahog. This season excels at drawing humor from bizarre, outrageous plots. In order to pursue Hollywood fame, Brian relocates to Los Angeles with his cousin Jasper. Peter spends the entire episode releasing his self-consciousness after learning that Chris has a much, much larger male genital organ than he does. Peter doesn’t work at the brewery we see in later seasons of “Family Guy”; instead, he works at a toy factory in the show’s early seasons. Mr. Weed, his current boss, is a kind of a stick in the mud. In one of the episodes, Mr. Weed passes away unexpectedly while having dinner with the Griffins. Peter no longer has work once the toy factory closes. The grandfather Griffin jokingly looks for work but believes that his ideal position would be a jouster at a Renaissance fair.

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Season 2

Mila Kunis takes over as Meg’s series regular after Lacey Chabert leaves the role in Season 2. Otherwise, the season largely continues where the first season left off. The family survives an alternate reality where the world experiences a nuclear holocaust spurred on by the foreboding Y2K glitch that, in the actual world, produced utterly baseless fear and terror at the turn of the century. The Griffins receive a mansion from Lois’ deceased aunt, Peter strives to make peace with his bigoted father, and the family survives. The Grim Reaper later sprains his ankle, forcing Peter to temporarily replace him. Naturally, Peter feels a bit overwhelmed and has way too much responsibility. The infamous Stewie and Brian-centered episodes from this season also open with the naming convention of “Road to…” “Road to Rhode Island” is the name of the Brian and Stewie episode for this season. When Brian picks up Stewie from his grandparents’ house in California, things go wrong on the way home. They miss their flight and have to take every available route home. Season 2 ups the ante on the series’ trademark dark comedy, which frequently exploits delicate issues for laughs. Despite the show’s daring direction, it was cancelled after Season 2 because of low ratings. But the network changed course and chose to air Season 3 of the program in 2001.

Season 13

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

The world has been waiting for this crossover since the start of Family Guy season 13 to air. The Simpsons Guy is a crossover episode where Family Guy and The Simpsons collide, as the title of the episode suggests. After having their car stolen outside of Springfield, the Griffins decide to stay with the Simpsons until they can get it back. When the public learns that Pawtucket Patriot beer is a knockoff of Duff Beer, Peter is forced to appear in court on behalf of his business. Fred Flintstone served as the judge in the court case, which featured yet another appearance.

Season 1

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

TV fans eagerly anticipated the September 21st premiere of Futurama, a brand-new animated series that was destined to become a classic. Viewers were excited about the sitcom because it was created by the same creative team as The Simpsons. The same day, though, a different cartoon called Family Guy that no one had heard of debuted and caused much more attention. Although the animation looked a touch janky, Seth MacFarlane’s short show immediately stood out for its flawless comic timing and outrageous humor. Even while it was clear that Family Guy had taken The Simpsons’ family dynamic as its own, it added its own zaniness to avoid coming off as a blatant clone.

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Season 7 

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

Even though Family Guy’s running nonsensical jokes aren’t always funny, Peter dancing to Surfin’ Bird is one of the show’s funnier moments. It’s absurd, catchy, unrelated to the story and the epitome of Family Guy’s distinct sense of humor. Even though this is the episode from Season 7 that most people recall, this time frame is the ideal synthesis of all the best aspects of the program. The series’ best song, A Bag of Weed, is performed in episode 420, which also provides a great reflection on the legalization of marijuana. Additionally, Season 7 features a ton of cameos, including members of Star Trek: The Next Generation, funny running jokes like Stewie mispronouncing “cool whip,” and some bizarre plotlines like the Griffins befriending O.J. Simpson, Peter encountering Jesus, and Stewie abusing steroids. Family Guy is at its best when it abandons traditional plotlines and just does its own thing, as evidenced by the episodes that revolve around time-traveling to Nazi Germany and the adaptations of Stephen King’s most well-known books.

Season 11

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

The show’s eleventh season sees “Family Guy” moving in a slightly darker tone than what its typical audience was accustomed to in 2013. Some of the season’s least encouraging plots include Carter Pewterschmidt’s firm keeping the cancer cure a secret for financial gain, Meg trying to drug Chris to encourage him to sleep with another male, and Peter turning into a meth dealer. Of course, some dazzling “Family Guy” fun still shines through the darkness. Stewie and Brian’s vacation to Las Vegas, for instance, where the teleporter unintentionally creates two sets of Stewie and Brian, is one example of this. In contrast to the other Stewie and Brian partnership, which had a miserable vacation, one has a blast in Las Vegas. Stewie tampering with a space shuttle’s flight controls occurs during a voyage to space that the Griffin family also makes. Even the “Family Guy” characters have been used to retell the Christian birth myth. Season 11 of “Family Guy” includes both highs and lows, just like life.

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Season 16

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

When Season 12 was made available, people questioned whether Family Guy had gone off course. And when the caliber of the ensuing seasons kept declining, there was a real chance that Seth MacFarlane’s sitcom would be canceled. Then, out of nowhere, Season 16 brought back our memories of how incredibly funny Family Guy could be. There are several visual jokes, clever language, crass humor, and meta-commentary in every episode. The Big Bang Theory, Transparent, and Breaking Bad cliches are brilliantly parodied in the opening episode, which takes precedence. It was also fantastic to see two of the Modern Family cast members make an appearance. One would easily conclude that Family Guy was gaining steam after seeing the entire season. Season 16 now seems more like a flash in the pan because the animated series has never been this amusing before.

Season 12

After several seasons of fart jokes, cutaway jokes, and pointless Peter Griffin pranks, the show’s twelfth season makes an effort to add a tiny bit of humanity to the whole “Family Guy” saga. The passing of the family canine and enduring fan favorite Brian marks that turning point. The entire family is seen in a depressing scenario lamenting the loss of their dearest friend. Stewie is particularly devastated by Brian’s passing. In order to lessen their suffering, the family adopts a new dog named Vinny, portrayed by Tony Sirico of “The Sopranos.” Unexpectedly, Brian dies for two episodes before Stewie acquires the ability to travel through time and saves him. It was a little difficult to take Brian’s death seriously in a cartoon full of funny deaths. Of course, the general public saw the incident as an attempt to frighten people in order to increase viewership. The episode “Brian’s a Bad Father” further highlights what a terrible father Brian is during the season. When Brian’s teenage son becomes a TV sensation, he makes use of his kid’s success to raise his own reputation. Cleveland Brown also makes a comeback to the “Family Guy” cast this season after having his own spinoff series canceled. In the end, Season 12 was able to create some change, but overall it falls into a rut of recycling old jokes, indicating a creative downturn for the show as a whole.

Season 20

This season’s tone downs the outlandish antics intended to shock audiences. Instead, Season 20 focuses more intently on specific Griffin family members. Peter learns that, despite the heightened political correctness of today’s society, his appreciation of 1980s films may not be unfounded. After engaging with Play-Doh that had been contaminated with cooties by a girl in his class, Stewie thinks he is dying. Later, Peter injures his testicles while riding a stationary bike, and the church choir makes use of his newly acquired high voice. There is an episode of “Family Guy” that features three parodies based on the HBO television series “Game of Thrones,” “Succession,” and “Pretty Little Liars.” This season also includes an episode with a 1940s noir concept that follows Peter as a private detective. Although it may overcorrect for its earlier, more abrasive approach and completely miss the mark, Season 20 of “Family Guy” strives to lessen the impact of the comedy. The appropriate amount of crass comedy is missing from this season of “Family Guy,” which is necessary for a successful season.

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Season 15

The anti-vax episode is not only entertaining, but it also seems more timely now than it did when it first aired. Episodes centered on the sex-obsessed Quagmire learning about Tinder or Peter finding out he fathered numerous children are as funny and stupid as they sound. The episode that recreates The Great Gatsby, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Of Mice and Men also demonstrate that current Family Guy episodes are at their best when they give well-known stories a new spin. While this season may not be revolutionary, it is steady enough to win over viewers who stuck with the show through its less successful episodes.

Season 14

The best way to sum up Season 14 is “meh.” It’s not horrible, but none of the episodes are really innovative. Every one of the 20 episodes ranges from fair to excellent. This is maybe worse than just being horrible because it makes Season 14 the most forgettable part of the entire run of the program. Although Brian Griffin’s death was detested by viewers, the creative team deserves praise for pushing the edge. Sadly, none of that exists here. The stories feel flat and uninspired this time around; two episodes center on Brian having an affair with a married woman. Laughing will undoubtedly occur a few times, but you won’t likely remember much of it.

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Season 18

Even if the narratives are brimming with possibility, Season 18 includes the worst aspects of Seasons 12 and 16, there isn’t a single outstanding vignette. You would assume the authors had a great day packing in as many wisecracks as possible when you have situations repeating the stories of the Bible, Hamlet, or Disney rebooting Family Guy as a Marvelesque series. It appears that the creative team is fighting to be relevant rather than producing a genuinely engaging story because these episodes are so blindly derivative. Rich Old Stewie, an episode that focuses on Stewie as an adult, is humorous but doesn’t make a lasting impression. After watching a few episodes from Season 18, you’ll want to stop watching forever.

Season 19

It feels like a perfect example of how Family Guy relies on tired jokes because the Season 19 episode PeTerminator is a spoof of The Terminator. But in an odd turn of events, this is the best part of the season! The majority of the punchlines tie into the plot so they don’t seem forced, and most of them deliver the intended humor. In actuality, PeTerminator is the closest thing we’ve come in years to the original recipe that made Family Guy so amazing. Unfortunately, because it’s filled with the same worn-out one-liners and routines, it can’t save the remainder of the season. Although Family Guy has always featured gags that are repeated, nearly two decades of the same joke is a good reason to skip this season.

Season 17

The Best Season Of Family Guy Ranked

Even while Family Guy appeared to be recovering in Season 16, the ensuing season crushed those hopes. The biggest issue with this season is not that the majority of the jokes aren’t hilarious, but rather that the plots aren’t funny despite the fact that they need to be. Peter’s confrontation with Donald Trump takes up the entirety of one episode. Despite the seemingly limitless possibilities for jokes about the divisive former president, the writers chose to concentrate on easy pickings like Trump’s tiny stature and orange skin. It’s unexpected to see Family Guy descend to the level that it has; you’d anticipate uninspired and eccentric jokes like these from worse shows. Transgenderism, internet celebrity, and fake news are just a few of the subjects the season tackles, in its defense, that are pertinent to today’s society. Unfortunately, the themes are never thoroughly explored, leaving you to question why the creative team bothered to devote full episodes to these topics.

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