Bad Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date: Will This Rom-Com Return?

Bad Girlfriend is a romantic comedy South Korean web series following romance and drama as its genre. The series is directed by Lee Si-Young and has a total of 12 episodes. The series features the story of a confident and brilliant girl named Ji Soo. Ji Soo is an advertising planner and is quite capable and good at her work, which makes her proud of her qualities. She searches for true love, and has a strong desire to be with someone she likes. She ends up dating two guys at once, her superior at work, Tae Oh, who is a competent perfectionist, and a cheerful young boy named Ji Ho, who is struggling to earn a living.

Everything is going well until Ji Ho enters her workplace as a fellow. Ji Ho is troubled and her perfect and peaceful life falls apart as she tries to manage the future events which are to follow. The story is written by Park Jeong Yoon and the series was released on 5th July, 2022. Since the series is on its run and is still in its initial stages, we decided to give the fans some updates on the future plans of the series. In this article we will give you the available details on a possible next season, ways to stream the series and some extra information and reviews you might find interesting. 

Bad Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

Bad Girlfriend makers are yet to release any news on the future plans of the series. Since the series is still in its prime, predicting the future plans of the series gets difficult. The series is currently at an interesting point where Ji Soo is struggling to hide the fact that she is double-dating with two men from her workplace and is also trying hard to keep this a secret from her partners. The series is really interesting and is getting a good number of ads from popular products, which ensures that the series is doing quite well in its earnings. In case of a future season, we predict the story will continue with new cast and characters and a different story. We expect the series to end with Ji So finally realising where her heart lies, regardless of whether Tae Oh and Ji Ho find out the truth. The series is highly interesting and many fans are complementing on the realistic and comedic acting skills of the cast. In case of further news and announcements, we will make sure to release a new and fresh article and inform you of all the new information we have summarized from various reports. 

Name Of The ShowBad Girlfriend
Season NumberSeason 2
Bad Girlfriend Season 1 Release DateJuly 5, 2022
Bad Girlfriend Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Bad Girlfriend Cast

Bad Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

The main cast of Bad Girlfriend consists of:

  • Byeon Seo-Yoon, who acts as Yang Ji Soo, an attractive, bright and capable girl with a likable personality. Many people have a crush on her and she dates people casually. One day, she comes across two brilliant and loving men and ends up dating both of them, having difficulty in choosing one. 
  • Hyuk acts as Moon Ji-Ho, the puppy-faced young lover of Ji Soo, who is warm and gentle and sweet towards people who are close to him. He dreams of working together in the same workplace as Ji Soo and considers her as his ideal type. 
  • Park Young Woon acts as Yoon Tae Oh, the sharp, charismatic and handsome lover and superior of Ji Soo, who is also the leader of her team. He is a perfectionist with a clear vision and excels at his work. He appears to be cold, rigid and serious, because he has yet to understand human emotions. 
  • Yoo Jeong Hoo acts as Kwak Hyun Woo
  • Ji Soo’s young and handsome friend who has known her for over 10 years. He is aware of all the past relationships of Ji Soo and has always been by her side. When Ji Soo starts meeting two ideal men, he feels uneasy and has trouble composing his emotions. 

Where To Watch Bad Girlfriend Online?

Bad Girlfriend is still in its initial stages of popularity and is yet to be released on bigger platforms like Netflix, Amazon or Hotstar. However, the series can still be found on mediocre and small sites based on your location. Vikki has allowed the streaming of the series for international fans. If you are in a location where the series is unavailable, we suggest you use VPN. With this, we end our article. We hope all your questions were answered and you enjoyed reading the article. We appreciate a lovely crowd so we’d like it if you dropped your views and suggestions in the comments. 

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