Is Gen V Related To The Boys? What Is The Name Of The Sequel?

If you have been a fan of superhuman-based movies and series, you have surely heard of the name “The Boys”, and if you still haven’t, we recommend you to check it out even before you start watching Gen V. for those who don’t know anything about the series The Boys, it is actually a superhuman based series which has been adapted from a comic franchise that was written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, and shares the same title as the series. This series follows the conflict between two superhuman groups, one named The Seven and the other names The Boys, and The Seven is one of those groups who are superheroes in the eyes of the people but end up doing very shading things and exploiting their powers and that’s where the conflict between both groups start.

The Boys decide to bring an end to their practices and the creation of superhumans through artificial fluids which give them the power to exploit the commoners. Overall, this series has been one of the most hyped series with an 8.7 IMDb rating which is just excellent. Now for those who want to know about Gen V, that is too a superhuman-based series that is yet to make its release and has got a lot of hype already from the audience. The IMDb ratings of the show aren’t out yet but it is surely going to be a great show.

Now the main question that we have received from our readers is whether the two series, The Boys and the Gen V are related to each other somehow. The answer is a yes, they are related to the fall in the same franchise and according to some sources, just the timeline for both series is going to be different. To know more about the topic do continue reading this article.

Is Gen V Related To The Boys?

Is Gen V Related To The Boys

The Gen V series is actually a spin-off series to The Boys and belongs to the same universe just the time is different. For those who have watched The Boys series, you do know about the entire scenario of how Vought International has been creating superhumans using an artificial fluid that they produce and how this superhero team who are funded by Vought go on to be idolized in the eyes of people and at the same time exploit their powers and take advantage of commoners, and that is where The Boys a team of genius minds and powers, get into the scene and they start challenging the Vought Superheroes and aim at shutting the organization down. Now the superheroes that are produced by Vought are known as Supes as we all know and The Sevens which are the main Vought Superheroes of The Boys series aren’t the first ones in the universe. There have been many such teams in the previous years and will be there in the coming years and the Gen V series is supposedly going to show the stories of G-men (whom we heard about in the first season of The Boys) who are being tested to be worthy of the superhero team in a university which is being run by the Vought International Company. In this series, we will see all the shady things they are taught and what they end up doing on their journey to being the so-called superheroes.

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Gen V Release Date

Is Gen V Related To The Boys

The original series was announced in the year 2020 and they received permission from the amazon prime studios in the year 2021, and since then the makers of The Boys series have started to work on this spin-off series which is somehow inspired by The Hunger Games series and falls under The Boys franchise. Other than that, the release date of the show hasn’t been announced yet, however, according to some of our sources, the series will supposedly make it to us by early or mid-2023. The trailer of the show hasn’t been out yet too, however, we can predict it to be released in the months of November or December of 2022 and this spinoff series is also expected to have 8 episodes just like the actual Boys series and we don’t know yet if it will be continued with any more seasons yet.

Where Can We Watch Gen V Series?

The Gen V series just like the boy series will be available on the Amazon Prime Videos platform for online streaming.

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