Is Aubrey Plaza Gay: What Is Her Sexuality?

Aubrey Plaza is an American actress, and also a comedian and producer. She was born on 26 June 1984 and her full name is Aubrey Christina Plaza. Aubrey was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She is the eldest child in her family followed by two younger sisters Renee and Natalie. She started her career in 2006, and her first film as a lead actress was Safety Not Guaranteed in 2012. In the first six years of her career, she used to play supporting roles in various movies. Recently, the actress and producer have been the talk of the town for her sexuality. People want to know if she is gay or if she belongs to the LGBT community. So here is what we know about Aubrey Plaza’s sexuality.

Is Aubrey Plaza Gay?

Is Aubrey Plaza Gay?

No, Aubrey Plaza is not gay. She recently talked about her sexuality in an interview with an LGBT interest magazine, The Advocate. During her interview, she opened up about her sexuality and said that she liked both men and women, which makes her Bisexual, t gay. She mentioned that it is what it is and she cannot help it. Aubrey later shared that she discovered her sexuality when she was 12 years old. Aubrey Plaza has grown up in an Irish Catholic family, in the Republican area. But even after being an Irish Catholic, her family has always been open to her about her sexuality. Aubrey plaza has always been following the LGBT community. Her younger sister is a lesbian and belongs to the LGBT community as well.

By coming out as a confident and fearless bisexual Aubrey Plaza has set an example for everyone around the world to own their sexuality and identity no matter who they are. Aubrey Plaza is not the only celebrity who has done this, many celebrities have time to time come out with their sexuality and inspired the LGBT community to be courageous about their identity. The last few years have made the LGBT community stronger than ever as many people across the world have decided to own who they are.

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Aubrey Plaza Relationship Status

Aubrey Plaza has been married to her long-time boyfriend Jeff Baena. Both of them got married during the pandemic. The actress appeared on The Ellen Show where she shared how both of them decided to get married instantly. She mentioned that it was their tenth anniversary and she asked Jeff Baena if they should do something special on this day. While discussing what special they can do she joked about getting married to which both of them started giving serious thought. Soo Aubrey started searching on google about how the two of them can get married at the earliest. She found a site that could help them get a marriage license and get married on a day and she booked a session with them on the same day. Soon both of them got a marriage license and took care of all the preparations to get married.

Is Aubrey Plaza Gay

The actress announced her wedding in May through her Instagram account mentioning that she is proud of her darling husband Jeff Baena. Aubrey Plaza met her husband Jeff Baena in 2011 and the two of them have been dating since then. They have also collaborated on a lot of projects like The Little Hours and Life After Beth. They have been a powerful couple ever since they started dating. Aubrey Plaza knew about her sexuality since she was twelve but came out about it after marriage. After dating for more than ten years the couple got married in 2021.

Aubrey Plaza Career

Aubrey Plaza has been working in the industry since 2006. She started her career in sketch comedy. Before her debut, she used to perform sketch comedy and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The actress has done a ton of internships before she had her debut. Some of her favorite projects include Mystery Team, Funny People, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Damsels and Distress, The End Of Love, The To Do List, and The Little Hours. She has also directed some of her films. An actress, comedian, director, and producer she is one women’s army for sure. Every role of her shows how talented she has been, in her long journey she has received many awards for her performance as well.

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