Eleceed Chapter 204 Release Date Is Out Now!

Eleceed is a Korean fantasy and action webtoon written by Son Jae Ho and drawn by ZHENA. You can find it on Naver (Korean) and WEBTOON (English). Updated every Tuesday, it is rated 9.9 / 10.0 stars on Webtoons. Jiwoo is a kind-hearted young man who uses the cat’s ultra-fast reflexes to make the world a better place, rescue small children, and raise pets. Cayden is a secret agent on the run, and he finds himself … uh … in the body of a very thick, old, fluffy cat. Together, armed with Jiu’s superpower and Cayden’s super sage, they fight the forces that allow evil to rule this world. That is if they can stand with each other long enough to get the job done.

Eleceed Chapter 204 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 204 Release Date

Creators will release Eleceed Chapter 204 on July 29, 2022, as scheduled. This chapter is available on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. However, if the schedule changes due to production, the release date of the chapter may change. Anime Daily News keeps you up to date with all the news and updates in the anime world! Thank you!! Laura tries to escape, but Schuon catches her gravity. He sucks her in and begins to crush her. However, he lost focus and Laura did not fail to launch an attack on Sucheon. She created a space surrounded by the ground. However, Sucheon opens the grenade with an explosion. However, the attack hurt Sucheon enough and the referee declared a draw. The next fighter for the battle arrives at the arena. Jin on the Academy side and Wooin on the Rookies side who awoke.

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Eleceed Chapter 204 Story Predictions

The outing before Eleceed ended with the start of Wooin’s attack. Wooin is currently fighting the awakened Academy Jin. An OMEGA organization affiliated with the power of Jin. Students of the Omega organization are renowned for their immense control over firepower. Jin has already introduced her power through a typhoon test on fire. However, Wooin does have some force control features. His abilities will be revealed in Eleceed Chapter 204. Wooin gathered blood-stained power between his palms to attack Jin. Therefore, the next chapter is completely dominated by the battle between Jin and Wooin. Arena fighters underestimated Wooin due to the fierce battle between Laura and Schuon.

Eleceed Chapter 204 Recap

Eleceed’s Chapter 203 was full of actions and tricks. The manga began with Schuon floating in the air because of his ability to manipulate gravity. However, Laura still launches an attack from the ground at Schuon’s height. However, their attacks are weak and intangible until they reach the height of Schuon. Schuon uses his power to launch an explosive attack on Laura. Laura quickly evades and diverts the attack on the wall of the ground. As the battle progresses, Schuon begins a new turn. He manipulates Laura as the center of gravity of the arena and launches her attack on her.

Eleceed Chapter 204 Characters

The first and strongest character on the list is Sucheon Kang from Eleceed Webtoon. In addition, there are only four people in Korea’s strongest Elesed Webtoon. Gangseok is the current representative of Baekho for Eleceed Webtoon. In addition, he is one of the four most powerful avengers in South Korea. The next strongest character in Eleceed’s Webtoon is Subin Lee. In addition, she is one of the four strongest newcomers from the Korean region. Her popularity is much higher than all the other characters above. Eleceed’s Webtoon has many independent awakenings, but Wooin is the strongest of all. In addition, Wooin’s awakening ability is psychokinetic and very powerful in combat. Jisk Yoo has an awakening to control the wind at a distance. Also, the strongest awakening in Korea is my brother. Now you can imagine how powerful a pedigree can be. Here, the main character of Eleeced webtoon is in 15th place. Also, the main character is the strongest character in many series, but this is not the case.

Eleceed Chapter 204 Trailer

Eleceed Chapter 204 Release Date

This series follows Jiwoo Seo’s adventure in discovering a new world with talented people. After hiding his power for most of his life, his accidental encounter with Kayden takes him to a new world with different rules. But this new world is also dangerous. Follow Jiu as he is surviving and trying to grow stronger under Kayden’s guidance. Kayden-Ironic, bold, and surprisingly protective. Kayden was a very powerful and lonely fighter, looking for a stronger opponent according to the comic, but from Chapter 58 of the English webtoon app, he had to transform into a cat.

Where To Watch Eleceed Chapter 204?

You all can watch the anime Eleceed chapter 204 on the Webtoon app itself.

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