12 Shows Like Maggie That You Can Enjoy Watching!

Hulu has recently released “Maggie”  as a series of 13 episodes on 6 July 2022, the show goes after the dramatic life of Maggie played by Rebecca Rittenhouse, who is a psychic, and she can tell people’s future just by touching their hands, she is not able to use her skills on herself though, the show takes a complicated turn when Maggie starts to see herself in other man’s lives, and she is confused than ever about the circumstances she is in, her psychic ability is a blessing in disguise for Maggie, because of her potential she sees the future relationships but also the fights and breakups which makes Maggie be reluctant to be in relationships. Here’s the list of Shows Like Maggie.

Created by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull, the show has all the ingredients, she is in love but can not be with her lover, the show has love triangles and supernatural powers in check, and the comedic quotient is also fulfilled.

So, If you enjoyed Maggie or like the romantic-comedy and supernatural drama genre, it is time to add more to your watchlist and get something to eat, because we will tell you about 12 shows like Maggie!

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife 

Shows Like Maggie

This show is the perfect blend of romantic drama with science-fiction, this show is based on a novel written by Audrey Niffenegger in 2003, the show tells the life of Henry DeTamble played by Theo James, who is a time traveller, and his Clare Abshire played by Rose Leslie, Clare finds it hard to cope with his husband Henry’s ability.

Henry DeTamble meets Clare Abshire on one of his expeditions, Clare and Henry fell in love and decided to marry but there is a big wall between their love, that is Henry’s inability to stay in one time zone, because of this Clare and Henry are always out of touch with each other, will they break apart or their love is stronger than any time, you can find out by watching this show.

Where To Watch- It is available on both Hulu and HBO, the viewers who do not have access to Hulu or HBO can watch The Time Traveler’s Wife on Disney plus.

2. That’s so Raven

Shows Like Maggie

Some may have seen this show as a part of their childhood but for those who don’t know about the life of Raven you are missing something, the show is funny, relatable, and also touching.

Raven Baxter played by Raven Symon is a teenager who can see a glimpse of the future, and she spends the rest of the time changing the fate she just saw. The story follows funny circumstances with the obvious issues and problems of a typical teenager.

Where to Watch- That’s So Raven is available on Disney plus.

3. Medium

Shows Like Maggie

This show is based on the research of Allison Dubois, who claims to help US law enforcement to solve the crime, with her psychic ability.

In the show the character of Allison Dubois is played by Patricia Arquette, who is a mother of three children, she has powers through which she can see the future and witness the past through her dreams.

The show has a strong female lead and a thriller story which is a deadly combination to keep you on your toes to see what happens next.

Where to Watch- It can be rented on Amazon or Google Play, Medium is available to watch for free on Pluto or CBS.

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4. Pushing Daisies

Shows Like Maggie

This story is about a pie-maker Ned played by Lee Pace, Ned has the ability to bring back dead people into living also when he touches the people the second time they are dead forever and can not be revived again.

When the business was not working for Ned, a private investigator Emerson Cod played by Chi Mcbride finds out about his skills of Ned and asks him to help with cases, Ned helps Emerson by solving a murder case, when he brought back the victim to ask questions about the murder.

This show is critically acclaimed and is 17 times Emmy nominated and won 7 times.

Where to Watch- Pushing Daisies is available on Amazon prime video and HBO max.

5. Deadbeat

Shows Like Maggie

“Medium” is a person who is able to talk to ghosts. Kevin Pacaliogolu played by Tyler Labine is a medium for hire, Kevin solves the unresolved issues of ghosts to help them find a resting place 

Deadbeat has comedians like Tyler Labine, Brandon T. Jackson, and Kal Penn which makes the show overall an excellent comedy, the antics of Kevin and his life is surely going to be a treasure to watch.

Where to Watch- It is accessible on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

6. Psych

Shows Like Maggie

It is an American comedy-drama series by Steve Franks, Shawn Spencer played by James Roday is a police consultant, who has great observational skills, that Shawn uses to solve cases successfully, which makes his colleagues feel that Shawn is only able to solve cases because he has “inside” information and decides to arrest Shawn as a suspect to avoid going to jail he claims that he has psychic powers, to keep up with the fake act and to help the police, Shawn open a psychic detective agency.

With his lie and his skills, he solves the cases and gets himself in strange and comic conditions which makes the show hilarious to watch.

Where to Watch-  available on Amazon Prime Video and can be rented on Google play and Itunes.

7. Ghost Whisperer

A woman named Melinda Gordon played by Jennifer Love Hewitt gets the gift of connecting to the dead. In the show’s course of 5 seasons, Melinda helps the ghosts to solve their issues and help them go into the spirit world.

She engages with ghosts who are mysterious and threatening at first, Melinda also meets people who push her away but she is keen in helping the spirits.

Where to Watch-  It is available on Amazon Prime Video and Disney plus.

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8. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

If you like musical dramas, supernatural shows, and romantic comedies this is it, a computer coder Zoey played by Jane Levy suddenly starts to hear people’s thoughts and feelings through a song, at first she feels that she should not know other people’s thoughts as they are private, but with the help of her neighbor she decides to use her power to make things a little better.

Zoey’s ability lets her know about the fact that one of her friends loves her. Zoey knows everyone’s real feelings and emotions, how she helps everyone and maintains her relationships, and watches the show to know.

P.s:  After this show, you are going to have a good playlist of songs.

Where to Watch-  watch on NBC.com and Amazon Prime Video

9. Charmed

Charmed is a story about 3 sisters, each possessing a special power; they have to maintain their normal lives as well as fight evil powers and demons.

Three sisters, Prue played by Shannen Doherty, Piper played by Holly Marie Combs and Phoebe played by Alyssa Milano are known as the “Power of Three” to protect the people from the bad.

Where to Watch- Peacock TV can be found on Amazon.

10. Misfit 

A group of 4 people develops superpowers when they are struck by a weird electrical storm. The story follows their lives and their powers.

Kelly Bailey played by Lauren Socha can now suddenly hear thoughts, whereas Simon Bellamy played by Iwan Rheon can make himself invisible, Curtis Donovan played by Nathan Stewart can turn the time back, and Alisha Daniels played by Antonia Thomas can now make anyone lust after her, Nathan seems to have no changes.

The mystery of how they got the powers and their friendship will be revealed to you when you watch the show.

Where to Watch-  Misfits is available on Netflix and Hulu.

11. A Discovery of Witches 

It is based on the All souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness, is the story of Diana Bishop played by Teresa Palmer,  a story of a reluctant witch, who brings her back to her roots when she finds an old manuscript that reveals the magical secret of her own world.

Diana is offered help by Matthew Clairmont played by Matthew Goode, who is a vampire, the witches and vampires have a rift ongoing but both Diana and Matthew decided to end the war to solve the mysteries and protect the manuscript founded earlier by Diana while dodging the evil creatures and threats.

Where to Watch-  Sonyliv and Amazon 

12. Roswell, New Mexico

It is a science-fiction series based on the book Roswell High by Melinda Metz, starring Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho and Nathan Dean as Max Evans.

When Liz Ortecho returns to her town Rosewell she gets to know about her  Max Evans crush who is an alien and has hidden his true identity for years, both Liz and Max supported each other and Liz protects Max’s secret and the two reconnect, but the problem arises when an attack on alien takes place, and the politics and fear comes between Liz and Max.

Where to Watch- It is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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