17 Shows Like Boo Bitch That You Should Not Miss!

Tim Schauer, Kuba Soltysiak, Erin Ehrlich, and Lauren Iungerich are the creators of the American comedy miniseries Boo, Bitch, which made its Netflix debut on July 8, 2022. If you’ve watched the latest adolescent drama on Netflix, Boo, Bitch, you already know it’s a huge bowl of WTF. Erika Vu (Lana Condor), who was “squish-squashed like spam jam” beneath a moose, mulls about how to spend her final days on Earth as an undead. Up until the huge revelation that she’s not really dead! Gia (Zoe Colletti), her closest friend, was moose-topped. Erika’s narcissistic existential crisis causes a number of make-ups and break-ups, but eventually, the two make up, allowing Gia to move on in peace. Here’s the list of Shows Like Boo Bitch.

Gia gently reminds Erika to keep leading her best life through dazzling lights at the conclusion, underscoring their heartwarming reunion. Unplugged Erika’s lava lamp is glowing brilliantly, letting her know Gia is always with her. So either Erika has a terrible ghost pest issue or it’s a sign. In that case, who else do you contact than the Ghostbusters? A massive vacuum in the show’s storyline prevents the moment from being truly genuine, despite the jokes.

Shows Like Boo Bitch

Shows Like Boo Bitch

Two elderly BFFs make a valiant effort to be seen. One of them will ultimately become a ghost, therefore she must live her best life right now, while she still has the chance. One of them will ultimately become a ghost, therefore she must live her best life right now, while she still has the chance. Two elderly BFFs make a valiant effort to be seen.

Gia gently reminds Erika to keep leading her best life through dazzling lights at the conclusion, underscoring their heartwarming reunion. Unplugged Erika’s lava lamp is glowing brilliantly, letting her know Gia is always with her.

So either Erika has a terrible ghost pest issue or it’s a sign. In that case, who else do you contact than the Ghostbusters? A massive vacuum in the show’s storyline prevents the moment from being truly genuine, despite the jokes. Here are some more shows like Boo Bitch.

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Sabreena The Teenage Witch

Shows Like Boo Bitch

Boo, Bitch immediately brings to mind the enormously successful ’90s TV series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, starring Melissa Joan Hart. The narrative centers on Sabrina, a 16-year-old who discovers she has magical abilities and must rely on her two shrewd and evil aunts to help her get through the transitional phase.

The same fundamental situational comedy concept would still be evident if teenage Erika in Boo, Bitch had been a witch instead of a ghost, serving as a metaphor for a coming-of-age rite of passage. Erika and Sabrina each cultivate new identities using their newly acquired feeling of strength, which enables them to deal with the stresses of high school in incredibly humorous yet sympathetic ways.


Shows Like Boo Bitch

The American version of Ghosts continues to be an unexpected popular sitcom for CBS because of its terrific cast and how truly amusing its fundamental idea is, even though the British version that served as its inspiration is equally worthwhile to watch. The story centers on a young couple who are haunted by generations of dead spirits who live in their just-bought dream home and force them to share it with the ghosts as it continues to deteriorate.

Ghosts is a deliciously humorous and endearing show that stars the hilarious iZombie actress Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar. It is at its best when all eight ghosts from various time periods mix with one another and the main living couple, making truly funny and well-observed fun of modern life. Beyond the apparent story similarities and cheerful tone, Boo, Bitch, and Ghosts both center on the enduring affection between two close friends or family members.

Bring It On, Ghost

Shows Like Boo Bitch

Bring It On, Ghost is a well-regarded Korean television series that would make a fantastic foreign companion piece to Boo, Bitch. Park Bong-pal (Ok Taec-Yeon), a youngster who employs his capacity to see ghosts to work as a local exorcist, is the subject of the clever idea. In order to solve the mysteries surrounding Kim’s history, Park teams up with a ghost named Kim (Kim So-Hyun) after a mysterious case sends him to a haunted high school. Together, the two go on ghost-hunting escapades.

Bring It On, Ghost, a masterful combination of humor, fantasy, horror, and romance with an excellent female protagonist at its heart, eventually transforms into a really beautiful and poignant story of relatives from other existential levels who depend on one another to make sense of their shared experience.

Dead Gorgeous

Shows Like Boo Bitch

Bitch suggests watching the British/Australian series Dead Gorgeous with Boo. It centers on three sisters who perished in a horrible accident and return 150 years later to discover their home has been converted into a stuffy exclusive boarding school. The ghosts who look to be normal attend the private school and adapt to modern life without being able to reveal their secret to anybody.

Dead Gorgeous is obviously oriented toward a younger female audience, borrowing significantly from the traditional “fish out of water” notion that Boo, Bitch likewise largely depends on for its fundamental humorous conceit. The endearing three siblings’ sisterly relationship does a lot to captivate viewers and inspire them to consider what they could do differently if they had the opportunity to see the hereafter.

Julie and The Phantoms

Shows Like Boo Bitch

The Netflix original series Julie and the Phantoms is a coming-of-age story in which the characters develop a new identity as a direct result of speaking with the dead, and it shares a similar adolescent tone and temperament with Boo, Bitch. The story revolves around Julie (Madison Reyes), an aspiring rock star who, after the death of her mother, conjures the ghosts of fallen band members and quickly ascends to the position of lead vocalist for their resurrected band, The Phantoms.

Julie discovers her voice, grows in confidence, and even finds herself in a love triangle with two of her apparitional bandmates as she embarks on a series of ghostly mishaps with her new group. In the end, everything works together to respect Julie’s mother’s legacy. Strong characters and memorable statements abound in Julie and the Phantoms, and many of the same themes are prevalent in Boo, Bitch.


Shows Like Boo Bitch

Tyler Labine plays Kevin, a stoner who purports to be a medium who can communicate with the dead, in the Boo, Bitch-like program Deadbeat. Kevin gets into a series of amusing mishaps while using his expertise to assist restless ghosts to achieve closure while dealing with resentful ghosts of all kinds.

The show is praised for its amusing exchanges between Kevin and the diverse assortment of ghosts, its wacky plots that go in strange directions most comedies are scared to, and what it implies about cultivating a false persona for one’s purported benefit. In Boo, Bitch, identity, image, and second-chance makeovers in relation to the dead are also major topics.

Being Human

Shows Like Boo Bitch

What would happen if a werewolf, vampire, and ghost all resided in the same house is brilliantly imagined in BBC’s Being Human. The British television series Being Human was also recreated for American viewers, similar to Ghosts, and both of them had notable humorous qualities.

The classic “fish out of water” plot involves ghostly Annie trying to lead a normal life alongside evil bloodsucker John and deadly lycanthrope George. This leads to a wildly entertaining interaction between the living and the dead that masterfully strikes a balance between the macabre and sharply written provocations of what it means to be a human.

Dead Like Me

The novel Dead Like Me by Bryan Fuller offers one of the most original perspectives on the afterlife. The narrative centers on young office temp and college dropout Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth), who perishes after being struck by a toilet seat that dropped from a space station. When Georgia wakes up, she discovers she has been granted a second chance on Earth as a grim reaper—a thankless job—and she must learn to accept her new role and pursue happiness in whichever manner she can.

Dead Like Me is fiendishly inventive in its blend of dark comedy, joyful fantasy, and the deep remarks it makes about female empowerment in the workplace, beyond just serving as another well-regarded TV show about ghosts with a strong female protagonist.


Fans of Boo, Bitch will like the popular Australian comedy series Spirited, in which Suzy (Claudia Karvan), a dentist, shares an apartment building with Henry Mallet (Matt King), a dated spirit of a 1980s British rockstar, whom only Suzy can see and speak with.

Spirited blends heartfelt humor with dramatic pathos that will resonate with uses the afterlife as a way to revive Suzy’s dejected spirit. Suzy attempts to get over her failed marriage while forming new romances with her eight-year-old daughter Verity (Charlie Hancock) and teenage son Elvis (Louis Fowler).


Given that Lauren Iungerich co-created Boo, Bitch, it makes reasonable to suggest another of her comedy TV programs to get a feel of the comedic sensibility to anticipate. The most pertinent television show in this aspect has to be Awkward, a hilarious yet excruciatingly awkward look at Jenna Hamilton’s (Ashley Rickards) experience as an outcast teenager navigating the rigors of high school.

The social dynamic is totally changed when Jenna’s classmates mistake one of her unintentional blunders for a suicide attempt, much like it did for Erika in Boo, Bitch. She gains sympathy, popularity, newfound confidence, a rewarding romance, and more. Being this Awkward has never felt better, an informative and humorous look at female high school life from the same creative mind.

Never Have I Ever

Two females at the start of “Boo, Bitch” don’t want to blend in with the high school students that are surrounding them. They resolve to make the most of their remaining school time by doing the wildest things they had ever dreamed of before. Another film with a similar central character is “Never Have I Ever.” Devi is tired of admiring the man she has a crush on while watching from the sidelines. While struggling with a highly personal loss, she chooses to make changes for herself and does some truly strange things.

I Am Not Okay With This

The narrative of Sydney Novak, a young woman who learns she has abilities, is told in the program “I Am Not Okay With This,” which was abruptly canceled. Sydney can relate to Gia since she also feels invisible at school and is adjusting to some very difficult elements of her new life. The supernatural element of “Boo, Bitch” is shared by this show, but it also emphasizes adolescence and the awkward, bashful stage. The only warning you might need before seeing it is that it is a little darker and more serious than “Boo, Bitch,” and that it concludes with a question you’ll almost certainly never get the answer to.

Alexa and Katie

Despite the possibility of a supernatural element, “Boo, Bitch” is mostly a tale about friendship. The television show “Alexa and Katie” is the one to watch if you’re seeking anything that explores a close friendship more. Beginning with Alexa learning she has cancer, Katie looks for methods to help. They also accept that their ambition to blend in with the others is probably not going to come true at this time. They, therefore, carve out a space for themselves, opening the door to both a joyous and a devastating tale.


Even while dying is a terrifying thought in and of itself, the unknown of what lies beyond just adds to the dread. Gia is concerned about leaving behind a world where she hasn’t even had a chance to leave her imprint. But what if she had the option to choose her own afterlife? Would she then be frightened? This idea is the foundation of “Upload,” where a guy may determine the details of his afterlife. Uploading him into a virtual afterlife will enable this. Although this seems like a promising opportunity, there are a number of difficulties involved.

The Good Place

Gia and Erika in “Boo, Bitch” want to establish a name for themselves in high school because they understand that once this phase of their lives is finished, there would be no going back. The plot’s use of the time running out element is crucial. But what if you had eons to alter certain significant aspects of your personality? What if you had the time and the means to improve yourself? The plot of “The Nice Place” centers on a lady who doubts her previous life as a good person. She makes the decision to change for the better before everyone realizes she belongs in hell when she passes away and awakens in heaven.

Alone Season 8

Alone, a reality series from History has just released its eighth season on Netflix. The show centers on 10 characters who, with the exception of medical check-ins, are left alone in the wilderness with little in the way of supplies and little contact with other people. If they don’t pass a medical check-in, they can opt-out at any moment or get kicked off. But the $500,000 award goes to the one who stays the longest.

The Flash Season 8

Netflix now offers the complete eighth season of The CW’s The Flash, which consists of 20 episodes. The series debuted in 2014, and the pilot episode garnered the second-highest viewing audience in The CW’s history, behind The Vampire Diaries in 2009.

This show, which is set in the Arrowverse, centers on Barry Allen, a CSI with superhuman speed who naturally utilizes it to combat crime. The five-part “Armageddon” event opens the eighth season.

Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen in the critically acclaimed television series The Flash. According to Rotten Tomatoes, “The Flash” is a superhero program that is especially aimed at genre enthusiasts as well as newcomers because of its purposely light mood.

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