Best Seasons Of Naagin Ranked: Tejaswi Prakash Beats Everyone?

Naagin is an Indian mystery, fantasy drama tv series that premiered on 1 November 2015 on Colors TV. The television series has always been in talks for good or bad reasons when the series was initially released people were greatly invested in the series because of the revenge thriller part. Back in 2015, they did not have many options to choose from but now the series is back with season 6 and everyone seems to enjoy it as they did 7 years ago. Nothing has changed since then the series has completed 5 seasons so far and it is currently running for season 6 with every new season the viewers also get to see a new set of cast.

The series initially begin with a Naagin named Shivanya who was hunting down the killers of her parents she and her sister Sesha already tracked down the 4 killers however they could not find out who was the fifth killer. Shivanya disguises herself as a maid and gets into the Raheja house the family had a bachelor son named Rithik who was to be married before he turns 25 because if that did not happen then the Rithik will die. Shivanya then gets married to Rithik her revenge idea gets on track however in this process she also ends up falling for Rithik as the series proceeds further we get to know more about the Raheja family and their secrets. According to IMDB 3.6K users have watched the series and it has received mixed reviews from the audience many people have praised the star cast meanwhile others have pointed out the series has nothing new to offer to its audience. Here’s the list of Best Seasons Of Naagin.

1) Naagin Season 3

Best Seasons Of Naagin

Naagin has 6 seasons in total all the seasons are good in their way but as the initial showrunner season, 1 remains superior to the rest of the season however the best season of Naagin is season 3. Naagin season 3 did extremely well in terms of plot delivery and ratings it managed to climb up the TRP rating of 4.5 with its very first episode which was pretty impressive for a weekend series. This season was praised by the viewers because they liked the way the story evolve and its overall execution even the cast of season 3 did a pretty good job on their acting part. Naagin season 3 begins with the heartbreaking love story of Naagraj Vikrant and Ruhi when 11 boys killed Vikrant just for some fun. After witnessing the tragic end of her lover Ruhi vows to take her revenge by killing every single of them. Ruhi disguises herself as an attractive woman and takes all of them one by one when she manages to kill one of the guys the police get involved in to solve the case. Naagin season 3 had the most gripping plot line the murders and investigation part made it so much more interesting even the cast from season 3 was more fun and interesting in comparison to all the other seasons. The plot twists in the latter half of the season were well-executed fans also loved the main star cast and praised their pairing though they did not have sparkling chemistry as the pair from season 1 they did their part very well and added a lot of depth to the story itself.

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2) Naagin Season 1

The original season is hard to replace even though the series has completed 6 seasons so far only season 3 has managed to outdo the original season. This season was the beginning of the series no matter how much you deny the pair from season 1 is still everyone’s favorite their chemistry is unmatchable even the pair from season 6 could not stop them. This season has 62 episodes written by Neha Singh and directed by Santram Varma starring Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani and Adaa Khan in main roles. This season begins with Shivanya a naagin and her cousin Shesha who want to avenge the death of Shivanya’s parents they do everything to hunt down those people who murdered her parents. These two plan everything to get inside the house of the murderers and kill them but their plans do not act out smoothly and they had to tackle many things to execute their plans. The plotline of season 1 is more original and new for the audience as they did not what the story is all about until they watched season 1 which gave them a good idea of what the concept of the series is all about. All the rest of the season followed the footsteps of season 1 with a new cast and characters with a bit changed story the main concept of all the seasons remained the same the revenge part and everything else.

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3) Naagin Season 2

Naagin season 2 was not interesting as season 2 however it got a pretty good rating in comparison to the rest of the seasons. The creators of the series did not add much to the plot so it seemed a bit repetitive however the ratings said otherwise so that did not affect anything at all. Naagin season 3 had 75 episodes it was written by Neha Singh and directed by Santram Varma the cast from season 1 remained the same in season 2 i.e Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan except for Arjun Bijlani who was replaced by Karanvir Bohra this season. This season was very tragic Shivanya lost her husband Ritik and she had a 25-year-old daughter Shivangi, Shivanya plans to get her daughter married so that she does not have to face everything that she did Yamini’s nephew Rockey comes to the family home so they arrange their marriage. However, some evil invaders crash the wedding and kill Shivanya that changing everything in Shivangi’s life.

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4) Naagin Season 4

This season had 38 episodes, Nia Sharma, Vijayendra Kumeria and Rashami Desai were the main cast with a star-studded cast this season however did not perform well like the other season especially season 3 which was released a year back and topped the TRP ratings every week. This season followed an entirely new story with the same Naagin tragic story a Naagin princess falls in love with a human even with opposition from the other clans they got married and had a daughter named Brinda Dev Parekh. After the birth of their child, the Naagin princess’s husband was murdered by their clan the girl child was to become a Naagin on her 25 birthday when Brinda gets her power she vows to take revenge by killing the clan but ends up falling in love with the son of her fathers killer. After getting married she plans to take revenge on their family along with the help of other Naagin’s she manages to execute her plan however one thing does not seem right. Her mother suggests she does not have any feelings for the boy whose family were to be blamed for the death of her father she finds herself more and more drawn to her husband.

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5) Naagin Season 5

Naagin season 5 flopped very badly like the other 4 seasons it was released on 9 August 2020 during the pandemic so nobody paid attention to this season much. This season had Surbhi Chandna, Sharad Malhotra and Mohit Sehgal in main roles however even with these well-established actors it could not manage to capture the attention of the audience and failed badly. The series begins with a flashback and depicts the story of how the Naagin’s got their power about 10 thousand years ago eagles were trying to steal the Naagmani so Lord Shiva blessed a Naagin and she eventually got her power. Later she fell in love with a Naag the two of them loved each other very much the Naagin was so pretty that the prince of eagles also fell in love with her. He plans to steal the Naagmani from the temple he executes his plan one day when the Naagin was not in the temple he steals the Naagmani and ends up killing the Naag who was protecting the Naagmani.

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6) Naagin Season 6

Naagin season 6 is the most recent season of the series it was released on February 12, 2022, written by Heena Kohli Khan Lakshmi Jaikumar directed by Santram Varma starring Tejasswi Prakash, Simba Nagpal and Mahek Chahal. The series begins with a professor who got to know that the neighbouring country is going to attack our country and he finds some religions to find a solution. The Naagin has to hunt down 20 Asur but she does not know who they are but she does not where they live. Mahek Gujral along with Pratha disguise themselves as a security officer and helpers to invade a wedding and find the Asur but things turn the other way when Ritesh Gujral the groom ends up falling in love with Pratha he insists to cancel the wedding and vows to only marry if Pratha will be his bride. Ritesh’s half-brother Rishabh Gujral suspects that Pratha is hiding something he takes matters into his hand and ends up marrying Pratha to acquire more information about her and her motive to approach the family.

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