When To Expect Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Release Date?

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda is a Japanese anime romantic comedy series that was released 5 years ago. The story of the show follows a young high school girl who is obsessed with anime series. One day suddenly she loses a lot of weight and becomes very attractive after which she becomes every boy’s choice in High School. Now that she has a lot of options to choose her boyfriend she is confused about whom she should give a chance to become her boyfriend. The first season of the show became very popular after which its English dubbed version Kiss Him, Not Me was also released. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the second season to be released soon.

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Release Date

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Release Date

It has been five years since the last episode of season 1 was released and after that, there has been no news by the makers about the renewal of season 2. As it has been a long time since the release of season 1 it is difficult to say if the show will return for another season or not. Right now we can say that we are not getting a renewal until the end of 2022.

The Japanese Manga by Junko is having 13 volumes out of which only eight volumes are covered in season 1. So we can say that if makers renew the show for season 2 did you have enough source material for it. Moreover, more than 3 million copies of the volumes were sold during its release so there is a high chance that season 2 will be as successful as season 1 was. But none of the guarantees that makers will renew the show for a second season.

Name Of The ShowWatashi Ga Motete Dousunda
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic Comedy
Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 1 Release DateOctober 6, 2016
Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Characters

The main character of the show involves Otaku a high school girl who is obsessed with anime and loves Mirage Saga and its main character Shion. After losing weight suddenly Otaku becomes more beautiful and attractive after which she gets a lot of attention from the boys in the school. As she is finding a way to deal with this attention four boys named Yūsuke Igarashi, Nozomu Nanashima, Hayato Shinomiya, and Asuma Mutsum becomes a big part of her life.

Yūsuke Igarashi is the one who plays soccer, he is a dependable and approachable person who is ideal for a romantic relationship. Nozomu Nanashima is kind of a playboy who looks like Shion. Hayato Shinomiya is the type of guy who is cold from the outside but sweet on the inside part just like a coconut. Asuma Mutsumi is kind of a laid-back personality. Other supporting cast members involve the family of Otaku and the other four boys. If the renewal of season 2 happens there are chances that all the characters from season 1 will return in season 2 as well. There are also chances that some new characters involved in the next season.

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Story

Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Release Date

The plot of the first season was about Otako discovering about her a suitable partner among the four boys. It was also about the four boys getting to know more about Otaku and finding their own feelings towards her. But in the last episode of the four seasons, we see that also boys are ready to confess their feelings to Otaku, and later she goes on a date with all of them to spend some quality time and know more about them. But even after spending all the quality time, Otaku is still very confused about who is suitable for her. At the end of the episode, we get to know that favourite hero Shion is going to return to the Anime for another season. The return of Shion is definitely going to be a tough competition for boys were trying hard to get Otaku’s attention.

One thing is for sure season 2 will bring the entry of a special character Shion back into Otaku’s life. If we follow the manga series Otaku’s childhood friend Takeru Mitsubishi is going to make an entry into your life but later she will discover that her childhood friend is a stalker and not what he looks like.

Where To Watch Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda?

As the show is officially licensed by Crunchyroll you can watch it easily on their website. the English version of the show is also readily available there. Some other platforms like gogoanime9 and 9anime also offer English dubbed episodes of the show.

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