When Will We Have Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3 Release Date?

Shinmai Maou No Testament, also known as The Testament Of Sister New Devil is one of the most loved action anime across the world. The anime is based on the novel written by Tetsuto Uesu named Shinmai Maou No Testament. The first season of the Anime was aired on January 7, 2015, with a total number of 12 episodes. Later the second season of the show was aired in the same year on October 9.

The second season was titled The Testament Of Sister New Devil Burst. The second season of the show had 10 episodes and total. Both the Seasons became an instant hit and add on Tokyo MX, later the show was licensed by Crunchyroll for being broadcast in North America. After loving the first two seasons of the show viewers are waiting for another season to be dropped soon by the makers. So here is what you need to know about the release of season 3.

Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3 Release Date

Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3

The final episode of Shinmai Maou No Testament was released on March 28, 2018, on the TV Asahi network. The episode was titled ‘Shinmai Maou Testament Departures’. After the release of this episode, no other episode has been released by the makers and it seems like they are not planning any for the episodes as well. The makers have never talked about or hinted to the audience if they have plans for season 3 or not.

So we can say that right now there are fewer chances for Shinmai Maou No Testament to return for another season. It doesn’t look like the makers have any plans of extending their franchise and releasing more Seasons anytime soon. But since the makers have never completely shut down the idea of season 3 we can expect that they may announce another season after some time. But right now season 3 is not coming out anytime soon. If season 3 is announced next year we can expect it to release by mid-2024.

Name Of The ShowShinmai Maou No Testament
Season NumberSeason 3
Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 1 Release DateJanuary 7, 2015
Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3 Characters

If season 3 happens we can expect Tojo Naruse Clan, Yuki Nonaka, Basara, Kurumi Nonaka, and Chisato Hasegawa to appear in season 3 and make the season even more interesting. As season 3 will be returning after a long time we can expect a lot of new characters to be added in the season increasing the pleasure of the series. We might be able to tell you more about the characters of next season once the makers announce it and hint to us about the plot.

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Shinmai Maou No Testament Story

Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3 Release Date

The first season is about the story of a first-year high school student named Toujo Basara. His father asked him if he wants a younger sister and suddenly his father adopts two daughters named Mio and Maria. But these two girls are not as innocent as they look because they are the newbie demon lord. After a few days, Basara’s father has to leave for overseas due to some work-related stuff which leaves Toujo Basara alone with his two devil sisters.

As the time passes Basara learns about his two sisters’ identities and gets shocked when he gets to know that his sisters are to the devil. His world turns upside down after learning this. He realizes that the frequent attacks by other Demons on him and his sisters are the cause of his sister’s identity and now he has to protect them from these attacks. In the second season, Basara decides to strengthen himself so that he is able to protect himself as well as his sisters. Later, Maria’s sister Ruki enters the show. Rukia is also a devil who hated Mio and is planning an attack on her.

If we anticipate the plot of season 3 we can say that we might we Toujo Basara fighting against Rukia to protect his sister Mio from her. It is also possible that Basara might have got some super powers as he was trying to get stronger in season 2. Rukia will be portrayed as the main villain of season 3 who wants to destroy Mio. We might be able to see how these three siblings Basara, Maria, and Mio protects against Rukia.

Where To Watch Shinmai Maou No Testament?

You can easily watch the show on Netflix in the English dubbed version. You can also watch it on other websites like Crunchyroll and 9anime. You will find the English dubbed version of the series on both websites as well. These three platforms are the easiest way to binge-watch Shinmai Maou no testament old episodes and seasons.

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